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PBK/001059 Pioneers - people who revolutionised medical science Dr.Jayant Khandare, Aravindan Vasudevan C-04   »
PBK/001609 Euclid - Elements of Geometry R. Fitzpatrick - Translator C-21
PBK/003178 The Case for India Will Durant C-04
PBK/003383 The Elements of style William Strunk & Jr.E.B.White C-01   »
PBK/00084210 Rules for Strategic Innovators - from idea to execution V.Govindarajan, C.Trimble C-15   »
PBK/00048810 Simple Secrets of the Worlds Greatest Business Communicators Carmine Gallo C-01   »
PBK/00318610 Steps to take Charge of your Emotional life Eve A Wood M.D C-04   »
PBK/00162710 TEchnologies Every Executive Needs to Know - because these will impact every business Dermot McCormack, Fergal OByrne C-09   »
PBK/002561100 Most Influential Inventors Of All Time Robert Curley, Editor   »
PBK/001378100 Tips - for sucessful product innovation C-13
PBK/002457101 Design Methods - a structured approach to driving innovation in your organization Vijay Kumar C-13   »
PBK/002429101 Great Resumes - Resumes that Work C-21
PBK/0033861984 George Orwell C-21   »
PBK/0008001990 - 2000 Electronic Age - technological innovations that changed the world & the science behind them Steve Parker   »
PBK/00300121 Lessons for the 21st Century Yuval Noah Harari C-09   »
PBK/00135222 Immutable Laws of Branding - how to build a product or servicce into a world-class brand Al Ries, Laura Ries C-06   »
PBK/00052630 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary Wilfred funk, Norman Lewis C-01   »
PBK/00307231 Fantastic Adventures in Science Nandita Jayraj & Aashima Freidog C-10   »
PBK/0012663D Negotiation - powerful tools to change the game in your most important deals David Lax, James Sebenius C-18   »
PBK/0032833D Studio MAX 3 Fundamentals Micheal Todd Peterson C-21   »
PBK/000537401 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask James Silvester C-02   »
PBK/0015295 Kick-ass Strategies Every Business Needs - to explode sales, stun the competition, wow customers and achieve exponential growth Robert Grede C-09   »
PBK/00062650 Genetics Ideas Mark Henderson E-U-02   »
PBK/00176750 Psychology Classics - who we are, how we think, what we do. Insight and inspiration from 50 key books. Tom Butler-Bowdon C-10   »
PBK/00073550 Timeless scientists K. Krishnamurthy   »
PBK/00078950 Years of Space - a global perspective P.V.Manoranjan Rao - editor   »
PBK/0025787 Habits of Highly Effective People: powerful lessons in personal change Stephen Covey C-01
PBK/0023787 Steps to Success - Tading Options Online Larry Spears C-11   »
PBK/000429A Better India, A Better World n R Narayana Murthy C-04   »
PBK/003421A brief history of time: From the big bang to black holes Hawking, Stephen C-10   »
PBK/000614A Business And Its Beliefs - The Ideas That Helped Build IBM Thomas Watson C-09   »
PBK/000464A Century of Innovation - the 3M Story C-15   »
PBK/000135A Century of Trust The Story of TATA Steel Rudrangshu Mukherjee C-04   »
PBK/000684A Class with Drucker William Cohen C-09   »
PBK/002554A Company in History: SOLVAY Kenneth Bertrams C-04   »
PBK/000234A Complete Balanced Service Scorecard Rajesh K. Tyagi and Praveen Gupta C-09   »
PBK/000447A Course in Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation A.K.Sawhney E-U-03   »
PBK/001289A Fine Line - how design strategies are shaping the future of business Hartmut Esslinger C-13   »
PBK/000113A Framework and Guidance on the management of Intellectual property in NHS C-19
PBK/000156A Guidbook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry Peter Sykers E-U-01   »
PBK/000235A Guide to Entrepreneurship: includes case studies David Oates C-02   »
PBK/000462A Guide to International Patent Protection C-19
PBK/001124A Guide to Self Employment Ministry of MSME, Govt of India C-02
PBK/003391A guide to the project management Body of Knowledge 7th Edition C-09   »
PBK/000992A Matter of Chance K.D.Pavate   »
PBK/003162A Millionaires Notebook Steven K Scott C-04   »
PBK/002493A Never-Before World: Tracking the Evolution of Consumer India Rama Bijapurkar C-06   »
PBK/000238A primer on Investing in India: A Guide for Entrepreneurs Rajiv Jain C-17   »
PBK/000181A sense of urgency John P. Kotter C-07   »
PBK/000524A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson C-01   »
PBK/002338A Step-by-Step Business Plan Workbook C-14
PBK/002388A Very Indian Approach to Management: Business Sutra Devdutt Pattanaik C-09   »
PBK/001394A Vision for Venture Capital - realizing the promise of global venture capital & private equity Peter Brooke C-12   »
PBK/000562A Whole New Mind Daniel Pink C-09   »
PBK/001583A.S.Rao scientist, visionary, humanist C-04
PBK/001081Aamhi Shastragya Ase Jhalo (Marathi) Translator - Dr. Pandit Vidya Sagar C-04
PBK/002191Abdus Salam: the Dream of Symmetry - DVD S-03
PBK/003106Abstract Resoning-Practice test 1 C-01
PBK/002052Accelerating UK-India Innovation Partnerships - reflections from the ACTIV workshops March 2011 C-15
PBK/001533Acceptable Risk Baruch Fischhoff, Sarah Lichtenstein C-10   »
PBK/003420Access 2000 in easy steps Copestake, Stephen C-15   »
PBK/002288Access 2010 in simple steps Kogent Learnings W-M-01   »
PBK/001600ACTIV 1 C-08
PBK/001601ACTIV 2 C-08
PBK/001602ACTIV 3 C-08
PBK/001603ACTIV 4 C-08
PBK/003104Adair On Creativity and Innovation Neil Thomas C-01   »
PBK/003170Adapt Why Success Always Starts with Failure Tim Harford C-04   »
PBK/002685Administrative Aspects for Facilitating Adoption of New Technologies and Innovations C-15
PBK/002649Admiral Bhaskar Soman: a profile in leadership Sashikant Pitre C-04   »
PBK/003277Adobe Framemaker 7.0 C-21
PBK/002724Advanced Euclidean Geometry Roger Johnson E-U-03   »
PBK/000153Advanced Organic Chemistry Reactions,Mechanisms and Structure Jerry March E-U-01   »
PBK/001423Adventure Capital - A Cautionary Tale - the venture capital circus and the clowns that run it Karl Capita C-12   »
PBK/000956Advertising Handbook Sean Brierly C-06   »
PBK/002634Advice for a Young Investigator Santiago Ramon y Cajal C-01   »
PBK/002064Advice for a Young Investigator Santiago Ramon y Cajal C-10   »
PBK/002635Advice to a Young Scientist P.B.Medwar C-01   »
PBK/002688Affluenza Oliver James C-01   »
PBK/001834Against Intellectual Monopoly Michele Boldrin, David Levine C-20   »
PBK/003528Against Technoableism: Rethinking Who Needs Improvement: Shew, Ashley C-15   »
PBK/000289Against the Gods Peter L. Bernstein C-04   »
PBK/000813Age of Electricity 1885 - 1919   »
PBK/000812Age of Steam 1840 - 1884   »
PBK/001788Age of the Unthinkable - why the new world disorder constantly surprises us and what to do about it Joshua Cooper Ramo C-10   »
PBK/001941Aggressive Conservative Investor Martin Whitman, Martin Shubik C-11   »
PBK/001491Agreement between World Intellectual Property Org. & World Trade Org. C-19   »
PBK/002928Agribusiness Incubation InfoDev, C-08
PBK/001969Agriculture and Intellectual Property Rights - economic, institutional and implementation issues in biotechnology Snataniello, Evenson, Zilberman C-20   »
PBK/002503Agriculture, Food Processing Sector S-02
PBK/002806Agro-Entrepreneurship S R Panigrahy, Baljeet Singh C-02   »
PBK/001963AHistory of Indian Science, Technology and Culture AD 1000-1800 A.Rahman, Editor C-10   »
PBK/000768Air & Space Travel Chris Woodford   »
PBK/001067Aise Bolale Business Guru S N Chari C-04   »
PBK/000857Aise Bolale Business Guru (Marathi) S N Chari C-04   »
PBK/000858Akherche Vyakhyan (Marathi) Randy Posh C-04   »
PBK/000732Akio Morita   »
PBK/000640Albert Einstein - A Biography Alice Calaprice, Trevor Lipscombe C-04   »
PBK/002319Alchemist - a magical fable about following your dream Paulo Coelho C-04   »
PBK/000795Alexander Fleming Steve Parker   »
PBK/000805Alexander Graham Bell Jane Shuter   »
PBK/001701All About Machine Tools Gerling E-U-04   »
PBK/001595All About Private Limited Companies K.R.Chandratre C-17   »
PBK/003478All the worlds a stage: A personal branding story Parameswaran, Ambi C-09   »
PBK/003261All-in-One Business Planner Christopher R Malburg C-14   »
PBK/002448Alone Together - why we expect more from technology and less from each other Sherry Turkle C-01   »
PBK/003224Alpha Brain Waves Jodi Lawarence C-10
PBK/001307Alpha Dogs - how your small business can become leader of the pack Donna Fenn C-09   »
PBK/002628Alternative Careers in Science: Leaving the Ivory Tower Cynthia Robbins-Roth Edito C-01   »
PBK/000784Alternative Energy - a beginners guide to future of energy technology Marek Walishewicz   »
PBK/002442Alternative Investment Funds 2013 - a practical cross border insight into Alternative Investment funds Work C-12
PBK/003200Always think Big Mclngvane/Duening/Ivancevich C-04   »
PBK/000975Amazing Biofactories Parvidner Chawla   »
PBK/001072Amerikatil vatchal (Marathi) Dr. Anant Labsetvar C-04   »
PBK/002386Amuls India: based on 50 years of Amul Advertising C-06   »
PBK/000261An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments with Truth M. K. Gandhi introduction by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam C-04   »
PBK/000677An Entrepreneur Deciphered Dudhedia, farhad, Krishnakumar - Editors C-04   »
PBK/000349An Eye For Excellence E.C. Subbarao C-04   »
PBK/002262An Idea Whose Time Has Come: story of the indian school of business Pramath Raj Sinha C-09   »
PBK/000196An Indian womans guide to success Perfecting your Personal image Doris Pooser C-01   »
PBK/002947An Insiders Account of ISRO - The Leapfroggers Ved prakash Sandlas C-02   »
PBK/000445Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits Paul Gray, P.Hurst, S.H.Lewis, R.G.Meyer E-U-03   »
PBK/001836Analysis and History of Inflation Don Paarlberg C-11   »
PBK/002820Analysis for Financial Management 8th Ed Robert Higgins C-21
PBK/000004Analysis of Financial Statement Leopold A. Bernstein and John J. Wild C-11   »
PBK/000150Analysis without Paralysis 10 tools to Make Better Babette E. Bensoussan and Craig S. Fleisher C-14   »
PBK/002004And Suddenly The Inventor Appeared - TRIZ, the theory of inventive problem solving Genrich Altshuller C-15   »
PBK/002608Andaman Adventure Barren Island Deepak Dalal   »
PBK/002607Andaman, The Jarawa Deepak Dalal   »
PBK/000348Andy Grove Richard S. Tedlow C-04   »
PBK/001046Angel Financing - how to find and invest in private equity Gerald Benjamin, Joel Margulis C-12   »
PBK/001017Angel Financing for Entrepreneurs - early stage funding for long-term success Susan Preston C-12   »
PBK/000597Angel Investing Mark Van Osnabrugge, Robert Robinson C-12   »
PBK/000718Angel Investing - guide for entrepreneurs, individual investors, venture capitalists Mark Van Osnabrugge, Robert Robinson C-12   »
PBK/001048Angel Investors Handbook - how to profit from early stage investing Gerald Benjamin, Joel Margulis C-12   »
PBK/001047Angle Capital - how to raise early-stage private equity financing Gerald Benjamin, Joel Margulis C-12   »
PBK/001245Animal Spirits - how human psychology drives the economy, and why it matters for flobal capitalism George Akerlof, Robert Shiller C-11   »
PBK/002673Annals of the Indian National Academy of Engineering E-D-04
PBK/000015Annual Supplement to Foreign Trade policy Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Dept. of Commerce Government Of India C-17
PBK/001088Antaratil Bhasmasur (Marathi) Jayant Narlikar
PBK/003448Anti-virus toolkit for windows NT workstations Dr. Solomons software Ltd. C-15
PBK/003385APJ Abdul Kalam:Wings of Fire An Autobiography Arun Tiwari C-04   »
PBK/001687Application of Plastics DR. J S Anand, Editor E-U-01
PBK/003099Applied Imagination Alex Osborn C-01   »
PBK/003421Applied software architecture Hofmeister, Christine ( C-15   »
PBK/003092Applying for jobs Jagjeet Singh& Adrian Holden C-01   »
PBK/000038Appraising Staff Ken Langdon & Christina Osborne C-01   »
PBK/002258Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution: How to settle international business disputes. With supplement on Indian Arbitration Law G.K.Kwatra C-17
PBK/000699Art & Craft of Technology Business Incubation Louis Tornatzky, Yolanda Batts C-16   »
PBK/001524Art & Science of teaching children about money Amar Pandit N-02   »
PBK/001336Art and Politics of Science Harold Varmus C-07   »
PBK/002923Art of Dealing With People Les Giblin C-01   »
PBK/002327Art of Effective Giving R M Lala C-04   »
PBK/001700Art of Electronics Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill E-U-04   »
PBK/001383Art of Giving - where the soul meets a business plan Charles Bronfman, Jeffrey Solomon C-03   »
PBK/003455Art of handling money and investments: A practical guide to personal finances Tayal, Rajiv K. C-11   »
PBK/001944Art of Invention - the creative process of discovery and design Steven Paley C-13   »
PBK/001409Art of Learning - a journey in the pursuit of excellence Josh Waitzkin C-01   »
PBK/001212Art of Pricing - how to find the hidden profits to grow your business Rafi Mohammed C-06   »
PBK/001878Art of Profitablity Adrian Slywotzky C-09   »
PBK/001904Art of Sceintific Investigation Beveridge C-13   »
PBK/001847Art of Speculation Philip Carret C-11   »
PBK/001331Art of Strategy - a game theorists guide to success in business and life Avinash Dixit, Barry Nalebuff C-07   »
PBK/001020Art of the Start - time-tested, battle-hardened guide for anyone starting anything Guy Kawasaki C-01   »
PBK/002655Art of Thinking Clearly Rolf Dobelli C-10   »
PBK/000783Artifical Intelligence - a beginners guide to robotics and man made minds Jack Challoner   »
PBK/000993Artificial Intelligence K.D.Pavate   »
PBK/001677Artificial Intelligence D.D.Pavate   »
PBK/003393As A Man Thinketh James Allen C-01   »
PBK/001720As Is What Is Pramod Chaudhari, Parimal Chaudhari C-04   »
PBK/001506As Is What Is Pramod Chaudhari, Parimal Chaudhari C-04   »
PBK/002697Asbestos and Other Natural Mineral Fibres E-U-01
PBK/002028Ascent of Man J. Bronowski C-10   »
PBK/000744Ashtapailu Wine Lady (Marathi) Dr. Shubha Chitnis C-04   »
PBK/000385Ask Questions, Get Sales Stephen Schiffman C-06   »
PBK/001324Ask Without Fear- guide to connecting donors with what matters to them most Marc Pitman C-01   »
PBK/001976Asking the Right Questions - a guide to critical thinking M.Neil Browne, Stuart Keeley C-01   »
PBK/002443Asset Management Review Paul Dickson, Editor C-12   »
PBK/002645Asset Management Review 3e Paul Dickson, Ed. C-17   »
PBK/001920At Home In The Universe - the search for the laws of self-organization and complexity Stuart Kauffman C-10   »
PBK/000814Atomic Age 1920 - 1949   »
PBK/003520Atomic Habits: An easy & proven to build good habits & break bad ones Clear, James C-01   »
PBK/000720Attracting Capital From Angels - how their money and their experience can help you build a successful company Brian Hill, Dee Power C-12   »
PBK/003138Authentic Happiness Martin E P Seligman, Ph.D C-04   »
PBK/002483AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual - Vol I C-19
PBK/002484AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual - Vol II C-19
PBK/002485AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual - Vol III C-19
PBK/002672AUTM US Licensing Activity Survey FY2013 C-19
PBK/002500Auto Ancillary Sector - Directory S-02
PBK/003349Automatic Wealth Michael Masterson C-11   »
PBK/003427Awaken giant within: How to take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical & financial destiny Bobbins, Anthony C-01   »
PBK/003427Awaken giant within: How to take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical & financial destiny Bobbins, Anthony C-01   »
PBK/003172Awaken the grant Within Anthony Robbins C-04   »
PBK/003172Awaken the grant Within Anthony Robbins C-04   »
PBK/002320Awakening the Entrepreneur Within - how ordinary people can create extraordinary companies Michael Gerber C-02   »
PBK/001418Awakening the Entrepreneur Within - how ordinary people can create extraordinary companies Michael Gerber C-02   »
PBK/003516AZIM PREMJI: The Man Beyond the Billions Khanna, Sundeep & Sood, Varun C-04   »
PBK/002393Back of the Napkin: solving problems and selling ideas with pictures Dan Roam C-15   »
PBK/002411Back to Basics - Teachers, Students and Managers explore the disconnect between B-School curriculum and corporate practice C-21
PBK/000637Bad Science Ben Goldacre C-10   »
PBK/001073Badalta Bharat (Marathi) Bhanu Kale C-04   »
PBK/000820Balanced Scorecard - translating strategy into action Robert Kaplan, David Norton C-07   »
PBK/001645Bandwagon Effects in High Technology Industries Jeffrey Rohlfs C-10   »
PBK/002900Bangalore Tiger: How Indian Tech Upstart WIPRO is Rewriting the Rules of Global Competitio Steve Hamm C-04   »
PBK/003115Banish Fears and Negativity Guy Finley C-01   »
PBK/001182Bank Finance for Small & Medium Enterprises S.K. Bagchi C-11   »
PBK/000279Banker To The Poor Muhammad Yunus with Alan Jolis C-03   »
PBK/001085Banker To The Poor (Marathi) Mohammad Yunus C-03
PBK/000356Bankruptcy To Billions Sudhir Kumar, Shagun Mehrotra C-09   »
PBK/002296Bare Act 2012 - The Patent Act 1970 C-19
PBK/001167Bargaining for Advantage - negotiation strategies for reasonable people G. Richard Shell C-18   »
PBK/001831Bargaining With The Devil - when to negotiate, when to fight Robert Mnookin C-18   »
PBK/001648Barriers to Riches Stephen Parente, Edward Prescott C-11   »
PBK/002121Basant Kumar and Sarala Birla: Life has no full stops: Rashme Sehgal C-04   »
PBK/002418Basic Accounting Rajani Sofat, Preeti Hiro C-21
PBK/002302Basic Econometrics Gujarati, Porter, Gunasekar C-11   »
PBK/002426Basic Financial Management Satish Inamdar C-21
PBK/000119Basic Principles and Acquisition of intellectual Property Rights T. Ramakrishna (Editor) C-19   »
PBK/003143Basic Teachings of the Great Philosophers S.E.Frost Jr. C-04   »
PBK/001111BBS Case - Supreme Court Decision C-19
PBK/001764Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone - career essentials for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sales representatives David Currier, Jay Frost C-06   »
PBK/000216Be In Charge Alexander R. Margulis C-01   »
PBK/000994Be Weatherwise S.M.Kulshreshtha   »
PBK/003103Become a successful Speaker Don Aslett C-01   »
PBK/002387Becoming Indian: the unfinished revolution of culture and identity Pavan Verma C-09   »
PBK/001749Becoming MIT - moments of design David Kaiser, Editor C-10   »
PBK/001817Bed of Procrustes - philosophical and practical aphorisms Nassim Taleb C-04   »
PBK/002667Bees and their role in forest livelihoods Nicola Bradbear C-05   »
PBK/002637Behind the Cloud: The Untold Story of How Went From Idea to Billion-dollar Company and Revolutionized a Company Marc Benioff C-02   »
PBK/003043Behind the Enigma The Authorisd History of GCHQ Britains Secret Cyber-Intelligence Agency John Ferris C-04   »
PBK/002263Being Different: an indian challenge to western universalism Rajiv Malhotra C-10   »
PBK/003160Being in Balance Dr.Wayne/W.Dyer C-04   »
PBK/001637Being Wrong - adventures in the margin of error Kathryn Schulz C-10   »
PBK/001195Ben Franklin - Americas original entrepreneur Blaine McCormick C-04   »
PBK/001839Benjamin Franklin Carl Van Doren C-04   »
PBK/001958Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works Frederic Miller, Agnes Vandome   »
PBK/000698Best of the Board Cafe - Hands-on solutions for nonprofit boards Jan Masaoka C-03   »
PBK/001039Best Practices for Angel Groups C-12
PBK/000704Best Practices in Biotechnology Business Development Yali Freidman - Editor C-14   »
PBK/001859Best Technology Writing 2009 Steven Johnson, Editor C-10   »
PBK/001541Better - a surgeons notes on performance Atul Gawande C-10   »
PBK/003226Better A surgeons notes on Performance Atul Gawande C-10   »
PBK/003090Better Eyesight Without Glasses W.H Bates M.D C-01   »
PBK/001119Better Health Through Sanitation DST, Govt. of India
PBK/000946Better Stronger Faster - build it, scale it, flog it - the entrepreneurs step by step guide to success in business Brad Rosser C-02   »
PBK/003302Beware the Naked Man who offers you this shirt Harvey Mackay C-01   »
PBK/003266Beyond Birth & Death A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhuda C-21   »
PBK/001424Beyond Fundraising - new strategies for nonprofit innovation and investment Kay Sprinkel Grace C-03   »
PBK/002018Beyond Greed and Fear - understanding behavioral finance and the psychology of investing Hersh Shefrin C-11   »
PBK/001436Beyond Machiavelli - tools for coping with conflict Roger Fisher C-18   »
PBK/001461Beyond Reason - using emotions as you negotiate Roger Fisher C-18   »
PBK/003467Beyond the end C-21
PBK/000995Beyond the Human Eye P.D.Gupta, Anita Jagota   »
PBK/001030Beyond the J Curve - managing a portfolio of venture capital and private equity funds Thomas Meyer, Pierre-Yves Mathonet C-12   »
PBK/000404Beyond The last Blue Mountain R.M.Lala C-04   »
PBK/002125Beyond the Mission Statement: why cause based communications lead to success Jim Armstrong C-06   »
PBK/001899Beyond Winning - negotiating to create value in deals and disputes Robert Mnookin C-18   »
PBK/002643Bharatiya Baudhik Sampadacha Udgata R. Mashelkar C-04   »
PBK/002756Bharatiya Vyavasthapakancha Adbhut Duniyet Sharu Rangnekar C-09
PBK/000251Bharats Law & Practice of Intellectual Property in India Vikas Vashishth C-19   »
PBK/003424Bhavsumane Gore, Ashwini Narayan C-21
PBK/003451Bhavsumane Gore, Ashwini Narayan C-21
PBK/002232Big Book of Creativity Games: quick, fun activities for jumpstarting innovation Robert Epstein C-01   »
PBK/002236Big Book of Design Ideas David Carter, Editor C-13   »
PBK/003351Big Bucks Ken Blanchard Sheldon Bowels C-11   »
PBK/000636Big Ideas - 100 Modern Inventions that have transformed our world Alex Hutchinson C-10   »
PBK/001242Billion Bootstraps - microcredit, bareffot banking and the business solution for ending poverty Phil smith, Eric Thruman C-03   »
PBK/001325Billion-Dollar Molecule - one companys quest for the perfect drug Barry Werth C-10   »
PBK/001240Billions - selling to the new chinese consumer Tom Doctoroff C-11   »
PBK/001132Billions of Entrepreneurs - how China and India are reshpaing their futures and yours Tarun Khanna C-02   »
PBK/001916Biobazaar - the open source revolution and biotechnology Janet Hope C-15   »
PBK/001820Biodesign - the process of innovating medical technologies Zenios, Makower, Yock C-13   »
PBK/003404Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies Zenios, Makower, Yock, et al (great website here) C-10   »
PBK/002859Biography of Innovations R. Gopalakrishnan C-15   »
PBK/002679Biomass Derived Bioproducts - Assessment of Technology Trends, Gaps & Opportunities for India TIFAC C-05
PBK/000959Biomaterials Sciences - an introduction to materials in medicine Buddy Ratner, Allan Hoffman, - Editors E-U-02   »
PBK/001486Biomedical Ethics - a multidisciplinary approach to moral issues in medicine and biology David Steinberg - Editor C-10   »
PBK/002498Biomedical Innovation: with a comparison to China and others Parthasarathi Bannerjee C-15
PBK/001346Biomimicry - innovation inspired by nature Janine Benyus C-10   »
PBK/001994Biotech at Grassroots - impact assessment of AgNet project Alok Ranjan Jha, Mishra C-05   »
PBK/000467Biotechnology - An Overview W-M-03
PBK/000122Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Rights T.Ramakrishna C-19
PBK/000971Biotechnology in Healthcare J G Shewale   »
PBK/003472Biotechnology policy (2016-21) Gujrat state Biotechnology Mission C-17
PBK/000780Biotechnology Unzipped Eric Grace   »
PBK/003296Birac Innovations Propelling the Bio- Economy C-21
PBK/003280Birac Innovators Conclave C-21
PBK/003465Bird farm: The story of the AI and internet world we live in Aggarwal, Varun C-15   »
PBK/001419BlackBerry Planet - the story of Research in Motion and the little device that took the world by storm Alastair Sweeny C-04   »
PBK/002973Blessed to Serve Shantilal Muttha C-04   »
PBK/002072Blind Spots: why we fail to do shats right and what to do about it Max Bazerman, Ann Tenbrunsel C-10   »
PBK/000360Blink Malcolm Gladwell C-04   »
PBK/002611Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking Malcolm Gladwell C-04   »
PBK/003023Blitzscaling: The lightning-Fast Path To Building Massively Valuable Companies Reid hoffman & chris yeh C-05   »
PBK/001273Bloomberg Bloomberg C-04   »
PBK/001620Blown to Bits - how the new economics of information transforms strategy Philip Evans, Thomas Wurster C-07   »
PBK/001213Blue Death - the intriquing past and present danger of the water you drink Dr. Robert Morris C-05   »
PBK/001966Blue Gold - the fight to stop the corporate theft of water Maude Barlow, Tony Clarke C-05   »
PBK/003369Blue Ocean Strategy W.Chan Kim,Renne Mauborgne C-07   »
PBK/000109Blue Ocean Strategy W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne C-07   »
PBK/001263Blue Sweater - bridging the gap between rich and poor in an interconnected world Jacqueline Novogratz C-03   »
PBK/001084Boardroom (Marathi) Achyut Godbole C-09   »
PBK/000399Boards At Work Ram Charan C-07   »
PBK/001498Body And Soul Anita Roddick C-04   »
PBK/002833Body Builders: Inside The Science Of The Engineered Human Adam Piore C-15   »
PBK/000996Bodys Battles Bal Phondke   »
PBK/001675Bodys Battles Bal Phondke   »
PBK/002093Bombardier Srory: planes, trains and snowmobiles Larry Macdonald C-04   »
PBK/001480Book of Leadership & Strategy - lessons of the Chinese Masters Thomas Cleary - translator C-07   »
PBK/002632Book of Simple Living Ruskin Bond C-04   »
PBK/001317Book on the Bookshelf Henry Petroski C-10   »
PBK/002849Boom Country: The New Wave of Indian Enterprise Alan Rosling C-02   »
PBK/001515Bootstrapping Doing More With Less Sramana Mitra C-02   »
PBK/001526Borrowing Brilliancce - six steps to business innovation by building on the dieas of others David Kord Murray C-15   »
PBK/003036Bottle Of Lies- Ranbaxy and the dark side of Indian Pharma Katherine Eban C-05   »
PBK/001211Botttom Billion - why the poorest countries are failing and what can be done about it Paul Collier C-03   »
PBK/001031Boulevard of Broken Dreams - why public efforts to boost entrepreneurship and venture capital have failed - and what to do about it Josh Lerner C-02   »
PBK/003552Boulevard of Broken Dreams:Why public to Boost Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital have failed and what to do about it Lerner, Josh C-02   »
PBK/001465Boyd - the fighter pilot who changed the art of war Robert Coram C-04   »
PBK/000986Brain and Behaviour Sunil Pandya, Nikhil Shah   »
PBK/001779Brain Rules - 12 principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School John Medina C-01   »
PBK/000529Brainstorming for creativity and Innovation Promod Batra, Vijay Batra C-15   »
PBK/001523Brand New - how entrepreneurs earned consu,ers trust from Wedgwood to Dell Nancy Koehn C-02   »
PBK/000232Brand New Justice: How branding places and products can help the developing world Simon Anholt C-06   »
PBK/000644Branding India - An Incredible Story Amitabh Kant C-06   »
PBK/000987Brave New Generation Tarala Nandekar, Medha Rajadhyaksha   »
PBK/002489Break Out Nations - In Pursuit of the Next Economic Miracles Ruchir Sharma C-11   »
PBK/002652Breaking Out and Making Big: a no-nonsense book on new age startups and entrepreneurship Rudrajeet Desai C-02   »
PBK/002653Breaking Out and Making Big: a no-nonsense book on new age startups and entrepreneurship Rudrajeet Desai C-02   »
PBK/002638Breaking Out: An Indian Womans American Journey Padma Desai C-04   »
PBK/001826Breakthrough - stories and strategies of radical innovation Mark Stefik, Barbara Stefik C-15   »
PBK/000827Breakthrough Thinking C-15   »
PBK/002825Breakthrough Thinking: The Seven Principles of Creative Problem Solving Gerald Nadler, Shozo Hibino C-15
PBK/002507Brick by Brick: How Lego rewrote the rules of innovation and conquered the global toy industry David Robertson, Bill Breen C-15   »
PBK/002261Brick by Red Brick - Ravi Matthai and the making of IIM, Ahmedabad T.T. Ram Mohan C-04   »
PBK/000710Bricks And Mortar - renovating or building a business incuabation facility Ellen Gerl C-16   »
PBK/002187Bride at Ten, Mother at Fifteen Sethu Ramaswamy C-04   »
PBK/003006Brief Answers To The Big Questions-Stephen Hawking John Murray C-07   »
PBK/000954Brief History of the Age of Steam - power that drove the industrial revolution Thomas Crump C-05   »
PBK/002027Brief History of Time - from the big bang to black holes Stephen Hawking C-10   »
PBK/001093Brief Overview of [Patent] Law Revisions during the last decade (1998 - 2007) C-19
PBK/001096Brief Overview of [Patent] Law Revisions during the last decade (1998 - 2007) C-19
PBK/001917Brilliant - Shuji Nakamura and the revolution in Lighting Technology Bob Johnstone C-04   »
PBK/000560Brilliant Negotiations Nic Peeling C-18   »
PBK/000309Bringing New Technology to Market Kathleen R. Allen C-15   »
PBK/000925Bringing Out The Best In People - how to apply the astonishing power of positive reincorcement Aubrey C. Daniels C-01   »
PBK/002832Bringing Your Product To Market...In Less than A Year: Fast Track Approaches To Cashing In On Your Idea Don Debelak C-02   »
PBK/002546Britannica Reference Encyclopedia   »
PBK/003397Broke to Break through Harish Damodaran C-14   »
PBK/003487Broke To Breakthrough: The Rise Of Indias Largest Private Dairy Company Damodaran, Harish C-04   »
PBK/000980Bubble Bubble Hem Shanker Ray   »
PBK/001054Budget Building Book for Nonprofits - step by step guide for managers and boards Murray Dropkin, Bill LaTouche C-03   »
PBK/003220Buffet The Making of an American Capitalist Roger Lowenstein C-09   »
PBK/001877Buffett - the making of an American Capitalist Roger Lowenstein C-11   »
PBK/002108Buffett: the making of an American Capitalist Roger Lowenstein C-04   »
PBK/003510Build : an unorthodox guide to making things worth making Fadell, Tony C-09   »
PBK/002614Build From Scratch: Real Strategies and Proven Methods To Build Start-Up Businesses Vineet Bajpai C-02   »
PBK/000343Building A Winning Sales Force Andris Soltners, P. Sinha, S.E.Lorimer C-06   »
PBK/002322Building Awreness on IP Rights C-19
PBK/001838Building Biotechnology - business, regulations, patents, law, politics, science Yali Friedman C-13   »
PBK/002933Building Competitive Green Industries: The Climate and Clean Technology Opportunity For Developing Countries Info Dev C-03
PBK/003546Building dreams  Ramamoorthy, Vasudevan C-04   »
PBK/001252Building Global Biobrands - taking biotechnology to market Francoise Simon, Philip Kotler C-06   »
PBK/002842Building Winning Proposals and Presentations C-14
PBK/000273Built To Last Jim Collins and Jerry I .Porras C-15   »
PBK/000199Built To Last Successful habits of visionary companies Jim Collins,Jerry I. Porras C-09   »
PBK/002898Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies James Collins, Jerry Porras C-04   »
PBK/000854Built to Serve - how to drive the bottom line with people first practices Dan j Sanders C-09   »
PBK/003466Bulk drug industry in India: Challenges and Prospects James, T. C. C-15
PBK/003051Bulletproof Problem Solving The one skill that changes Everything Charles Conn/Robert McLean C-07   »
PBK/002127Bulls, Bears and Blue Chips Ram Piparaiya C-11
PBK/002886Burn the Business Plan: What Great Entrepreneurs Really Do Carl Schramm C-14   »
PBK/002527Burning Question: we cannot burn half the worlds oil, coal and gas. So how do we quit Mike Burners-Lee, Duncan Clark C-05   »
PBK/000002Business and Competitive Analysis Craig S. Fleisher and Babette E. Bensoussan C-15   »
PBK/001499Business As Unusual Anita Roddick C-04   »
PBK/001379Business at the Speed of Thought -succeeding in the digital economy Bill Gates C-02   »
PBK/002674Business Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained Sam Atkinson, Sr.Editor C-14   »
PBK/000844Business Communication C-01   »
PBK/000141Business Creativity Breaking the Invisible barrier Arthur Gogatz & Reuben Mondejar C-01   »
PBK/002097Business Cycles - a theoretical, historical and statistical analysis of the capitalist process Joseph Schumpeter C-14
PBK/002303Business Dynamics - systems thinking and modeling for a complex world John sterman C-07   »
PBK/000503Business Environment Justin Paul C-11   »
PBK/001693Business Environment in India Chopra, Bs Ks C-09
PBK/000867Business Ethics - facing up to the issues C-01   »
PBK/000863Business Etiquette David Robinson C-01   »
PBK/001271Business FAQs - answer to the 100 most difficult business questions of all time Ken Langdon. Andrew Bruce C-09   »
PBK/000098Business Gurus Speak S. N. Chary C-04   »
PBK/000712Business Incubation - a comprehensive guide Meredith Erlewine, Ellen Gerl - Editor C-16   »
PBK/000700Business Incubation Works - results of the impact of incubator investments study Molnar, Grimes, Edelstein, Pietro C-16   »
PBK/000097Business Law P. C. Tulsian C-17   »
PBK/002425Business Law S S Gulshan C-21
PBK/002822Business Law K.R. Bulchandani C-17
PBK/002662Business Laws One Should Know Nabhi C-17
PBK/000542Business Legends Gita Priramal C-04   »
PBK/000544Business Maharajas Gita Priramal C-04   »
PBK/003177Business Maharajas Gita Piramal C-04   »
PBK/003177Business Maharajas Gita Piramal C-04   »
PBK/002413Business Marketing - Management B2B Michael Hutt, Thomas Speh C-21
PBK/003406Business Model Generation Aleexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur C-14   »
PBK/001908Business Model Generation Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur C-14   »
PBK/001919Business of Biotechnology - profit from the expanding influence of biotechnology Yali Friedman C-15   »
PBK/001168Business of Projects - managing innovation in complex products ans systems Andrew Davies, Michael Hobday C-09   »
PBK/002932Business of Sustainability McKinsey Company C-03
PBK/002143Business Plan Guide Eric Siegel, Brian Ford C-14   »
PBK/000325Business Plan Guide Brian R. Ford, Jay M. Bornstein, Patrick T. Pruitt C-14   »
PBK/003126Business Plan Preparation C-02
PBK/000617Business Planning - a guide to business start-up Dvid Butler C-14   »
PBK/000874Business Plans That Win - lessons from the MIT enterprise forum Stanley Rich, David Gumpert C-14   »
PBK/001229Business Plans That Work - a guide for small business Timmons, Zacharakis, Spinelli C-14   »
PBK/002432Business Research Methods William Zikmund C-21
PBK/002818Business Research Methods 2nd Ed Alan Bryman, Emma Bell C-21
PBK/000224Business Solutions for the Global Poor: Creating Social and Economic Value V. Kasturi Rangan, John A. Quelch, Gustavo Herrero and Brooke Barton C-03   »
PBK/002732Business Statistics J.K.Sharma C-21   »
PBK/001190Business Statistics - for contemporary decision making Ken Black E-U-04   »
PBK/001194Business Statistics - decision making with data Richard Johnson, Dean Wichern E-U-04   »
PBK/001173Business Valuation Bluebook - how successful entrepreneurs price, buy, sell, and trade businesses Chad Simmons C-11   »
PBK/000861Business Words You Should Know - from accelerated depreciation to zero-based budgeting Dean McKay, P T Shank C-01   »
PBK/001723Businessmans Guide to Finance Rockley C-11
PBK/001704Businessmen Around the Globe Editors of Fortune C-04
PBK/001649Butterfly Economics - a new general theory of social and economic behavior Paul Ormerod C-11   »
PBK/001552Buying at the Point of Maximum Pessimism - six value investing trends from China to Oil to Agriculture Scott Phillips C-11   »
PBK/000674Buzz- How To Create It and Win With It Edward Koch C-01   »
PBK/003443C programming Amdani, Salim Y. C-15   »
PBK/003447C programming Amdani, Salim Y. C-15   »
PBK/002317Cactus and Roses S.L.Kirloskar C-04   »
PBK/001237Cadillac Desert - the american west and its disappearing water Marc Reisner C-05   »
PBK/001220Calculated Risks - how to know when numbers deceive you Gerd Gegerenzer C-10   »
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PBK/001736Cambridge Economic History Vol 2 - 1757 - 2003 Dharma Kumar - Editor C-11
PBK/001770Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance Anders Ericsson, Neil Charness - Editors C-01   »
PBK/001640Cambridge Keepsake C-13
PBK/001651Cambridge Phenomenon - fulfilling the potential C-15
PBK/003463Camels, Tigers & Unicorns: Re-thinking Science And Technology-enabled Innovation: Rethinking Science & Technology-Enabled Innovation Paperback – Import, Phadke, Uday & Vyakarnam Shailendra C-15   »
PBK/002827Camels, Tigers and Unicorns: Rethinking Science and Technology-enabled Innovation UDay Phadke, Shailendra Vyakarnam C-15   »
PBK/003031Camels,Tigers & Unicorns Uday Phadke/Shailendra Vyakarnam C-15   »
PBK/003544CanDid: Inspiring human stories of resilience, perseverance & focus from sciencepreneurs at Venture Center N. Ramakrishnan C-02   »
PBK/003545CanDid: Inspiring human stories of resilience, perseverance & focus from sciencepreneurs at Venture Center N. Ramakrishnan C-02   »
PBK/003014Capital - the Eruption of Delhi Rana Dasgupta C-04   »
PBK/001270Capital Ideas - the improbable origins of modern wall street Peter Bernstein C-11   »
PBK/002528Capital in the Twenty-First Century Thomas Piketty C-11   »
PBK/002041Capital Rising- how capital flows are changing business systems all over the world Peter Cohan, Srinivasa Rangan C-09   »
PBK/001185Capitalism With Chinese Characteristics - entrepreneurship and the state Yasheng Huang C-11   »
PBK/000715Capitalizing On being Woman Owned Janet Christy C-02   »
PBK/002478Captainship - First Generation Entrepreneurs Anya Gupta C-02   »
PBK/000554Career Anchors Edgar Schein C-01   »
PBK/001141Career Development Handbook C-01
PBK/002451Cartoon Introduction to Economics Vol 2 Macroeconomics Grady Klein, Yoram Bauman N-01   »
PBK/002761Case for India Will Durant C-04
PBK/000095Case Studies in Finance Managing for Corporate Value Creation Robert F. Bruner C-11   »
PBK/001890Case Studies in Japanese Negotiating Behavior Michael Blaker, Paul Giarra C-18   »
PBK/000100Case Studies on Entrepreneurship Vol 1 C-02   »
PBK/002428Case Studies on Respect , The Prime Mover C-21
PBK/001664Cases and Materials on Intellectual Property William Cornish C-20   »
PBK/000200Cases in Entrepreneurship The venture creation Process Eric A.Morse , Ronald K.Mitchell C-02   »
PBK/001881Cash Nexus - money and power in the modern world 1700-2000 Niall Ferguson C-11   »
PBK/001339Celebrating Failure - the power of taking risks, making mistakes, and thinking big Ralph Heath C-09   »
PBK/003464Cellphone toone kya kiya Menon, EP C-21
PBK/000240Central Excise Law Manual: with Service Tax Ready Reckoner R. K. Jain C-17   »
PBK/000025Central Excise Ready Reckoner V.S.Datey C-17   »
PBK/000206Central Sales Tax law & practice V.S.Datey C-17   »
PBK/000976Century of Innovation - the 3M story C-15   »
PBK/000991Ceramics Are Forever B.C.Sharma   »
PBK/002468Chain Reaction - the saga of atomic energy programme in India S-03
PBK/002721Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics Krishnamurthy, Pranesachar E-U-03   »
PBK/002722Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics Krishnamurthy, Pranesachar E-U-03   »
PBK/002723Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics Krishnamurthy, Pranesachar E-U-03   »
PBK/002088Chambers Dictionary S-01   »
PBK/003553Chanakya’s 7 Secrets of Leadership Sivanandhan, D. & Pillai, Radhakrishnan C-09   »
PBK/002042Chances Are - adventures in probability Michael Kaplan, Ellen Kaplan C-10   »
PBK/002243Chandra: In Quest of Perspectives - Documentary DVD Nandan Kudhyadi S-03
PBK/001118Change by Design Tim Brown C-15   »
PBK/001684Change: An Opportunity Elijah C-01
PBK/001815Changing Minds - the art and science of changing our own and other peoples minds Howard Gardner C-18   »
PBK/001501Changing The Mindset - reflections of a chief executive Rohinton Aga C-04   »
PBK/002865Chaos, Fractals and Self-Organization Arvind Kumar E-U-01
PBK/001806Character of Physcial Law Richard Feynman C-10   »
PBK/000243Charitable and Relegious Trusts and Institutions: A digest on Formation, Administration and Tax Management (As Ammended by Finance Act, 2008) S. Rajaratnam C-03   »
PBK/003380Charitable and Religious Trusts
PBK/001469Charles Darwin - Autobiography Francis Darwin - Editor C-10   »
PBK/000370Chase, Chance and Creativity James H. Austin C-04   »
PBK/001318Checklist Manifesto - how to get things right Atul Gawande C-10   »
PBK/000555Chemical Analysis for Quality Control Dr.C.I.Jose E-U-01
PBK/002367Chemical Magic Leonard Ford N-01   »
PBK/002501Chemical, Pharma, Rubber, Plastics, Textile, Wood, Paper, Glass S-02
PBK/000968Chemicals of Life Parul Sheth   »
PBK/001293Chemistry & Technology of Leather OFlaherty, Roddy, Lollar E-U-01
PBK/001296Chemistry of Leather Manufacture McLaughlin, Theis E-U-01
PBK/001573Chemistry Science Fair Projects - using acids, bases, metals, salts and inorganic stuff Robert Gardner C-21   »
PBK/000510Chicago Addresses Swami Vivekananda C-04   »
PBK/000586Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurs Soul Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen C-04   »
PBK/002523Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurs Soul: advice and inspiration for fulfilling dreams Jack Canfield C-04   »
PBK/002824Circular Economy: A Wealth of Flows Ken Webster C-07   »
PBK/000808Classical & Early Medieval Science 849 BC - 999 AD   »
PBK/001286Clean Money - picking winners in the green-tech boom John Rubino C-05   »
PBK/000932Clean Tech Revolution Ron Pernick,, Clint Wilder C-05   »
PBK/001925Clean, Green and Blue - Singapores journey towards environmental and water sustainability Tan Yong Soon C-05   »
PBK/003474Cleanroom reference standard: IEC 62366-1, IEC 62366-2, CEI IEC 62304 C-21
PBK/003388Climate in motion-Science,Empire and The problem of Scale Deborah R. Coen C-10   »
PBK/000215Climbing the ladder in the stilettos Lynette Lewis C-01   »
PBK/002661Climbing The Limitless Ladder: a Life in Chemistry C.N.R.Rao C-04   »
PBK/002182Clinical Opthalmology 4th Edition Jack Kanski E-U-02
PBK/000967Cloning P D Gupta   »
PBK/001732Closing Carbon Cycles - carbon use for materials in the context of resource efficiency and climate change Martin Patel C-05
PBK/000321Closing the Innovation Gap Judy Estrin C-15   »
PBK/000351Closing The Innovation Gap Judy Estrin C-15   »
PBK/000802Clothing Industry Hazel King   »
PBK/001206Cluetrain Manifesto Rick Levine, Locke, Searls C-06   »
PBK/000847Coaching & Mentoring C-01   »
PBK/000042Coaching Successfully John Eaton & Roy Johnson C-01   »
PBK/001294Cocoon Silk C H C Cansdale E-U-01
PBK/001915Code Name Ginger - story behind segway and Dean Kamens quest to invent a new world Dean Kamen C-04   »
PBK/001410Code Name God - the spiritual odyssey of a man of science Mani Bhaumik C-10   »
PBK/001830Cognitive Surplus - creativity and generosity in a connected age Clay Shirky C-09   »
PBK/001400Collaboration - how leaders avoid the traps, crate unity and reap big results Morten Hansen C-07   »
PBK/001514Collapse - how societies choose to fall or survive Jared Diamond C-10   »
PBK/003267Coming Back A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada C-21   »
PBK/000021Commercial Import Made Esay P. Veera Reddy and P. mamatha C-18
PBK/000594Commercialising Successful Biomedical Technologies - Basic Principles of the Development of Drugs, Diagnostics & Devices Shreefal Mehta C-15   »
PBK/000372Commercialization of Innovative Technologies Joseph Touhill, Gregory Touhill, Thomas Oriordan C-15   »
PBK/002070Common As Air - revolution, art and ownership Lewis Hyde C-20   »
PBK/002347Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits Philip A. Fisher C-11   »
PBK/000297Communicate to Win Richard Denny C-01   »
PBK/000770Communication & Computers Chris Woodford   »
PBK/002574Companies Act 2013 with Rules C-17
PBK/000662Companies That Changed The World - From East India Co. to google Inc Jonathan Mantle C-04   »
PBK/001954Company - short history of a revolutionary idea John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge C-09   »
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PBK/000096Company Law Ashok K. Bagrial C-17   »
PBK/002902Company Law - 15 Edition Avtar Singh C-17   »
PBK/001596Company Law Practice Manual with master guide to Companies Act C-17   »
PBK/002234Company Law Ready Reckoner with Guide to LLP, Corporate Laws Manual with Rules and Forms Taxmann C-17   »
PBK/001771Company of Strangers - a natural history of economic life Paul Seabright C-11   »
PBK/001098Comparative Study on the Japanese and United States Patent Systems C-19
PBK/000901Compensation Structures for Venture-Backed Companies - how to structuree stock options, retirement, debt & bonus plans, for management & employees Joseph Bartlett, Ross Barrett C-12   »
PBK/000274Competative Strategy Michael E.Porter C-07   »
PBK/000110Competing with the Best Rajnish Karki C-07   »
PBK/000173Competitive Advantage Creating And Sustaining Superior Performance Michael E. Porter C-07   »
PBK/000172Competitive Strategy Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors Michael E. Porter C-07   »
PBK/000023Compilation of Maharashtra value Added tax Act, 2002 Rate Schedules, rules, Forms and Notifications Compiled by M.S.Mathuria, Jagruti P. Jain and Dili C-17
PBK/000721Complete Guide To Fund Raising Management Stanley Weinstein C-12   »
PBK/001548Complexity - a guided tour Melanie Mitchell C-10   »
PBK/001408Complications - notes from the life of a young surgeon Atul Gawande C-10   »
PBK/000557Computer Networks Andrew Tanenbaum W-M-01   »
PBK/002782Conceptual Selling: The Revolutionary System for Face to Face Selling Robert Miller, Stephen Heiman, C-06   »
PBK/000492Concise Atlas Of The World S-01   »
PBK/000011Concise Law Dictionary P. Ramnatha Aiyar C-17
PBK/001809Concise Oxford Companion to Economics in India Kaushik Basu, Annemie Maertens C-11   »
PBK/001968Concise Oxford History of Indian Business Dwijendra Tripathi, Jyoti Jumani C-09   »
PBK/002707Confessions of an Advertising Man David Ogilvy C-06   »
PBK/001403Confesssions of an Economic Hitman - the shocking inside story of how America really took over the world John Perkins C-11   »
PBK/002059Conflict of Interest - challenges and solutions in business, law, medicine and public policy Don Moore, Daylian Cain, Editors C-18   »
PBK/001516Connect the Dots - inspiring stories of 20 entrrepreneurs without an MBA who dared to find their own path Rashmi Bansal C-02   »
PBK/002994Connecting The Dots John Chambers C-09   »
PBK/000894Connecting With Your Customers C-06   »
PBK/003213Consiglieri Leading from the shadows Richard Hytner C-07   »
PBK/001387Consilience - the unity of knowledge Edward Wilson C-10
PBK/002074Conspicuous Consumption: unproductive consumption of goods is honourable Thorstein Veblen C-10   »
PBK/002365Constant Economy - how to create a stable economy Zac Goldsmith C-05   »
PBK/002129Consumer India: Inside the India Mind and Market Dheeraj Sinha C-06   »
PBK/001898Contract Negotiation Handbook - an indispensable guide for contract professionals Stephen Guth C-18   »
PBK/001479Contrarians - Guide to Leadership Steven B. Sample C-07   »
PBK/001866Cool It - skeptical environmentalists guide to global warming Bjorn Lomborg C-05   »
PBK/002559Coporate Governance: A Global Perspective Mishra, Stuart Locke, Geeta Rani C-07   »
PBK/003223Copycat Marketing 101 Burke Hedges C-09   »
PBK/001786Copycats - how smart companies use imitation to gain a strategic edge Oded Shenkar C-07   »
PBK/002152Copyright Act, 1957, Copyright Rules, 1958, International Copyright Order, 1999 C-20
PBK/002153Copyright Act, 1957, Copyright Rules, 1958, International Copyright Order, 1999 C-20
PBK/001888Copyright Law - in s nutshell Mary LaFrance C-20   »
PBK/001487Copyright Law of Japan Yukifusa Oyama - translator C-19
PBK/001971Copyrights and Copywrongs - the rise of intellectual property and how it threatens creativity Siva Vaidyanathan C-20   »
PBK/001655Copyrights and Trademarks for Media Professionals - broadcast, cable, film, internet, multimedia, satellite, www Arnold Lutzker C-20   »
PBK/002124Corner Office: how top CEOs made it and how you can too Adam Bryant C-09   »
PBK/002881Corporate Chanakya: Successful Management the Chanakya Way Radhakrishnan Pillai C-09   »
PBK/001234Corporate Entrepreneurship - top managers and new business creation Vijay Sathe C-07   »
PBK/002315Corporate Finance Ross, Westerfield, Jaffe C-11   »
PBK/000306Corporate Governance and Social Resposibility V.Balachandran, V.Chandrasekaran C-03   »
PBK/000028Corporate Laws C-17   »
PBK/002450Corporate Responsibility Handbook Deborah Leipzeiger C-03   »
PBK/002436Corporate Social Responsibility C-21
PBK/000223Corporate Social Responsibility Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee C-03   »
PBK/002252Corporate Valuation and Value Creation Prasanna Chandra C-11   »
PBK/000452Correct Your English Tim Collins C-01   »
PBK/002811Cost Accounting 12th Ed Charles Horngren, S. Datar, G. Foster C-21
PBK/002434Cost and Management Accounting M N Arora C-21
PBK/003118Count you chickens before they hatch Arindam Chaudhuri C-01   »
PBK/003151Count your Blessings Dr.John F Demartini C-04   »
PBK/001269Covert Persuasion - psychological tactics and tricks to win the game Kevin Hogan, James Speakman C-18   »
PBK/003438CPWD works manual 2007 Government of India central public works Dpt. C-21
PBK/003325Cracking Creativity Michalko C-01   »
PBK/002238Cracking Creativity: the secrets of creative genius Michael Michalko C-15   »
PBK/001343Cradle to Cradle - remaking the way we make things William McDonnaugh, Michael Braungart C-13   »
PBK/001365Craft of Copywriting June Valladares C-06   »
PBK/001979Craft of Scientific Prsentations - critical steps to succeed and critical errors to avoid Michael Alley C-01   »
PBK/001975Craft of Scientific Writing Michael Alley C-01   »
PBK/000006Crafting and executing strategy Arthur A. Thompson Jr., A.J.Strickland III, John E Gamble,Arun K Jain C-07   »
PBK/002579Crafting and Executing Strategy: Concepts and Cases Arthur Thompson, Strickland, Jain C-07   »
PBK/002797Create Copy Disrupt: Indias Intellectual Property Dilemmas Prashant Reddy, Sumathi Chandrashekaran C-20   »
PBK/001290Creating a Mentoring Culture Lois Zachary C-09   »
PBK/001351Creating a World Without Poverty - social business and the future of capitalism Muhammad Yunus C-03   »
PBK/003327Creating Affluence Deepak Chopra, M.D C-04   »
PBK/002808Creating and Safe Guarding a Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio SIDBI C-20
PBK/000896Creating Breakthrough Innovations C-15   »
PBK/000286Creating Capital Spencer E.Ante C-12   »
PBK/001277Creating Customer Evangelists - how loyal customers become a volunteer sales force Ben McConnell, Jackie Huba C-06   »
PBK/000435Creating Minds Howard Gardner C-04   »
PBK/002376Creating Risk Capital - a royalty fund solution to the ownership and financing of enterprise Ian Whalley C-11   »
PBK/000845Creating Teams With An Edge - complete skill set to build powerful & influential teams C-01   »
PBK/001752Creating the Twentieth Century - technical innovations of 1867-1914 and their lasting impact Vaclav Smil C-10   »
PBK/000149Creating Valuable Business Strategies Shiv S. Mathur and Alfred Kenyon C-07   »
PBK/002935Creating Your Own Angel Investor Group: A Guide for Emerging and Frontier Markets Kauffman Foundation C-11
PBK/000853Creation of Wealth - Tatas from 19th to 21st century R M Lala C-04   »
PBK/002113Creative Genius Peter Fisk C-15   »
PBK/002373Creative Problem Solvers Toolbox - a complete course in the art of creating solutions to problems of any kind Richard Fobes C-15   »
PBK/001929Creative Whack Pack - 64 Creativity Strategies to provoke and inspire your thinking Roger von Oech C-15
PBK/003263Creativity Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi C-15   »
PBK/000618Creativity Herb Meyers, Richard Gerstman C-15   »
PBK/000344Creativity - Flow And The Psychology of Discovery & Invention Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi C-15   »
PBK/003078Creativity for You V.Tucker C-01   »
PBK/001691Creativity for You Tucker C-01   »
PBK/003003Creativity Inc:Overcoming The Unseen Forces That Stand In The Way Of True Inspiration Ed Catmull C-04   »
PBK/000225Creativity Unlimited Micael Dahlen C-15   »
PBK/000379Crisis Communication Peter Anthonissen - Editor C-06   »
PBK/001415Critical Mass - how one thing leads to another Philip Ball C-10   »
PBK/000276Crossing The Chasm Geoffrey A. Moore C-15   »
PBK/002770Crowd Sourced Health: How What You Do On the Internet Will Improve Medicine Elad Yom-Tov C-05   »
PBK/001614Crowdsourcing- how the power of the crowd is driving the future of business Jeff Howe C-09   »
PBK/003100Crucial Conversations Participant Toolkit C-01
PBK/003100Crucial Conversations Participant Toolkit C-01
PBK/003100Crucial Conversations Participant Toolkit C-01
PBK/002658Crucial Conversations: Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High Patterson, Grenny, McMillan C-18   »
PBK/001794Cruicial Conversations - tools for talking when stakes are high Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny C-18   »
PBK/001608CSIR IP Licensing Opportunities Forum C-19
PBK/002760CSR Directory ASSOCHAM C-03
PBK/000983Cuirous in Sci-Funland V.G.Kulkarni, V.G.Gambhir, R.M.Bhagwat   »
PBK/000988Curable Cancer A.N.Bhisey   »
PBK/002609Curiosity Driven Explorations Dr.Shantaram Kane C-05
PBK/001818Current Good Manufacturing Practices - pharmaceutical, biologics, and medical device regulations and guidance documents Mindy Allport-Settle C-13   »
PBK/002624Customer Centered Products: Creating Successful Products Through Smart Requirements Management Ivy Hooks, Kristina Farry C-13   »
PBK/000455Customer Obsession A. de Azevedo, Ricardo Pomeranz C-06   »
PBK/002437Customer Relationship Management - A Databased Approach V.Kumar, Werner Reinartz C-21
PBK/000212Customs Law Manual R.K.Jain C-17   »
PBK/002171Cutting Carbon Footprint - DVD S-03
PBK/002172Cutting Carbon Footprint - DVD S-03
PBK/003265CVS Pocket Reference OReilly C-21   »
PBK/001802Da Vinci Notebooks Leonardo da Vinci   »
PBK/002299Dabawalas Shrinivas Pandit C-09   »
PBK/003187Daily Positives Edward P Fiszer.Ed.D. C-04   »
PBK/002612Dalit Millionaires Milind Khandekar C-04   »
PBK/001298Damn Right - behind the scenes with Berkshire Hathaway Billionaire Chalie Munger Janet Lowe C-11   »
PBK/002491Damodaran on Valuation: Security Analysis for Investment and Corporate Financce Aswath Damodaran C-11   »
PBK/001162Dance With Chance - making luck work for you Spyros Makridakis, Hogarth, Gaba C-01   »
PBK/002226Dancing Wu Li Masters: an overview of the new physics Gary Zukav C-10   »
PBK/003538Dara Shukoh (Marathi) Mevavaram- Translated by Kimaya Kishor Deshpande C-21   »
PBK/003534Darashukoh Mevaram, translated by Kimaya Kishor Deshpande C-21   »
PBK/000427Dare To Dream C-04
PBK/003525Dare to Lead: Bold Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts Brown, Brene C-09   »
PBK/001926Darwins Universe evolution from a to z Richard Milner   »
PBK/003533Dastane Aagra (Kahani Aagryachi) Mevaram, translated by Kimaya Kishor Deshpande
PBK/003533Dastane Aagra (Kahani Aagryachi) Mevaram, translated by Kimaya Kishor Deshpande C-21   »
PBK/003009Dawn Of The Solar Age Prem Shankar Jha C-04   »
PBK/000917Deal Terms - finer points of venture capital deal structures Alex Wilmerding C-12   »
PBK/001305Dealers of Lightining - xerox parc and the dawn of the computer age Michael Hiltzik C-10   »
PBK/001025Dealing With Darwin - how great companies innovate at every phase of their evolution Geoffrey Moore C-09   »
PBK/000040Dealing With Difficult People Christina Osborne C-01   »
PBK/001768Dealing With Difficult People - how to deal with nasty customers, demanding bosses and annoying co-workers Robert Cava C-09   »
PBK/002773Decision Book: Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking Mikael Krogerus, Roman Tschappeler C-01   »
PBK/000848Decision Making - 5 steps to better results C-01   »
PBK/001947Decisions, Decisions- the art of effective decision making David Welch C-09   »
PBK/001473Deep Simplicity - bringing order to chaos and complexity John Gribbin C-10   »
PBK/003122Deep Work Cal Newport C-01   »
PBK/002894Deep Work: rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World Cal Newport C-01   »
PBK/001134Definitive Book of Body Language Allan , Barbara Pease C-10   »
PBK/002562Defying the Odds: the Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs Devesh Kapur, Shyam Babu, Prasad C-02   »
PBK/001327Deliberate Pause - entrepreneurship and its moment in human progress Larry Robertson C-02   »
PBK/001598Delivering Happiness - a path to profits, passion and purpose Tony Hsieh C-02   »
PBK/000255Democratizing Innovation Eric Von Hippel C-15   »
PBK/001521Demon of our own Design - markets, hedge funds, and the perils of financial innovation Richard Bookstaber C-11   »
PBK/003050Demstifying Venture Capital-How it works and how to get It Mohammad Mustafa C-12   »
PBK/003460Department of Chemical Engineering C-21
PBK/000979Deserts Vineeta Singhal   »
PBK/002763Design Aids for Public Health Engineers B R N Gupta C-05   »
PBK/001406Design and Analysis of Experiments Douglas Montgomery E-U-04   »
PBK/001861Design as Art Bruno Munari C-13   »
PBK/000613Design Governance Christoph Herrmann, Guenter Moeller C-13   »
PBK/002447Design of Business - Why Design Thinking is the next Competitive Advantage Roger Martin C-15   »
PBK/002058Design of Design - essays from a computer scientist Frederick Brooks C-13   »
PBK/001459Design of Experiments - for engineers and scientists Jiju Anthony E-U-04   »
PBK/001148Design Paradigms - case histories of error and judgment in engineering Henry Petroski C-13   »
PBK/001279Design Revolution - 100 products that are changing peoples lives Emily Pillotson, C-13   »
PBK/002863Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector Jeanne Liedtka, Randy Salzman C-03   »
PBK/002862Design Thinking Process and Methods Robert Curedale C-13   »
PBK/001236Design-Driven Innovation - changing the rules of competition by radically innovating what things mean Roberto Verganti C-13   »
PBK/001766Designing a World-Class Quality Management System for FDA Regulated Industries David Muchemu C-13   »
PBK/002150Designs Act, 2000, Design Rules 2001 C-20
PBK/002151Designs Act, 2000, Designs Rules, 2001 C-20
PBK/001128Destination Moon - Indias quest for the moon, mars and beyond Pallava Bagla, Subhadra Menon C-10   »
PBK/000997Detective DNA Parvinder Chawla   »
PBK/000592Develop your Marketing skills Ruth Gosnay, Neil Richardson C-06   »
PBK/000711Developing A Business Incubation Program - insights and advice for communities Kathleen Boyd C-16   »
PBK/000516Developing A Financing Strategy C-11
PBK/002038Developing Personal Networks - Building Effective and Efficient Perosnal Networks - 4 Joel Podolny
PBK/002039Developing Personal Networks - Building Your Success One Relationship at a Time - 5a, 5b Keith Ferrazzi
PBK/002036Developing Personal Networks - How Leaders Create and Use Networks - 2 Herminia Ibarra, Mark Hunter
PBK/002037Developing Personal Networks - How to Build Your Network - 3 Brian Uzzi, Shannon Dunlap
PBK/002035Developing Personal Networks - Managers Guide to Face-to-Face Communication - 1
PBK/000654Developing Products In Half The Time Preston Smith, Donald Reinertsen C-09   »
PBK/001570Developing Talent in Young People Benjamin S. Bloom, Editor C-07   »
PBK/001967Development of Entreperneurship Mohd.Saud Ilahi C-02   »
PBK/002137Development of Technology Commercialization and Transfer Specialists C-15
PBK/002002Development of Technology Commercialization and Transfer Speicalists C-15
PBK/001554Devil Take the Hindmost - a history of financial speculation Edward Chancellor C-11   »
PBK/002535Dhandha: how Gujeratis do business Shobha Bondre C-04   »
PBK/002781Dhandho Investor: The Low-Risk Value Method to High Returns Mohnish Pabrai C-11   »
PBK/001082Dhirubhai Ambani (Maraathi) Ravindra Kolhe C-04   »
PBK/000386Dhirubhai Ambani: Against All Odds A G Krishnamurthy C-04   »
PBK/002024Dictionary of Commerce Michael Greener C-11   »
PBK/002026Dictionary of Correct Spelling - handy reference guide Norman Lewis C-01
PBK/002081Dictionary of Engineering Sybil Parker, Editor E-U-04
PBK/000556Dictionary of Fiber & Textile Technology E-U-01   »
PBK/002565Dictionary of Fiber and Textile Technology E-U-04
PBK/001123Dictionary of Indians - a handbook of well-known Indians Girija Viraraghavan., Chitra shastri
PBK/002173Dictionary on Indian Patent Law Bindu Sharma, Anita Kalia
PBK/002247Diet & Lifestyle for Health in the 21st Century Dr.Shantaram Kane S-01   »
PBK/001567Difference - how the power of diversity creates better groups, firms, schools and societies Scott E. Page C-09   »
PBK/001857Different - escaping the competitive herd Youngme Moon C-06   »
PBK/001259Difficult Conversations - your boss, your spouse, friends, kids, your clients Stone, Patton, Heen C-01   »
PBK/002257Difficulty Of Being Good: on the subtle art of Dharma Gurcharan Das C-04   »
PBK/000495Diffusion Of Innovation Everett M. Rogers C-15   »
PBK/000607Diffusion Of Innovations Everett M. Rogers C-15   »
PBK/000374Digerati Glitterati C. Langdon, D. Manners C-04   »
PBK/000782Digital Revolution - beginners guide to e-technology & internet Jack Challoner   »
PBK/000441Digital Signal John Proakis, Dimitris Manolakis E-U-04   »
PBK/000443Digital Signal Processing Alan Oppenheim, Ronald Schafer E-U-04   »
PBK/001412Dip - the extraordinary benefits of knowing when to quit (and when to tick) Seth Godin C-09   »
PBK/003505Direct from Dell Dell, Michael C-07   »
PBK/001607Direct Taxes Code Bill, 2009 C-11
PBK/000007Direct taxes ready reckoner Vinod K. Singhania C-17   »
PBK/002657Direct Taxes Ready Reckoner 1516-1617 Vinod Singhania C-11
PBK/000875Direct Taxes Ready Reckoner 2009-10 & 2010-11 Dr. Vinod Singhania C-17   »
PBK/002466Direct Taxes Ready Reckoner 2013-14, 2014-15 Vinod Singhnia C-11   »
PBK/003295Director 7 and lingo Bible Jonathan Bacon,Robert Martin and John R Nyquist C-21   »
PBK/000869Directors Dilemma - tales from the frontline Patrick Dunne C-16   »
PBK/002016Disappearing Spoon - and other true tales of madness, love and the history of the world from the periodic table of the elements Sam Kean C-10   »
PBK/002950Disciplined Entrepreneurship-24 steps to a successful startup Bill Aulet C-02   »
PBK/002950Disciplined Entrepreneurship-24 steps to a successful startup Bill Aulet C-02   »
PBK/003114Discover the Wealth within you Ric Edelman C-01   »
PBK/003324Discover Your Genius Michael J Gelb C-01   »
PBK/000395Discovering Creative Solutions To Everyday Challenges Duke Corporate Education C-01   »
PBK/001470Discovering the Laws of Life John Marks Templeton C-04   »
PBK/000339Discovery Driven Growth Rita G McGrath, Ian MacMillan C-15   »
PBK/001079Discovery of India (Marathi) Translator - Sane Guruji, N V Karandikar C-04
PBK/003434Discussion draft (General Financial rule 2016) Government of India Ministry of Finance C-17
PBK/002758Disruptive Game Changing Innovation: 2016 State of Innovation Thomson Reuters C-15
PBK/003204Dissenting Diagnosis Dr Arun Gadre/Dr Abhay Shukla C-05   »
PBK/001160Distribution Channels - understanding & managing channels to market Julian Dent C-06   »
PBK/001901Diversity and Complexity Scott Page C-10   »
PBK/002835DIY Drones for the Evil Genius Ian Cinnamon, Romi Kadri, Tepper C-15   »
PBK/003010Do Better With Less:Frugal Innovation For Sustainable Growth Raghunath Amshelkar/Ravi Pandit C-03   »
PBK/003011Do Better With Less:Frugal Innovation For Sustainable Growth Navi Radjou/Jaideep Prabhu C-03   »
PBK/002879Do I Make Myself Clear: Why Writing Well Matters Harold Evans C-01   »
PBK/003029Do More Faster David cohen, Brad Fled C-01   »
PBK/002828Do We Care: Indias Health System K. Sujatha Rao C-05   »
PBK/002641Do What you Are: discover the perfect career for you the secrets of personality type Paul Tieger, Barbara Barron C-01   »
PBK/002204Doctoral Research: Trends and Initiatives Institute of Public Enterprise W-M-03
PBK/001393Doctors Plague - Germs, Childbed Fever and the Strange Story of Ignac Semmelweis Sherwin Nuland C-10   »
PBK/000741Does Technology Incubation Work? - a critical review of the evidence David A. Lewis C-16
PBK/002067Doing Business 2011: making a difference for Entrepreneurs C-02   »
PBK/000334Doing Business Globally C-09   »
PBK/001187Doing Business In 21st Century India - how to profit today in tomorrows most exciting market Gunjan Bagla C-09   »
PBK/000832Doing Business In China C-09   »
PBK/001900Doing Business in Emerging Markets - entry and negotiation strategies Tamer Cavusgil, Pervez Ghauri C-18   »
PBK/003355Doing It Now Edwin C Bliss C-01   »
PBK/000999Doing Science Is Fun V.G.Kulkarni, V.G.Gambhir, R.M.Bhagwat   »
PBK/000929Done Deals - venture capitalists tell their stories Udayan Gupta C-12   »
PBK/001169Dont Be Such a Scientist - talking substance in an age of style Randy Olson C-10   »
PBK/001791Dont Count On It - reflections on investment illusions, capitalism, mutual funds, indexing, entrepreneurship, idealism and heroes John C. Bogle C-04   »
PBK/001992Down to Earth SharadJoshi C-09   »
PBK/000729Dr. Har Gobind Khorana S L Bhandarkar   »
PBK/001076Dr. Ida Scudder (Mrathi) Veena Gavankar C-04   »
PBK/003422Dr. Solomons virus encyclopedia Dr. Solomons software Ltd. C-15   »
PBK/002192Dr.Pratap Bhanu Mehta Lecture-MCCIA S-03
PBK/003098Draft Your Own business Letters Kay White C-01   »
PBK/003098Draft Your Own business Letters Kay White C-01   »
PBK/000012Drafting Corporate and Commercial Agreement Rodney D. Ryder C-16   »
PBK/002794Dream Chasing: One Mans Remarkable True Life Story S.B.Misra P-01   »
PBK/002891Dreamers: How Young Indians Are Changing The World Snigdha Poonam C-04   »
PBK/001502Dreams Become Reality - an autobiography of Dr.R.J.Rathi R.J.Rathi C-04   »
PBK/001471Drive - the surprising truth about what motivates us Daniel H. Pink C-10   »
PBK/002532Driven: Memoirs Of A Civil Servant Turned Entrepreneur Jagdish Khattar C-04   »
PBK/002625Driving Change: the Wharton Schools Groundbreaking Research on the Future of Management Jerry Wind, Jeremy Main C-09   »
PBK/000229Driving Innovation: Intellectual Property Strategies for a Dynamic World Michael A Gollin C-19   »
PBK/002316Driving the Economy through Innovation and Entrepreneurship: emerging Agenda for Technology Management Indian Inst. of Science, Bangalore C-15   »
PBK/001165Drop of Water - a book of science and wonder Walter Wick N-01   »
PBK/002943Drug Discovery Unit C-08
PBK/002918Drug Regulatory Affairs Gajendra Singh, Gaurav Agarwal, Vipul Gupta C-08   »
PBK/002921Drug Regulatory Affairs Sachin Itkar, N.S.Vyawahare C-08   »
PBK/002920Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Rules, 1945 Ranjan Magazine C-08   »
PBK/002361Due Diligence - an impertinent inquiry into microfinance David Roodman C-03   »
PBK/001087Dushkaal avade Sarvana (Marathi) P. Sainath, C-09
PBK/003500DY Mehendale Vishwas C-21
PBK/001990Dynamics of Entrepreneurship Development M.K.Kothari C-02   »
PBK/000203Dynamics of Indian Financial System market ,institutions & services Preeti Singh C-11   »
PBK/000214Dynamics of successful international business negotiations Robert T. Moran and William G. Stripp C-18   »
PBK/000328E-mailing C-01   »
PBK/001575e-Yearbok 2010 - Socio-Economic Reference Digital Database of India for Post Reforms Period 1991 to 2009 C-20   »
PBK/001578e-Yearbook 2010 - Socio-Economic Reference Digital Database of Eastern States of India: 2000 - 2009 C-20
PBK/001580e-Yearbook 2010 - Socio-Economic Reference Digital Database of North-Eastern States of India: 2000 - 2009 C-20   »
PBK/001576e-YEarbook 2010 - Socio-Economic Reference Digital Database of Northern States of India: 2000 - 2009 C-20
PBK/001577e-Yearbook 2010 - Socio-Economic Reference Digital Database of Southern States of India: 2000 - 2009 C-20   »
PBK/001579e-Yearbook 2010 - Socio-Economic Reference Digital Database of Western & Central States of India: 2000 - 2009 C-20   »
PBK/001427Early Exits - exit strategies for entrepreneurs Basil Peters C-03
PBK/002233East India Company: the worlds most powerful corporation Tirthankar Roy C-09   »
PBK/002017Eat People - and other unapologetic rules for game-changing entrepreneurs Andy Kessler C-02   »
PBK/000350Eating The Big Fish Adam Morgan C-06   »
PBK/001876Eats Shoots & Leaves - the zero tolerance approach to punctuation Lynne Truss C-01   »
PBK/001869Econometrics of Financial Markets John Campbell, Andrew L C-11   »
PBK/002110Economic Benefits and Costs of Entreprenurship: a review of the research Mirjam van Praag, Peter Versloot C-02   »
PBK/002280Economic Survey 2011-12 Govt. of India W-M-03   »
PBK/002830Economical Environmentalist: My attempt to Live a Low-Carbon Life and What It Cost Prashant Vaze C-04   »
PBK/002585Economics Lipsey, Chrystal C-11
PBK/000202Economics Samuelson Nordhaus C-11   »
PBK/001358Economics For Everyone Jim Stanford C-11   »
PBK/001333Economics in One Lesson - the shortest and surest way to understand basic economics Henry Hazlitt C-11   »
PBK/001855Economics of Counterfeit Trade - governments, consumers, pirates and Intellectual Porperty Rights Peggy Chaudhary, Alan Zimmerman C-20   »
PBK/001897Economics of Food - how feeding and fueling the planet affects food prices Patrick Westhoff C-05   »
PBK/000373Edison In The Boardroom Julie Davis, suzanne Harrison C-19   »
PBK/000595Edison Inventing The Century Neil Baldwin C-04   »
PBK/000320Edison on Innovation Alan Axelrod C-15   »
PBK/002953Edward de Bono -Six Thinking Hats Sir Richard Branson C-02   »
PBK/000792Edwin Hubble Fiona Macdonald   »
PBK/000525Effective Decision Making John Adair C-01   »
PBK/002704Effective Digital Marketing Strategy Sachin Bhide C-06
PBK/002705Effective Digital Marketing Strategy Sachin Bhide C-06
PBK/001356Effective Director - building individual and board success Neville Bain C-16   »
PBK/001357Effective Financial Management Brian Finch C-11   »
PBK/001731Effective Industrial Management Lundy C-09
PBK/002606Effective Marketing for Entrepreneurs Sahcin Mohan Bhide C-06
PBK/002642Effective Marketing for Entrepreneurs Sachin Bhide C-06
PBK/000298Effective Technical Communication M Ashraf Rizvi C-01   »
PBK/001474Effectuation - elements of entrepreneurial expertise Saras D.Sarasvathy C-02   »
PBK/001080Einstein (Marathi) Dr. Pandit Vidya Sagar C-04
PBK/001778Einstein - his life and universe Walter Isaacson C-04   »
PBK/000543Einstein - The Life and Times Ronald Clark C-04   »
PBK/000748Ek hota Carver (Marathi) Veena Gavankar - Translator C-04   »
PBK/003016Elemental:How Periodic Table Can Now Explain Everything Tim James C-10   »
PBK/001780Elements of Forecasting Francis Diebold E-U-04   »
PBK/001181Elephant and the Dragon - the rise of India and China and what it means for all of us Robyn Meredith C-11   »
PBK/003149Eliminating Stess,finding inner peace Brian L.Weiss M.D C-04   »
PBK/002659Elon Musk: How The Billionaire CEO of Spacex and Tesla Is Shaping Our Future Ashlee Vance C-04   »
PBK/002005emergence - the connected lives of ants, brains, cities and software Steven Johnson C-10   »
PBK/002557Emerging India: Economics, Politics and Reforms Bimal Jalan C-11   »
PBK/001665Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property - trade, technology and market freedom: essays in honour of Herchel Smith Guido Westkamp, Editor C-20   »
PBK/000834Emerging Markets C-09   »
PBK/002328Emerging Trends in Healthcare - a journey from bench to bedside C-05
PBK/000736Eminent Scientists - lives and works of 23 major scientists shobhit Mahajan   »
PBK/001155Emotional Design - why we love or hate everyday things Donald Norman C-13   »
PBK/002398Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves C-01   »
PBK/003097Emotional Intelligence Works S.Micheal Kravitz /Susan D Schubert C-01   »
PBK/003365Emotional Longevity Norman B Anderson PhD. C-04   »
PBK/001808Emperor of all Maladies - a biography of cancer Siddhartha Mukherjee C-10   »
PBK/003364Empires of the Mind Denis Waitley C-04   »
PBK/002142Employment Law for Business Dawn Bennett-Alexander, L. Hartman C-17   »
PBK/000270EMyth Mastery Michael E.Gerber C-02   »
PBK/002209Encyclopaedia Britannica Student Library S-01
PBK/001295Encyclopedia of the Shoe and Leather Industry Rumpf, Williams E-U-01
PBK/000920Endless Frontier - Vannevar Bush, engineer of the american century G. Pascal Zachary C-04   »
PBK/001255Energy Vaclav Smil C-05   »
PBK/000797Energy Alternatives Robert Snedden   »
PBK/000935Energy at the Cross Roads - global perspectives and uncertainities Vaclav Smil C-05   »
PBK/002351Energy Debate C-05
PBK/000798Energy From Fossil Fuels Robert Snedden   »
PBK/001801Energy Myths and Realities - bringing science to the energy policy debate Vaclav Smil C-05   »
PBK/001957Energy of Nature E.C. Pielou C-05   »
PBK/000577Energy Opportunities & Social Responsibility Satyesh Chakraborty C-03   »
PBK/000885Energy Shift - game-changing options for fueling the future Eric Spiegel, Neil McArthur C-05   »
PBK/000799Energy Transfer Robert Snedden   »
PBK/000468Energy White Paper W-M-03
PBK/001222Engineering and the Minds eye Eugene Ferguson C-10   »
PBK/000604Engineering Your Start-up - A Guide for the High Tech Entrepreneur James Swanson, Michael Baird C-14   »
PBK/002505Engineering, Machinery, Machine Tools, Metallurgy S-02
PBK/003241Enhancing Trader Performance Brett N Steenbarger C-11   »
PBK/001751Enough John C Bogle C-09   »
PBK/000922Enough For One Lifetime - Wallace Matthew E Hermes C-04   »
PBK/001894Enriching the Earth - Haber, Bosch and the ransformation of world fod production Vaclav Smil C-05   »
PBK/002960Enterprise Risk Management Edited by-A V Vedpuriswar,Rajesh kumar singh C-02   »
PBK/002014Entertainment Law Sherri Burr C-20   »
PBK/002259Entrepedia - a step by step guide to becoming an entrepreneur Nandini Vaidyanathan C-02   »
PBK/002157Entrepedia: a step by step guide to becoming an entrepreneur in india Nandini Vaidyanathan C-02   »
PBK/001800Entrepreenurs Guide To Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets & Licensing Jill Gilbert C-20   »
PBK/002615Entrepreneur 5 pm to 9 am: Launching a Profitable Start-up Kanth Miriyala, Reethika Sunder C-02   »
PBK/002460Entrepreneur 8e Robert Hisrich, Manimala, Peters C-02   »
PBK/002461Entrepreneur 8e Robert Hisrich, Manimala, Peters C-02   »
PBK/000392Entrepreneur Journeys Sraman Mitra C-02   »
PBK/001170Entrepreneurial Economics - bright ideas from the dismal science Alexander Tabarrok - Editor C-11   »
PBK/001348Entrepreneurial Impact - the role of MIT C-15
PBK/001546Entrepreneurial Investor - the art, science and business of vlue investing P.Orfalea, L.Helfert, A.Lowe C-02   »
PBK/003127Entrepreneurial Motivation C-02
PBK/003127Entrepreneurial Motivation C-02
PBK/001198Entrepreneurial Success in Small & Medium Enterprises S. Ashok Kumar C-02   »
PBK/000599Entrepreneurs - Talent, Temperament, Technique Bill Bolton C-02   »
PBK/002022Entrepreneurs Guide to a Biotech Startup Peter Kolchinsky C-02
PBK/001911Entrepreneurs Guide to Customer Development Brant Cooper, Patrick Vlaskovits C-02   »
PBK/000934Entrepreneurs in High Technology - lessons from MIT and beyond Edward B Roberts C-02   »
PBK/003130Entrepreneurs Toolkit C-02
PBK/003131Entrepreneurs Toolkit C-02   »
PBK/000843Entrepreneurs Toolkit - tools & techniques to launch and grow your new business C-02   »
PBK/003498Entrepreneurs Who Built India - Lala Shriram: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Bhasin, Sonu C-02   »
PBK/000092Entrepreneurship Robert D. Hisrich, Michael P. Peters & Dean A. Shepherd C-02   »
PBK/000457Entrepreneurship C-02
PBK/000408Entrepreneurship - What ItTakes The Economic Times C-02
PBK/000138Entrepreneurship and Rural Development in India G. Jegadeesan & R. Santana Krishnan C-03   »
PBK/002090Entrepreneurship Development Programme in Biotechnology C-05
PBK/000505Entrepreneurship Development, Small Business Enterprises Poornima Charantimath C-02   »
PBK/001933Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers Kathleen Allen C-02   »
PBK/001510Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries - overview and interventionary instruments for integrated and effective entrepreneurship & investment promotion initiatives P.H.Kurian, V.Padmanand C-02   »
PBK/001191Entrepreneurship in Livestock and Agriculture MC Sharma, Tiwari, JP Sharma C-02   »
PBK/001230Entrepreneurship in Pacific Asia - past, present and future Leo Paul Dana C-02   »
PBK/000091Entrepreneurship New Venture Creation David H. Holt C-02   »
PBK/002769Entrepreneurship Simplified: From Idea to IPO Ashok Soota, S.R.Gopalan C-15   »
PBK/000129Entrepreneurship successfully Launching New Ventures Bruce R.Barringer & R. Duane Ireland C-02   »
PBK/002542Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures Bruce Barringer, Duane Ireland C-02   »
PBK/001695Environmental Quality C-05
PBK/000998Enzymes Everywhere J.G.Shewale   »
PBK/000331Equipped to Lead Dan J. Sanders, Galen Walters C-09   »
PBK/001374Errornomics - why we make mistakes and what we can do to avoid them Joseph Hallinan C-10   »
PBK/000672Escape From Cubicle Nation - From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur Pamela Slim C-02   »
PBK/003085Escape from the Rat Race Nicholas Corder C-01   »
PBK/001948Essays in Persuasion John Maynard Keynes C-18   »
PBK/001522Essays of Warren Buffett - lessons for investors and managers Lawrence Cunningham, Editor C-11   »
PBK/001717Essence of Modern Management - the art of raising the standard of living N H Athreya C-09
PBK/001525Essential Engineer - why science alone will not solve our global problems Henry Petroski C-10   »
PBK/001867Essential Galbraith John Kenneth Galbraith C-11   »
PBK/000862Essential Negotiation Gavin Kennedy C-18   »
PBK/001313Essential Principles for Fundraising Success - an answer manual for the everyday chalenges of raising money G.douglas Alexander, Kristina Carlson C-06   »
PBK/001285Essentials of Entrepreneurship - what it takes to create successful enterprises Collaborative authorship of 60 authors C-02   »
PBK/000564Essentials of Licensing Intellectual Property Alexander Poltorak, Paul Lerner C-19   »
PBK/001795Essentials of Patents Andy Gibbs C-20   »
PBK/001810Everlasting Light Bulbs - how economics illuminates the world John Kay C-11   »
PBK/000266Every Second Counts Lance Armstrong and Sally Jenkins C-04   »
PBK/001503Every Street Is Paved With Gold Kim Woo-Choong C-04   »
PBK/003191Everyday Grace Marianne Williamson C-04   »
PBK/001478Everyday Irrationality - how pseudo scientists, lunatics, and the rest of us systematically fail to think rationally Robyn M. Dawes C-10   »
PBK/000804Everyday Life Paul Dowswell   »
PBK/003150Everything Ive ever done that worked Lesley Garner C-04   »
PBK/000953Everythings Relative - and other fables from science & technology Tony Rothman C-05   »
PBK/002452Evolution - The Story of Life on Earth Jay Hosler N-01   »
PBK/001564Evolution of Civilizations - an introduction to historical analysis Carroll Quigley C-10   »
PBK/002287Excel 2010 in simple steps Kogent Learnings W-M-01   »
PBK/002087Excellence in an Overlapping Culture L.K. Doraiswamy S-01   »
PBK/002273Exchanging Value - negotiating technology licensing agreements - a training manual C-19   »
PBK/000316Executing For Results C-07   »
PBK/000065Execution The Discipline Of Getting Things Done Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan C-09   »
PBK/000218Executive Warfare David F. DAlessandro C-01   »
PBK/000398Exercising Influence B.Kim Barnes C-01   »
PBK/001144Existential Pleasures Of Engineering Samuel Florman C-13   »
PBK/001545Expectations Investing- reading stock prices for better returns Alfred Rappaport, m. Mauboussin C-11   »
PBK/001910Experimental Design for the Life Sciences Graem Ruxton, Nick Colegrave C-13   »
PBK/001145Experimentation Matters Stefan Thomke C-13   »
PBK/001445Expert Political Judgment - how good is it? how can we know Philip Tetlock C-10   »
PBK/001622Exploring the Black Box - technology, economics, history Nathan Rosenberg C-10   »
PBK/000020Export do it yourself M.I.Mahajan C-18   »
PBK/002160Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals Charles Darwin C-10   »
PBK/001055Extraordinary Entrepreneurship - the professionals guide to starting an exceptional enterprise Stephen Harper C-02   »
PBK/000646Extraordinary Minds - Portraits of Exceptional Individuals Howard Gardner C-04   »
PBK/001435Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds Charles Mackay C-11   »
PBK/003425Extreme programming explained Beck, Kent C-15   »
PBK/003425Extreme programming explained Beck, Kent C-15   »
PBK/002073F I A S C O: blood in the water on wall street Frank Partnoy C-11   »
PBK/002603Face Value: Creation and Destruction of Shareholder Value in India Debashis Basu C-11   »
PBK/000891Face-to Face Communications - for clarity and impact C-01   »
PBK/003554Faith on Fire Bhembre,
PBK/003555Faith on Fire Bhembre, Uday C-21   »
PBK/000740Falling For Science - Objects in mind Sherry Turkle - Editor C-10   »
PBK/003004 Farsighted: How We Make the Decisions That Matter the Most Steven Johnson C-05   »
PBK/002846Fast Strategy: How Strategic Agility Will Help You Stay Ahead Of The Game Yves Doz, Mikko Kosonen C-07   »
PBK/002883Faster, Smarter, Greener: The Future Of The Car And Urban Mobility Venkat Sumantran, Charles Fine C-15   »
PBK/001997Fat Tail - the power of political knowledge for strategic investing Ian Bremmer, Preston Keat C-11   »
PBK/001996Fault Lines - how hidden fractures still threaten the world economy Raghuram Rajan C-11
PBK/002354FCRA, 2010 Made Easy, 250 Q & A J.K.Chattopadhyay C-17
PBK/003073FCRA,2010 made Easy-300 Q & A J.K. Chattopadhyay C-11
PBK/001816FDA Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terminology - human and veterinary regulatory reference Mindy Allport-Settle C-13   »
PBK/001792FDA Regulatory Affairs -a guide for prescription drugs, medical devices, and biologies Douglas Pisano, Editor C-13   »
PBK/001955Feeding the World - a challenge for the 21st century Vaclav Smil C-05   »
PBK/003344Feeling Good David D Burns M.D C-10   »
PBK/002676Fertilizer Encycopedia Vasant Gawariker E-U-01   »
PBK/001300Fifth Branch - science advisers as policy makers Sheila Jasanoff C-07   »
PBK/001563Fifty Years in Wall Street Henry Clews C-11   »
PBK/001565Filters Against Folly - how to survive despite economists, ecologists, and the merely eloquent Garrett Hardin C-10   »
PBK/002396Finacial Management - Theory Concepts and Problems R P Rustagi C-09   »
PBK/002459Finance - course material, Univ of Texas Michael Brandt C-11
PBK/000540Finance For Managers C-11   »
PBK/000093Finance Sense Finance For Non-Finance Executives Prasanna Chandra C-11   »
PBK/002311Financial Accounting - in an economic context Jamie Pratt C-11   »
PBK/002735Financial Accounting for Managers T.P.Ghosh C-21   »
PBK/002816Financial Accounting: Reporting and Analysis 7th Ed Earl Stice, James Stice C-21
PBK/002882Financial Felicity: Making Sense of Money Matters Rachna Singh
PBK/002882Financial Felicity: Making Sense of Money Matters Rachna Singh C-01   »
PBK/001871Financial Institutions and Markets Meir Kohn C-11
PBK/000841Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs - what you really need to know about the numbers C-11   »
PBK/002391Financial Management I M Pandey C-11   »
PBK/002583Financial Management Sheeba Kapil C-21   »
PBK/002395Financial Management - Text, Problems and Cases M Y Khan, P K Jain C-09   »
PBK/000171Financial Management Theory and Practice Prasanna Chandra C-11   »
PBK/002819Financial Management: Theory and Practice 6th Ed Prasanna Chandra C-21
PBK/000453Financial Planning Madhu Sinha C-11   »
PBK/001863Financial Shenanigans - how to detect accounting gimmicks and fraud in financial reports Howard Schilit   »
PBK/001935Financial Statements - step by step guide to understanding and creating financial reports Thomas Ittelson C-11   »
PBK/000458Financing technology Entrepreneurs & SMEs in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities Roberto Zavatta C-12
PBK/000459Financing technology Entrepreneurs & SMEs in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities Roberto Zavatta C-12
PBK/000536Financing the New Venture Mark Long C-12   »
PBK/001051Finding Fertile Ground - identifying extraordinary opportunities for new ventures Scott Shane C-02   »
PBK/001060Finolex Parva (Marathi) Prahlad Chhabria C-04   »
PBK/002516Fire and Ashes: success and failure in politics Michael Ignatieff C-07   »
PBK/002964First Break All The Rules Marcus Buckingham, Curt Coffman C-04   »
PBK/002717First Course in Probability Sheldon Ross E-U-03   »
PBK/002718First Course in Probability Sheldon Ross E-U-03   »
PBK/000656First In Thirst - How Gatorade Turned the Science of Sweat Into A Cultural Phenomenon Darren Rovell C-15   »
PBK/000070First Things First Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill & Rebecca R. Merrill C-01   »
PBK/000725First, Best, Or Different - what every entrepreneur needs to know about niche marketing John Jackson C-06   »
PBK/000284first,break all the rules Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman C-09   »
PBK/000951Five Biggewst Ideas in Science Charles Wynn, Arthur Wiggins C-05   »
PBK/003376Five point Someone Chetan Bhagat C-21   »
PBK/003376Five point Someone Chetan Bhagat C-21   »
PBK/001314Flaw of Averages - why we underestimate risk in the face of uncertainty Sam Savage C-10   »
PBK/000085Flight Plan Brian Tracy C-01   »
PBK/002207Flora and Fauna of National Chemical Laboratory, Pune S-01
PBK/002208Flora and Fauna of National Chemical Laboratory, Pune S-01
PBK/002471Flora and Fauna of NCL S-03
PBK/002553Flora and Fauna of NCL, Pune S-01
PBK/000781Food For The Future - a beginners guide to better ways to feed the planet Colin Tudge   »
PBK/003229Fooled by Randomness Nassim Nicholas Taleb C-11   »
PBK/002357Fooled by Randomness - the hidden role of chance in life and in the markets Nassim Taleb C-10   »
PBK/001320Fools Gold - the truth behind angel investing in america Scott Shane C-12   »
PBK/001247Forces for Good - the six practices of high-impact nonprofits Leslie Crutchfield, Heather Grant C-03   »
PBK/001368Forecasting - method and applications Spyros makridakis, Wheelwright, Hyndman E-U-04   »
PBK/000367Foreign Exchange Mark MobiusJohn Wiley & Sons C-11   »
PBK/000009Foreign Trade Policy Government of India C-17
PBK/000209Foreign Trade Policy & Handbook of Procedures R.K.Jain C-06   »
PBK/000709Forging The Incubator - How to design and implement a feasibility study for business incubation programs Robert Meeder C-16
PBK/003304Forgiveness The greatest Healer of all Gerald G Jampolsky M.D C-01   »
PBK/001594Formation & Management of Private Company alongwith procedure C-17   »
PBK/000030Formation and Management of a Private Company C-16   »
PBK/003252Fortunes Formula William Poundstone C-11   »
PBK/001381Foundation - how private wealth is changing the world Joel Fleishman C-03   »
PBK/001349Foundation and Endowment Investing - philosophies and strategies of top investors and institutions Lawrence Kochard, Cathleen Rittereiser C-11   »
PBK/001927Foundations of Intellectual Property Robert Merges, Jane Ginsburg C-20   »
PBK/001166Foundations of Statistics Leonard Savage E-U-04   »
PBK/000603Founders At Work - Storeis of start-ups early days Jessica Livingston C-02   »
PBK/002519Founders Dilemmas: anticipating and avoiding the pitfalls that can sink a Startup Noam Wasserman C-02   »
PBK/002520Founders Dilemmas: anticipating and avoiding the pitfalls that can sink a Startup Noam Wasserman C-02   »
PBK/002800Founders Mentality: How To Overcome The Predictable Crises Of Growth Chris Zook, James Allen C-09   »
PBK/002379Four Biggest Mistakes in Option Trading Jay Kaeppel C-11   »
PBK/000151Four Secrets to Linking Your Work (You May Need to Quit to Get the Job You Want) Edward G. Muzio, Deborah J.Fisher and Erv Thomas PE C-01   »
PBK/000911Four Steps to the Epiphany - successful strategies for products that win Steven Gary Blank C-06   »
PBK/002929Fourth Wheel 2018: Private Equity in the Corporate Landscape - March 2018 Grant Thornton, Assocham C-11
PBK/003286Foxpro 2.5 R K Taxali C-21   »
PBK/001382Fractal Geometry of Nature Benoit Mandelbrot C-10   »
PBK/003315Frames of Mind Howard Gardner C-01   »
PBK/003315Frames of Mind Howard Gardner C-01   »
PBK/000658Franchising & Licensing - Two Powerful Ways To Grow Your Business In Any Economy Andrew Sherman C-15   »
PBK/000538Freakonomics Steven Levitt , Stephen Dubner C-11   »
PBK/003326Free Agent Nation The future of working for yourself Daniel H Pink C-02   »
PBK/003198Free to Succeed Barbara B Reinhold C-04   »
PBK/000977Friendly Fermentation J G Shewale   »
PBK/002363From Alcehmy to Biotechnology Cynthia Robbins-Roth C-15   »
PBK/001974From Alchemy to Entrepreneurship - the business of biotechnolgy Cynthia Robbins Roth C-02   »
PBK/001776From Assets to Profits - competing for IP value and return Bruce Berman, Editor C-20   »
PBK/002852From Concept to Consumer: How to Turn Ideas Into Money Phil Baker C-15   »
PBK/001612From Enterpreneurs to leaders-Building billion dollar software product companies from India Shirish Deodhar C-02   »
PBK/001497From Followers to Leaders - managing technology and innovation Naushad Forbes, David Wield C-07   »
PBK/001743From Green to Evergreen - Indian Agriculture, Performance & Challenges M S Swaminathan C-05   »
PBK/001654From Ideas to Assets - investing wisely in Intellectual Property Bruce Berman C-20   »
PBK/002312From Ideas to Assets - investing wisely in Intellectual Property Bruce Berman, Editor C-19   »
PBK/000596From Ideas To Assets - Investing wisely in Intellectual Property Bruce Berman Editor C-19   »
PBK/001451From Jugaad to Systematic Innovation - the challenge for India Rishikesha Krishnan C-15
PBK/001562From Knowledge to Wisdom - a revolution for science and the humanities Nicholas Maxwell C-10   »
PBK/001796From Patent to Profit - secrets and strategies for the successful inventor Bob DeMatteis C-20   »
PBK/001973From Poverty to Prosperity - intangible assets, hidden liabilities and the lsating triumph over scarcity Arnold Kling, Nick Schulz C-09   »
PBK/002517From Smart to Wise: acting and leading with wisdom Prasad Kaipa, Navi Radjou C-07   »
PBK/003030From The Streets Of Kathmandu Basu Rai/ Papri Sri Raman C-04   »
PBK/002010From Third World to First - the Singapore story: 1965-2000 Lee Kuan Yew C-09   »
PBK/002693Frugal Innovation: How To Do Better With Less Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu C-15   »
PBK/002533Fuelling Entrepreneurship I S B A C-16
PBK/000517Fuelling Success Ashis Sen, Dr.Nelson, Surya Rao C-09   »
PBK/001549Full House - the spread of excellence from Plato to Darwin Stephen Jay Gould C-10   »
PBK/000204Fundamental s of Management Accounting H.V.Jhamb C-11   »
PBK/003260Fundamentals of Business Analytics R N Prasad ,Seema Acharya C-14   »
PBK/003287Fundamentals of Computers V.Rajaraman C-21   »
PBK/000094Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Stephen A. Ross, Randolph W. Westerfield & Bradford D jordan C-11   »
PBK/001785Fundamentals of Patenting and Licensing for Scietists and Engineers Matthew Y Ma C-20   »
PBK/000448Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnick, Walker E-U-03   »
PBK/002297Fundamentals of Science & Technology Communication N R Rajagopal C-01   »
PBK/003378Fundatementals of EU Regulatory Affairs 8th Edition C-08   »
PBK/003377Fundatementals of US Regulatory Affairs 11th Edition C-08   »
PBK/003379Fundatementals of US Regulatory Affairs 11th Edition C-08   »
PBK/003496Funding your start-up and other nightmares Nath, Dhruv & Mitra, Sushanto, Mitra C-12   »
PBK/000957Future in Plain Sight - nine clues to the coming instability Eugene Linden C-11   »
PBK/000690Future Inc. Eric Garland C-05   »
PBK/002193Future of Competition: co-creating unique value with customers C.K. Prahalad, Venkat Ramaswamy C-07   »
PBK/002884Future of Making: Understanding The Forces Shaping How and What We Create Tom Wujec C-15
PBK/002159Future Science: Essays from the cutting edge Max Brockman, Editor C-10   »
PBK/001703Future Shock Alvin Toffler C-05
PBK/001672Galileo Galilei Michael White   »
PBK/002534Game Changers Yuvnesh Modi, Rahul Kumar, Alok Kothari C-04   »
PBK/002650Game Changers Yuvnesh Modi, Rahul Kumar, Kothari C-04   »
PBK/002228Game Changers: 20 extraordinary stories of entrepreneurs from IIT Kharagpur Yuvnesh Modi, Rahul Kumar, Alok Kothari C-04   »
PBK/002046Game Theory - a nontechnical introduction Morton Davis C-10   »
PBK/003022Gandhi Before India Ramchandra Guha C-04   »
PBK/002992Gandhi: The Years That Changed The World 1914-1948 Ramachandra Guha C-04   »
PBK/002270Gasette of India C-17
PBK/003002Gene Machine: The Race to Decipher the Secrets of the Ribosome Venki Ramakrishnan C-09   »
PBK/000966Gene Power Asis Dutta, Sudha Bhattacharya   »
PBK/002342Genentech - the beginnings of Biotech Sally Smith Hughes C-15   »
PBK/003440General conditions of contract - IISER Pune Indian Education of Science Education And Research-IISER Pune C-17
PBK/003445General conditions of contract - IISER Pune Indian Education of Science Education And Research-IISER Pune C-17
PBK/003446General conditions of contract - IISER Pune Indian Education of Science Education And Research-IISER Pune C-17
PBK/003453General conditions of contract laws Indian Education of Science Education And Research-IISER Pune C-17
PBK/002292General Financial Rules 2005 C-11
PBK/002837General Financial Rules 2017 Ministry of Finance C-11
PBK/000111General Financial Rules, 2005 Government of India Minstry of Finance Department Of Expenditure C-11
PBK/002788General Knowledge 2017 R.Gupta S-02   »
PBK/001813General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money John Maynard Keynes C-11   »
PBK/000989Genes and Means D.Blalasubramanian   »
PBK/000785Genetics & Genetic Engineering Lisa Yount   »
PBK/001444Genetics - a beginners guide B.Guttman, A. Griffiths C-10   »
PBK/001163Genius - a mosaic of one hundred exemplary creative minds Harold Bloom C-04   »
PBK/002045Genius of Britain - the scientists who changed the world Robert Uhlig C-10   »
PBK/000919Genome - autobiography of a sepcies in 23 chapters Matt Ridley, Francis Crick C-10   »
PBK/001129Gentle Art of Getting Your Own Way - proven ways to help you get agreement at work and at home Patrick Forsyth C-01   »
PBK/002148Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act 1999 C-20
PBK/002149Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act 1999 C-20
PBK/002869Geographical Indications of Karnataka S.Chandrasekaran C-20
PBK/002695George Washington Carver: Scientist & Symbol Linda McMurry C-04   »
PBK/003155Get Off Your Assets! Desi Williamson C-04   »
PBK/003022Get to Aha Andy Cunninghan C-04   »
PBK/002689Getting Beyond Better: how social entrepreneurship works Roger Martin, Sally Osberg C-03   »
PBK/000366Getting China And India Right Anil Gupta, Haiyan Wang C-07   »
PBK/001416Getting It Done - how to lead when youre not in charge Roger Fisher, Alan Sharp C-18   »
PBK/001482Getting It Done - how to lead when youre not in charge Roger Fisher, Alan Sharp C-07   »
PBK/003419Getting started: Microsoft windows 2000 server Microsoft Corporation C-15
PBK/000293Getting Things Done David Allen C-01   »
PBK/000260Getting Things Done The Art of Stress Free Productivity David Allen C-09   »
PBK/000616Getting to Innovation Arthur VanGundy C-15   »
PBK/001014Getting to Plan B - breaking through to a better business model John Mullins, Randy Komisar C-02   »
PBK/000269Getting to Yes Roger Fisher and William Ury C-18   »
PBK/001706Getting to Yes - how to negotiate to agreement without giving in Roger Fisher, William Ury C-18   »
PBK/000758Ghanshyamdas Birla - a builder of modern India   »
PBK/000664Giants Of Sales Tom Sant C-06   »
PBK/002588Gifted: Inspiring Stories of People with Disabilities Sudha Menon, V.R.Ferose C-04   »
PBK/001636Gifts of Athena - historical origins of the knowledge economy Joel Mokyr C-10   »
PBK/002225Girls Guide To A Life In Science R.Ramaswamy, R.Godbole, M.Dubey, Editors C-04
PBK/000671Girls Guide To Building A Million Dollar Business Susan Solovic C-02   »
PBK/000046Giving Presentations C-01   »
PBK/003157Glimpse after Glimpse Sogyal Rinpoche C-04   »
PBK/002285Glimpses of Indian Engineering Achievements C-15
PBK/002089Glimpses of Punes Heritage Samita Gupta S-01   »
PBK/003271Global Bio-india 2019 C-21
PBK/001936Global Catastrophes and Trends - the next 50 years Vaclv Smil C-05   »
PBK/002065Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2010 Donna Kelley, Niels Bosma C-02
PBK/001696Global Innovation Strategies - the R&D and technology interface in the new millennium Soumitra Purkayastha C-15   »
PBK/000470Global Nanotechnology Funding in 2008 W-M-03
PBK/001940Global Negotiation - the new rules William Requejo, John Graham C-18   »
PBK/001824Global Smarts - art of communicating and deal making anywhere in the world Sheida Hodge C-18   »
PBK/000068Globalization And Its Discontents Joseph E. Stiglitz C-09   »
PBK/000948Globalizing Ayurveda - opportunities & challenges Prabha Shastri Ranade C-05   »
PBK/001949Go For It - cross-examination to closing: how to win an intellectual property trial before a jury Raymond Niro C-20   »
PBK/002309Goal Eliyahu Goldratt, Jeff Fox C-09   »
PBK/002353Golden Treasury of Science & Technology   »
PBK/001012Golden Treasury of Science and Technology   »
PBK/002694Goldern Tap: Inside Story of Hyper-Funded Indian Start-ups Kashyap Deorah C-02   »
PBK/003337Good Business Mihaly Csikszenthmihalyi C-07   »
PBK/001366Good Calories, Bad Calories - fats, carbs and the controversial science of diet and health Gary Taubes C-10   »
PBK/001439Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism - and the economics of growth and prosperity Baumol, Litan, Schramm C-11   »
PBK/003409Good economics for hard times Abhijit V Banerjee, Esther Duflo C-11   »
PBK/003490Good Genes Gone Bad: A Short History of Vaccines and biologies, failures, Succcesses, Controversies Chirmule, Narendra C-10   »
PBK/000667Good Governance For Non-Profits - Developing Principles and Policies for an Effective Board Frederic Laughlin, Robert Andringa C-03   »
PBK/000900Good Hard Kick In The Ass - basic training for entrepreneurs Rob Adams C-02   »
PBK/002476Good News - Motherhood and Childcare Dr.Arun Gadre S-01   »
PBK/001690Good Speaking Henderson C-01
PBK/003033Good To Great Jim Collins C-02   »
PBK/000001Good to Great Jim Collins C-02   »
PBK/002306Good to Great - why some companies make the leap and others dont Jim Collins C-02   »
PBK/000642Googly - Branding On Indian Turf R. Sridhar C-06   »
PBK/001987Gorilla Game - picking winners in high technology Geoffrey Moore C-12   »
PBK/001985Grand Design - new answers to the ultimate questions of life Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow C-10   »
PBK/002843Grass Roots Innovation: Minds On The Margin Are Not Marginal Minds Anil Gupta C-02   »
PBK/002826Grass Roots Innovation: Minds on the Margin are not Marginal Minds Anil k. Gupta C-15   »
PBK/003207Great brand stories DYSON The domestic Engineer: how dyson changed the meaning of cleaning Iain Carruthers C-06   »
PBK/003207Great brand stories DYSON The domestic Engineer: how dyson changed the meaning of cleaning Iain Carruthers C-06   »
PBK/002227Great By Choice: uncertainty, chaos, and luck - why some thrive despite them all Jim Collins, Morten Hansen C-09   »
PBK/001556Great Crash 1929 - the classic account of financial disaster John Kenneth Galbraith C-11   »
PBK/000638Great Feuds In Technology - ten of the liveliest disputes ever Hal Hellman C-10   »
PBK/001127Great Inventions - geniuses and gizmos: innovation in our time Editors of Time Magazine   »
PBK/001673Great Scientists Suresh Shah   »
PBK/000728Great Scientists Of The World G.V.K.Mohan   »
PBK/002115Great Speeches of Modern India Rudrangshu Mukherjee, Editor C-04   »
PBK/001446Great Wave - price revolutions and the rhythm of history David Fischer C-11   »
PBK/001157Greatest Science Stories Never Told - 100 tales of invention & discovery to astonish, bewilder & stupefy Rick Beyer N-01   »
PBK/001993Greatest Show on Earth - the evidence for evolution Richard Dawkins C-10   »
PBK/002163Greatest Trade Ever: how John Paulson bet against the market and 20 billion Gregory Zuckerman C-11   »
PBK/000831Green Business Strategy C-07   »
PBK/002706Green Growth: Guide to a Model City Arun Firodia C-05   »
PBK/001959Green Plastics - an introduction to the new science of biodegradable plastics E.S. Stevens C-05   »
PBK/000708Green to Gold - How Smart Companies Use Environmental Stategy To Innovate, Creat Value, Build Competitive Advantage Daniel Esty, Andrew Sherman C-03   »
PBK/002592Gridlock Economy: how too much ownership wrecks markets, stops innovation, and costs lives Michael Heller C-07   »
PBK/003005GRIT Why Passion and Resilence Are The Secrets To Success Angela Duckworth C-04   »
PBK/001276Grow Fast, Grow Right - 12 strategies to achieve breakthrough business growth Andrew Sherman C-07   »
PBK/001417Grow from Within - mastering corporate entrepreneurship and innovation Robert Wolcott, Michael Lippitz C-02   »
PBK/000608Growing A Business Paul Hawken C-14   »
PBK/001284Growing Pains - transitioning from an entrepreneurship to a professionally managed firm Eric Flamholtz, Yvonne Randle C-02   »
PBK/000263Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet Jay Conrad Levinson & Charles Rubin C-06   »
PBK/003082Guerrilla Tactics in the job Market Tom Jackson C-01   »
PBK/001248Guesstimation - solving the worlds problems on the back of a cocktail napkin Lawrence Weinstein, John Adam C-10   »
PBK/000940Guidance Note on Accounting for Employee Share-based Payments C-11   »
PBK/002023Guidance Note on Board Processes C-16
PBK/002508Guide to Business Modelling John Tennent, Graham Friend C-14
PBK/001821Guide to Company Directors Appointment, Vacation of Office and Removal, Remuneration, Loans, Office or Place of Profit Contracts & Arrangements, Meetings & Proceedings K.R.Chandratre C-17   »
PBK/000017Guide to Company Law Procedures M.C.Bhandari C-17
PBK/000018Guide to Company Law Procedures Vol.2 M.C.Bhandari C-17
PBK/000019Guide to Company Law Procedures Vol.3 M.C.Bhandari C-17
PBK/002264Guide to Conveyancing Drafting and Drafts - Vol 1 D.K.Gupta C-17
PBK/002265Guide to Conveyancing Drafting and Drafts - Vol 2 D.K. Gupta C-17
PBK/000301Guide to Financial Management John Tennent C-11   »
PBK/000242Guide to Fund Raising and Public Relations for NGOs and Non Profit Organizations V. K.Puri C-03   »
PBK/002979Guide to Investing Robert T Kiyosaki C-07   »
PBK/002082Guide to Management Ideas Tim Hindle C-09
PBK/000303Guide to Management Ideas and Gurus Tim Hindle C-11   »
PBK/002278Guide to Memorandum Articles and Incorporation of Companies - covering procedural aspects, guidelines for drafting, executing, and e-filing, including specimen object clauses Bhandari & Makheeja C-17
PBK/000237Guide to Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Srinivasan Anand G. C-16   »
PBK/002515Guide to Patents Act and Patents Rules C-19   »
PBK/002383Guide to the Markets - profit from financial news, when to be in the market and when to be out, Investors Business Daily C-11   »
PBK/002737Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge C-21   »
PBK/000471Guidebook for European Investors in India C-17   »
PBK/001040Guidebook to Developing the Right Angel Organization for your Community Susan Preston C-12
PBK/003449Guideline for drinking water quality:Vol.3 drinking-water quality control in small-community supplies World health organization C-21
PBK/002698Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality - Vol-1 C-05
PBK/002746Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality Vol.2 Health Criteria and Other Supporting Informationg World Health Organization C-05
PBK/001699Guidelines for Examination 2006 C-19
PBK/002934Guidelines for Transfer of Technology DRDO C-15
PBK/002989Guidelines on Similar Biologics Govt of India C-08
PBK/003480Gujrats Vibrant wildlife: A pictorial journey Kumble, Diinesh   »
PBK/001133Guns, Germs and Steel - a short history of everybody for the last 13,000 years Jared Diamond C-10   »
PBK/001150Gut Feelings - the intelligence of the unconscious Gerd Gigerenzer C-09   »
PBK/000189Guts companies that blow the doors off business-as-usual Kevin and Jackie Freiberg C-04   »
PBK/002100Habit of Winning Prakash Iyer C-04   »
PBK/001299Hackers & Painters - big ideas from the computer age Paul Graham C-10   »
PBK/002051HackerStar Negotiation S-03
PBK/002276Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs C-19   »
PBK/003374Half Girlfriend Chetan Bhagat C-21   »
PBK/001631Halo Effect - how managers let themselves be decieved Phil Rosenzweig C-09   »
PBK/001405Handbook for Investment Committee Members - howw to make prudent investments for your organization Russell Olson C-11   »
PBK/002927Handbook for Non-Profit Incubator Managers - Inhouse print In House Venture Center C-16
PBK/001634Handbook for Writing Proposals Robert Hamper, Sue Baugh C-01   »
PBK/001035Handbook of Chemistry and Physics - 90th Edition David Lide - Editor E-U-01   »
PBK/001425Handbook of Financing Growth - strategies Marks, Robbins, Fernandez, C-11   »
PBK/000245Handbook of Government Funding Schemes for NGOs/NPOs in India V. K. Puri C-03   »
PBK/003040Handbook of Indian Agriculture 2020 Dr MS Swaminathan,Dr Ashok Dalwai,Dr Yoginder K Alagh,Subhash Palekar & others C-09   »
PBK/000014Handbook of Procedures Vol.1 Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Dept. of Commerce Government Of India C-17
PBK/000016Handbook of Procedures Vol.1 Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Dept. of Commerce Government Of India C-17
PBK/000944Handbook on Valuation of Intellectual Property in Emerging Countries like India - Accounting to take lead role now C-11   »
PBK/002789Handbook on Venture Capital: An Entrepreneurs Guide to Early Stage Funding C-12
PBK/001702Hands on Guide to Patents Act - as amended by Patents Ordinance 2004 C-19   »
PBK/001978Happiness Hypothesis - finding modern truth in ancient wisdom Jonathan Haidt C-10   »
PBK/002963Happionaires Cash The Crash Yogesh Chabria C-01   »
PBK/001253Happy Accidents - serendipity in modern medical breakthroughs Morton Meyers C-10   »
PBK/002589Hard Things About Hard Things Ben Horwitz C-02
PBK/001943Hardcore Inventing - invent, protect, promote, and profit from your inventions Robert Yonover, Ellie Crowe C-20   »
PBK/003019Hardikar’s Orthopaedic Operations: Text & Atlas- Sharad M Hardikar C-08   »
PBK/000973Hardy Composites NSK Prasad   »
PBK/003503Harvalele Pune Dr. Sovani Avinash C-21   »
PBK/000106Harvard Business Review On Advances in Strategy C-07   »
PBK/000076Harvard Business Review On Building Personal and Organizational Resilience C-01   »
PBK/000055Harvard Business Review On Change C-09   »
PBK/000105Harvard Business Review On Corporate Ethics C-03   »
PBK/000104Harvard Business Review On Corporate Responsibility C-03   »
PBK/000077Harvard Business Review On Developing Leaders C-01   »
PBK/000079Harvard Business Review On Effective Communication C-01   »
PBK/000277Harvard Business Review On Innovation C-15   »
PBK/000112Harvard Business Review on Making Smarter Decision C-07   »
PBK/000059Harvard Business Review On Managing The Value Chain C-09   »
PBK/000053Harvard Business Review On Managing Uncertainty C-15   »
PBK/000080Harvard Business Review On Managing Your Career C-01   »
PBK/000078Harvard Business Review On Managing Yourself C-01   »
PBK/000057Harvard Business Review On Marketing C-09   »
PBK/000056Harvard Business Review On Measuring Corporate Performance C-09
PBK/000054Harvard Business Review On Organizational Learning C-15   »
PBK/000107Harvard Business Review On Strategic Alliances C-07   »
PBK/000052Harvard Business Review On The Innovative Enterprise C-15   »
PBK/000081Harvard Business Review On The Mind of the Leader C-01   »
PBK/000058Harvard Business Review On Top Line Growth C-09   »
PBK/000082Harvard Business Review On What Makes a Leader C-01   »
PBK/000099Harvard Business Review On Women in Business C-02   »
PBK/000075Harvard Business Review On Work And life Balance C-01   »
PBK/002497Hatching Twitter: How fledgling startup became a multibillion dollar business and accidentally changed the world Nick Bilton C-04   »
PBK/003543HBRs 10 must reads: For new managers Harvard Business Review C-09   »
PBK/002738Head First PMP Jennifer Greene, andrew Stellman C-21   »
PBK/002487Healer - Dr.Pratap Chandra Reddy and the transformation of India Pranay Gupte C-04   »
PBK/001437Health and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology D.M.Chetan, K.P.Dinesh C-10   »
PBK/002690Health Gap: the challenges of an unequal world Michael Marmot C-05   »
PBK/003461Healthcare Gamechangers: 12 innovators around the world reimagining healthcare Dr. Naik, Ashwin C-15   »
PBK/003167Heaven and Earth James Van Praagh C-04   »
PBK/003015Hello My Name is Awesome Alexandra Watkins C-04   »
PBK/000730Henry Ford   »
PBK/003096Heres Help M R Kopmeyer C-01   »
PBK/001401high Output Management Andrew Grove C-09   »
PBK/002671High Performance Entrepreneur Subroto Bagchi C-02   »
PBK/002521High Performance Entrepreneur: golden rules for success in todays world Subroto Bagchi C-02   »
PBK/000401High Performance Marketing Naras Eechambadi C-06   »
PBK/002785High Performance Sales Organizations: Creating Competitive Advantage in the Global Marketplace Darlene Coker, Del Gaizo, C-06   »
PBK/001050High Tech Start Up - the complete handbook for creating successful new high tech companies John Nesheim C-02   »
PBK/000962High-Tech Etiquette - perfecting the art of plugged-in politeness Jana High C-01   »
PBK/001146High-Tech Ventures - the guide for entrepreneurial success Gordon Bell C-02   »
PBK/000839Hiring & Keeping the Best People C-09   »
PBK/000333Hiring and Firing C-09   »
PBK/000974His Masters Slave - Personal Computers Tapan Bhattacharya   »
PBK/002597History of Biotechnology in India C-15
PBK/001585History of Communication Michael Woods, Mary Woods N-01   »
PBK/001587History of Energy Elaine Landau N-01   »
PBK/001961History of Energy Elaine Landau   »
PBK/001584History of Everyday Life Elaine Landau N-01   »
PBK/001962History of Everyday Life Elaine Landau   »
PBK/001586History of food Judith Jango-Cohen N-01   »
PBK/002011History of Interest Rates 4th Edition Sidnye Homer, Richard Sylla C-11   »
PBK/001589History of Transport Judith Herbst N-01   »
PBK/001960History of Transport Judith Herbst   »
PBK/001588History of Weapons Judith Herbst N-01   »
PBK/003034Hit Refresh Satya Nadella, Greg Shaw,and Jill Tracie C-15   »
PBK/001103Holland Agenda 2010 C-10
PBK/000984Holography M.g.Joshi   »
PBK/001452Holy Grail of Macro Economics - lessons from Japans great recession Richard Koo C-11   »
PBK/003328Home with God Neale Donald Walsch C-04   »
PBK/003497Homi J. Bhabha: A life Dadabhoy, Bakhtiar K. C-04   »
PBK/001056Homi Jehangir Bhabha C-04
PBK/002768Homo Deus: A Brief history of Tomorrow Yuval Noah Harari C-10   »
PBK/001186Honest Broker - making sense of science in policy and politics Roger Pielke C-07   »
PBK/002180Honmono (IP related Comic) C-20
PBK/003537Hooked: How to build habit forming products Eyal, Nir & Hoover, Ryan C-07   »
PBK/001009Hormone Harmony P.D.Gupta   »
PBK/000182Hot ,Flat and Crowded why the world needs a green Revolution and how we can renew our Global Future Thomas L. Friedman C-03
PBK/000969How - things work   »
PBK/000904How Apple Inc Changed The World Jason Ogrady C-04   »
PBK/001886How Bad Are Bananas - the carbon footprint of everything Mike Berners-Lee C-05   »
PBK/002675How Business Works: a Graphic Guide to Business Success Georgina Palffy, Sr. Editor C-14   »
PBK/001540How Doctors Think Jerome Groopman C-10   »
PBK/000905How Google Changed The World Virginia Scott C-04   »
PBK/003250How I Made $ 2000000 in the stock market Nicolas Darvas C-11   »
PBK/003206How I raised Myself from failure to success in selling Karen McCreadie C-06   »
PBK/003206How I raised Myself from failure to success in selling Karen McCreadie C-06   »
PBK/001581How India Earns Spends and Saves - unmaksing the real India Rajesh Shukla C-11   »
PBK/001686How it Works in Industry Walt Disney   »
PBK/002245How People Negotiate: Resolving Disputes in Different Cultures Guy Olivier Faure C-18   »
PBK/000228How Starbucks Saved My Life Michael Gates Gill C-04   »
PBK/002445How Stella Saved the Farm - a tale about Making Innovation Happen Vijay Govindrajan, Chris Trimble C-15   »
PBK/000766How The Future Began Anthony Wilson   »
PBK/002858How The Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In Jim Collins C-01   »
PBK/002075How the Scots Invented the Modern World: the true story of how Western Europes poorest nation created our world and everything in it. Arthur Herman C-10   »
PBK/001460How the Wise Decide - the lesson of 21 extraordinary leaders Bryn Zeckhauser, Aaron Sandoski C-07   »
PBK/003070How to Aviod a Climate Disaster Bill Gates C-07   »
PBK/000253How to Borrow from Banks & Financial Institutions T. R. Ramamurthy C-11   »
PBK/003209How to build a great Business in tough Times Will king C-07   »
PBK/003125How to change the World David Bornstein C-02   »
PBK/000338How to Change The World David Bornstein C-03   »
PBK/003192How to change things Switch chip & Dan Heath C-04   »
PBK/000422How To Delegate Herbert M. Engel C-01   »
PBK/003032How To Do Just About Anything On A Computer Readers Digest C-01   »
PBK/001184How To Get Ideas Jack Foster C-15   »
PBK/003308How to Get Rich Donald J Trumph C-01   »
PBK/000494How To Get Rich Felix Dennis C-04   »
PBK/001727How to Get To The Top without ulcers, tranquilisers, or heart attacks Northcote Parkinson, M K Rustomji C-01
PBK/003414How to get what you want and want what you have: Practical guide to personal Success Gray, John C-01   »
PBK/003156How to get what you want out of life William J Reilly C-04   »
PBK/001316How to Get Your Share of the $30-Plus Billion Being Offered by US Foundations Richard Helweg C-03   »
PBK/000144How To Have Creative Ideas 62 exercises To Develop The Mind Edward De Bono C-01   »
PBK/002995How to Learn Management from your Wife Sharu Rangnekar C-09   »
PBK/001231How To Lie With Statistics Darrell Huff C-09   »
PBK/003361How to live 365 days A Year John A Schindler M.D C-04   »
PBK/003087How to make a habit of Success Bernard Haldane C-01   »
PBK/003237How to make money in Stocks William J ONeil C-11   »
PBK/001784How to Make Patent Drawings - a patent it yourself companion Jack Lo, David Pressman C-20   »
PBK/003227How to Make your First Million Illian Too C-10   »
PBK/000593How To Manage Meetings Alan Barker C-01   »
PBK/003529How to Manage Meetings; How to Prepare, How to Take Part and How to Follow up Effectively Dobson, Ann C-09   »
PBK/001832How to Measure Anything - finding the value of intagibles in business Douglas Hubbard C-20   »
PBK/000552How to Meet Your Obligations Under New TDS Rules Vinod Singhania C-11   »
PBK/001171How To Negotiate Like A Pro - 41 rules for resolving disputes Mary Greenwood C-18   »
PBK/003042How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas that Win Wars,Cure Diseases, And Transform Industries-Loonshots Safi Bahcall C-04   »
PBK/002771How To Perform Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most Hendrie Weisinger, Pawliw-Fry C-01   »
PBK/000871How to Prepare a Business Plan Edward Blackwell C-14   »
PBK/001682How to Promote Creativity in Learning Mathematics P K Srinivasan
PBK/000527How to Raise Your Self-Esteem Nathaniel Branden C-01   »
PBK/003074How to raise your self-Esteem Nathaniel Branden C-01   »
PBK/000898How to Read a Balance Sheet n Ramchandran, Ram Kumar Kakani C-11   »
PBK/001455How to Read a Book - the classic guide to intelligent reading Mortimer Adler, Charles Van Doren C-01   »
PBK/001456How to Read and Why Harold Bloom C-01   »
PBK/003249How to retire rich in a totally changed world Walter Updegrave C-11   »
PBK/002957How To Save Tax on Capital Gains R. N Lakhotia, Subhash Lakhotia C-11   »
PBK/003048How To Spend $ 50Billion-To make the world a Better Place Bjorn Lomborg C-04   »
PBK/003120How to stop worrying and start living Dale Carnegie C-01
PBK/000559How to Talk To Anyone Leil Lowndes C-01   »
PBK/000421How To Talk To Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere Larry King C-01   »
PBK/003356How to talk to Anyone,Anytime,Anywhere Larry King C-01   »
PBK/003211How to think like A CEO D.A Benton C-07   »
PBK/003307How to Think Like A Millionaire Charles Albert Poissant C-01   »
PBK/001769How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci - seven steps to genius everyday Michael Gelb C-01   »
PBK/001450How to Win a Pitch - the five fundamentals that will distinguish you from the competition Joey Asher C-06   »
PBK/000267How to Win Friends & Influence People Dale Carnegie C-01   »
PBK/003121How to win friends and influence people Dale Carnegie C-01   »
PBK/001359How to Write a Business Plan Brian Finch C-14   »
PBK/001334How to Write a Good Advertisement - a short course in copywrting Victor Schwab C-06   »
PBK/003518How to write a good advertisement: A short course in copywriting Schwab, Victor O C-20   »
PBK/002543How To Write a Great Business Plan William Sahlman C-14   »
PBK/002206How to Write an Effective Grant Proposal BIRAP C-01
PBK/001441How to Write an Investment Policy Statement Jack Gardner C-11   »
PBK/001392How to Write Fundraising Materials - that raise more money Tom Ahern C-03   »
PBK/000378How to Write Proposals, Sales Letters & Reports Neil Sawers C-06   »
PBK/000693How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters Mal Warwick C-14   »
PBK/000566How Toyota Became No 1 David Magee C-07   »
PBK/000906How Toyota Changed The World K. Dennis Chambers C-04   »
PBK/001391How We Decide Jonah Lehrer C-10   »
PBK/001246How We Know What Isnt So - fallibility of human reason in everyday life Thomas Gilovich C-10   »
PBK/003348How you can get richer Quicker M.R Kopmeyer C-11   »
PBK/001483HoweWe Believe - Science, skepticism and the Search for God Michael Shermer C-10   »
PBK/000423HowTo Run Successful Employee Incentive Schemes John G. Fisher C-09   »
PBK/001137HP Way - How Bill Hewlett & I Built Our Company C-04   »
PBK/003481Hridaysparshi Dr. Parale, Gurunath C-04   »
PBK/000166HTML 4 in easy steps Mike Mcgrath W-M-01
PBK/000158HTML 4 Unleashed Rick Darnell W-M-01   »
PBK/000788Human - the definitive visual guide Robert Winston - editor   »
PBK/002792Human Age: The World Shaped By Us Diane Ackerman C-10   »
PBK/001713Human Element in Research Management Noltingk C-15
PBK/001147Human Equation - building profits by putting people first Jeffrey Pfeffer C-09   »
PBK/001708Human Relations in Administration Dubin C-09
PBK/000411Human Resource Management Pro. P.A. Noronha C-09
PBK/002577Human Resource Management: Text and Cases VSP Rao C-09   »
PBK/002941Human+Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI Paul Daugherty, James Wilson C-15   »
PBK/003225Hyperspace Michio Kaku C-10   »
PBK/003417I am another you Kumar, Priya C-04   »
PBK/002893I Did It My Way Bikram Dasgupta C-04   »
PBK/002893I Did It My Way Bikram Dasgupta C-04   »
PBK/002210I Get It N-02
PBK/002211I Get It N-02
PBK/002212I Get It N-02
PBK/002213I Get It N-02
PBK/002214I Get IT N-02
PBK/002215I Get It N-02
PBK/002216I Get It N-02
PBK/002217I Get It N-02
PBK/002218I Get It N-02
PBK/002219I Get It N-02
PBK/002112I have a Dream Rashmi Bansal C-04   »
PBK/002651I Have a Dream Rashmi Bansal C-04   »
PBK/001530I I Tians - story of a remarkable Indian Institution and how its alumni are reshaping the world Sandipan Deb C-09   »
PBK/003350I Love Money Suresh Padmanabhan C-11   »
PBK/002954I Love Money Suresh Padmanabhan C-12   »
PBK/003556I M possible ! Hatkar, Keya   »
PBK/003413I moved your cheese Bristow-Bovey, Darrel
PBK/003413I moved your cheese Bristow-Bovey, Darrel C-09   »
PBK/001200I T and the East - how India and China are altering the future of technology and innovation James Popkin, Partha Iyengar C-15   »
PBK/002343I too Had a Dream Verghese Kurien C-04   »
PBK/000745I too Had A Dream - Varghese Kurien (Marathi) Sujata Deshmukh - Translator C-04   »
PBK/000071IACOCCA An Autobiography Lee Iacocca with William Novak C-04   »
PBK/003208Iacocca Management Technique Maynard M Gordon C-07   »
PBK/002518ICAR Guidelines for Intellectual Property Management and Tech. Transfer / Commercialization C-19
PBK/003214Icon Steve Jobs The greatest Second act tn the history of business Jeffery S Young,William L Simon C-07   »
PBK/001372Iconoclast - a neuroscientist reveals how to think differently Gregory Berns C-10   »
PBK/002590Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation Jon Gertner C-15
PBK/001193Idea Generator - tools for business growth Ken Hudson C-15   »
PBK/002369Idea Hunter - how to find the best ideas and make them happen Andy Boynton, Bill Fischer C-01   »
PBK/001860Ideas and Opinions Albert Einstein C-04   »
PBK/002901Ideas Are Free: How the Idea Revolution is Liberating People and Transforming Organizations Alan Robinson, Dean Schroeder C-02   »
PBK/003470identifying inventions in the public domain: Guide for inventors and entrepreneurs C-15   »
PBK/002020Identity Economics - how our identities shape our work, wages and well being Geroge Akerlof, Rachel Kranton C-09   »
PBK/000535Idli, Orchid and Will Power Vithal Venkatesh Kamat C-04
PBK/000747Idli, Orchid Ani Mee (Marathi) Vithal v. Kamath C-04
PBK/003080If Success is a game these are the rules Cherie Carter-Scott C-01   »
PBK/003169If you think you can TJ Hoisington C-04   »
PBK/003169If you think you can TJ Hoisington C-04   »
PBK/000483Ignite Boot Camp C-15
PBK/000541Ignited Minds APJ Abdul Kalam C-04   »
PBK/001224Ignore Everybody - and 39 other keys to creativity Hugh Macleod C-13   »
PBK/002284IIT Bombay Technologies C-20
PBK/002925Illustrated Oxford Dictionary DK Publications Junior-sect   »
PBK/002360Imagine - how creativity works Jonah Lehrer C-10   »
PBK/000180Imagine The India That Can Be Namita Bhandare C-04   »
PBK/000311Imagining India Nandan Nilekani C-04   »
PBK/002455Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Rebecca Skloot C-10   »
PBK/003515Impactful data visualization: Hide and seek with graphs Ranganathan, Kavitha C-15   »
PBK/002753Implementation Plan for the Provision of Water Supply and Sanitation in South Sulawesi Province Indonesia WHO C-05
PBK/000236Import Do It Yourself M. I. Mahajan C-18   »
PBK/002765Importance of Limited Liability Partnership After Companies Act 2013, Including Case Laws Pramod Jain C-17   »
PBK/001822In an Uncertain World Robert Rubin, Jacob Weisberg C-09   »
PBK/000291In Search of Excellence Tom Peters, Robert H. Waterman Jr. C-07   »
PBK/003219In Search of Excellence Tom Peters and Robert H Waterman Jr. C-09   »
PBK/003415In search of excellence: Lessons from Americas best run companies Peters, J. Thomas & Waterson Robert H. Jr. C-09   »
PBK/001896In Search of Stupidity - over 20 years of high-tech marketing disasters Merrill Chapman C-06   »
PBK/003318In Search of Values Dr.Sidney B Simon C-01   »
PBK/003209In the Wonderland of Indian Managers R K Laxman C-07   »
PBK/003209In the Wonderland of Indian Managers R K Laxman C-07   »
PBK/001689In the Wonderland of Indian Managers Sharu Rangnekar C-09
PBK/002274In the Wonderland of Indian Managers Sharu Rangnekar C-09   »
PBK/001106Inatellectual Property Education as a means to Nurturing Creativity C-19
PBK/001692Incentives and Penalties Northcote Parkinson C-09
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PBK/000585Incubators Collin Barrow C-14   »
PBK/001972Independent Inventors Handbook - strategies every inventor can use Louis Foreman, Jill Welytok C-20   »
PBK/002571India (e)Innovates: an Inclusive Future with IT C-15
PBK/001887India - a history John Keay C-09   »
PBK/002454India 2013 S-01   »
PBK/000545India 2020 APJ Abdul Kalam C-04   »
PBK/001761India a Portrait Patrick French C-09   »
PBK/000519India and the Global Financial Crisis Y.V.Reddy C-09   »
PBK/000687India Arriving - How This Economic Powerhouse Is Redefining Global Business Rafiq Dossani C-09   »
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PBK/002488India Grows at Night - A Liberal Case for a Strong State Gurcharan Das C-09   »
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PBK/001233Indian Patents Law - legal and business implications Ajit Parulekar, Sarita DSouza C-19   »
PBK/002223Indian Pharmacopoeia 2010 Govt. of India
PBK/002220Indian Pharmacopoeia 2010 Vol 1 Govt. of India E-U-01   »
PBK/002221Indian Pharmacopoeia 2010 Vol 2 Govt. of India E-U-01   »
PBK/002222Indian Pharmacopoeia 2010 Vol 3 Govt. of India E-U-01   »
PBK/000682Indian Renaissance - Indias Rise After A Thousand Years of Decline Sanjeev Sanyal C-09   »
PBK/002325Indian Women Scientists C-04
PBK/000548Indias Best Public Sector Enterprises C-09
PBK/000852Indias Century Kamal Nath C-02   »
PBK/000230Indias Financial Markets: An Insiders Guide to How the Markets Work Ajay Shah, Susan Thomas, Michael Gorham C-12   »
PBK/000400Indias Global Powerhouses Nirmalya Kumar C-07   »
PBK/001504Indias Industrialists - Vol I Margaret Herdeck, Gita Piramal C-04   »
PBK/002492Indias Late, Late Industrial Revolution: Democratizing Entrepreneurship Sumit Majumdar C-02   »
PBK/002250Indias legal system: Can it be saved? Fali S. Nariman C-17   »
PBK/002757Indias Long Road: The Search for Prosperity Vijay Joshi C-11   »
PBK/002556Indias Nuclear Energy Programme: Future Plans, Prospects and Concerns R.Rajaraman C-05   »
PBK/003375Indias Struggles for Independence Bipin Chandra,Mridula Mukherjee,Aditya Mukherjee,Sucheta Mahajan,K.N Panikkkar C-21   »
PBK/002318Indias Undending Journey Mark Tully S-01   »
PBK/001983Indias Water Resources - contemporary issues on irrigation A.Vaidyanathan C-05   »
PBK/002566Indicators of Innovation Gokhberg, Kouznetsova C-15
PBK/002308Indise the Tornado - marketing strategies from Silicon Valleys cutting edge Geoffrey Moore C-06   »
PBK/000490Industrial Directory of Pune S-01
PBK/000032Industrial law Vol.1 P.L.Malik C-17   »
PBK/000033Industrial law Vol.2 P.L.Malik C-17   »
PBK/001488Industrial property Rights - Standard Textbook C-19
PBK/000811Industrial Revolution 1775 - 1839   »
PBK/001633Industrious Revolution - consumer behaviour and the household economy, 1650 to the present Jan de Vries C-11   »
PBK/000482Industry-Academic Interaction in Technology Transfer and IPR Prabuddha Ganguli C-19
PBK/002948Inferior-How science got Women wrong and the new research that’s rewriting the story Angela Saini C-01   »
PBK/000407Infinite Vision - Dr.Govindappa Venkataswamy C-03
PBK/002345Infinite Vision - How Aravind Became the Worlds Greatest Business Case for Compassion Pavithra Mehta, Suchitra Shenoy C-04   »
PBK/002587Infinite Vision: Dr.Govindappa Venkataswamy. DVD C-04
PBK/001340Influence - science and practice Robert Cialdini C-18   »
PBK/002940Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion - Revised Edition Robert Cialdini C-18   »
PBK/000394Influencing And Collaborating For Results Duke Corporate Education C-01   »
PBK/001239Informal Venture Capital - evaluating the impact of business introduction services Richard Harrison, Colin Mason - Editors C-12   »
PBK/002006Information - a history, a theory, a flood James Gleick C-10   »
PBK/002324Information Booklet for Applicants ffor Registration of Designs C-19
PBK/000985Information Highways K.D.Pavate   »
PBK/002481Information Rules - a strategic guide to the network economy Carl Shapiro, Hal Varian C-11   »
PBK/002399Information Systems - Foundation of E-Business Steven Alter C-21
PBK/000024Information Technology Law and Practice Vakul Sharma C-17   »
PBK/000121Information technology related Intellectual Property Rights T.Ramakrishna C-19
PBK/000130Inheritor Industrialists Secrets of their Success Raghu Palat C-02   »
PBK/000278Innovate like Edison Michael.J.Gelb C-15   »
PBK/002091Innovate: 90 days to transform your business Rekha Shetty C-09   »
PBK/000433Innovation and Entrepreneurship Peter Drucker C-02   »
PBK/002619Innovation and Entrepreneurship Peter Drucker C-02   »
PBK/001377Innovation and Entrepreneurship - practice and principles Peter Drucker C-02   »
PBK/002377Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology, An International Perspective - concepts, theories and cases Damian Hine, John Kapeleris C-02   »
PBK/000727Innovation and Innovativeness - the Tata experience C-15
PBK/002096Innovation Educators Conference (DVD) S-03
PBK/001590Innovation Flow - the science of flowing ideas into innovation Venture Center C-08
PBK/002544Innovation in India: Combining Economic Growth with Inclusive Development Shyama Ramani, Editor C-15   »
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PBK/002138Innovation in Industrial Research Paulo De Souza C-15   »
PBK/000909Innovation Management - strategies, concepts, tools for growth and profit Shlomo Maital, D V R Seshadri C-15   »
PBK/000726Innovation Manual C-15
PBK/002117Innovation Manual: integrated strategies and practical tools for bringing value innovation to the market David Midgley C-15   »
PBK/002610Innovation on Two Wheels Arun Firodia C-04   »
PBK/000354Innovation To The Core Peter Skarzynski, Rowan Gibson C-15   »
PBK/001895Innovation Tournaments - creating and selecting exceptional opportunities Christian Terwiesch, Karl Ulrich C-15   »
PBK/001884Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Economic growth Christine Greenhalgh, Mark Rogers C-20   »
PBK/000818Innovationn on Demand - new product development using TRIZ Victor Fey, Eugene Rivin C-15   »
PBK/000881Innovations in Banks Katuri R. Rao - Editor C-15   »
PBK/002572Innovative India: Science and Technology Review L.K. Sharma, Sima Sharma, Editors C-15   »
PBK/001930Innovative Whack Pack - 64 Creativity Strategies to provoke and inspire your thinking Roger von Oech C-15
PBK/002126Innovators DNA: mastering the skills of disruptive innovators Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen, C-15   »
PBK/001209Innumeracy - mathematical illiteracy and its consequences John Allen Paulos C-10   »
PBK/000477Inorganic Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Block, Roche, Soine, Wilson E-U-01
PBK/003289Inside Com Dale Rogerson C-21   »
PBK/003332Inside Out Healing Richard Moss C-04   »
PBK/001002Inside Stars Biman Basu   »
PBK/000661Inside Steves Brain - Business Lessons From Steve Jobs Leander Kahney C-04   »
PBK/003526Inside the boardroom: How behavior trumps rationality Gopalkrishnan, R. & Jaykumar, Tulsi C-09   »
PBK/002784Inside the To4rnado: Marketing Strategies From Silicon Valleys Cutting Edge Geoffrey Moore C-06   »
PBK/002114Inside the Tornado: strategies for developing, leveraging and surviving hypergrowth markets Geoffrey Moore C-06   »
PBK/001328Insiders Guide to Grant Making - how foundations find, fund, and manage effective programs Joel Orosz C-03   »
PBK/000650Insights of Genius - Imagery and Creativity in Sceince & Art Arthur Miller C-15   »
PBK/001542Inspired - how to creat products customers love Marty Cagan C-13   »
PBK/000397Inspiring Others Duke Corporate Education C-01   »
PBK/003142Instant Confidence Paul McKenna C-04   »
PBK/000438Instrument Engineers Handbook - Process Control Dela G Liptak - Editor E-U-04   »
PBK/000439Instrument Engineers Handbook - Process Measurement and Analysis Bela G Liptak - Editor E-U-04   »
PBK/001889Intangible Assets - measurement and accounting practices Pankaj Madhani C-20   »
PBK/002400Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications Kenneth Clow, Donald Baack C-21
PBK/000307Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communication Kenneth Clow, Donald Baack C-06   »
PBK/002593Intel Trinity: How Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove Built the Worlds Most Important Company Michael Malone C-04   »
PBK/001893Intellectual Capital - the new wealth of organizations Thomas Stewart C-20   »
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PBK/000420Intellectual Capital In Enterprise Success Lidsay Moore, Lesley Craig C-19   »
PBK/000884Intellectual Capital Management - a strategic perspective Goran Roos, Sharath Jutur - Editors C-19   »
PBK/000955Intellectual Carrier - what it is, why it matters and how to get it Ron Ritchart C-01   »
PBK/001507Intellectual Property & Biotechnology - a training handbook C-19
PBK/001663Intellectual Property & Free Trade Agreements Christopher Heath, Anselm Sanders C-20   »
PBK/001745Intellectual Property - Patents, Trademarks and Copywright Arthur Miller, Michael Davis C-20   »
PBK/001661Intellectual Property and Competitive Strategies in the 21st Century Shahid Ali Khan, R. Mashelkar C-20   »
PBK/000049Intellectual Property and Doing Business in China Deli Yang C-19   »
PBK/001754Intellectual Property and Information Wealth - issues and practices in the Digital Age. Copyright and Related Rights Peter Yu C-20   »
PBK/001755Intellectual Property and Information Wealth - issues and practices in the Digital Age. Patents and Trade Secrets Peter Yu C-20   »
PBK/001757Intellectual Property and Information Wealth - issues and practices in the Digital Age. International Intellectual Property Law and Policy Peter Yu C-20   »
PBK/001756Intellectual Property and Information Wealth - issues and practices in the Digital Age. Trademark and Unfair Competition Peter Yu C-20   »
PBK/001782Intellectual Property and Open Source - a practical guide to protecting code Van Lindberg C-20   »
PBK/001666Intellectual Property and TRIPS Compliance in China - chinese and european perspectives Torremans, Shan, Erauw- Editors C-20   »
PBK/002323Intellectual Property for Business C-19
PBK/002512Intellectual Property Guide: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights - a resource tool for businesses and invnetors C-19
PBK/002370Intellectual Property in Academia - a practical guide for scientists and engineers Nadia Reingand, Editor C-19   »
PBK/001658Intellectual Property Issues in Commercial Transactions Christina Demetriads, Editor C-20   »
PBK/001742Intellectual Property Law P.Narayanan C-20   »
PBK/000027Intellectual Property Law C-19
PBK/001659Intellectual Property Law for Engineers and Scientists Howard Rockman C-20   »
PBK/000486Intellectual Property Management in Health & Agricultural Innovation Anatole Krattiger C-19   »
PBK/001656Intellectual Property Management in Health and Agricultural Innovation - a handbook of best practices Anatole Krattiger C-20   »
PBK/001104Intellectual Property Management in Japanese Universities C-19
PBK/001105Intellectual Property Management in Japanese Universities C-19
PBK/001652Intellectual Property Management in R&D Collaborations - the case of the service industry sector Martin Bader C-20   »
PBK/002669Intellectual Property Portfolio Neeraj Gupta C-20
PBK/002681Intellectual Property Protection in India C-19
PBK/000090Intellectual Property Rights Deborah E. Bouchoux C-19   »
PBK/002371Intellectual Property Rights - infringement and remedies Ananth Padmanabhan C-19   »
PBK/001090Intellectual Property Rights - unleashing the knowledge economy Prabuddha Ganguli C-19   »
PBK/001741Intellectual Property Rights in the Global Economy Keith Maskus C-20   »
PBK/000463Intellectual Property Rights Policy for Kerala 2008 C-19
PBK/001107Intellectual Property Systems in Asian Countries C-19
PBK/001657Intellectual Property Trade and Development - strategies to optimize economic development in a TRIPS-Plus era Daniel Gervais, Editor C-20   »
PBK/001744Intellectual Property: Patents, Copywright, Trade Marks and Allied Rights Cornish, Llewelyn, Aplin C-20   »
PBK/003462intellectual property: Primer for academia Prof. Tewari, Rupinder & Bhardwaj, Mamta C-19   »
PBK/001746Intelleffctual Property Management - a guide for scientists, engineers, financiers, managers Claas Junghans, Adam Levy C-20   »
PBK/003247Intelligent Stock market Investing N.J.Yasawy C-11   »
PBK/003247Intelligent Stock market Investing N.J.Yasawy C-11   »
PBK/000469Interdisciplinary Globally-Leading Polymer Science & Engineering W-M-03
PBK/001628Intermediate Microeconomics Hal Varian C-11   »
PBK/003493International and National Regime of Biodiversity Conservation Complied by Prof. S. Kannaiyan & Dr. K. Venkatraman C-21
PBK/002310International Business - competing in the global marketplace Charles Hill C-11   »
PBK/002170International Enactments & Practices on Intellectual Property Rights C-20
PBK/002199International Enactments and Practices on Intellectual Property Rights C-19
PBK/002200International Enactments and Practices on Intellectual Property Rights C-19
PBK/002201International Enactments and Practices on Intellectual Property Rights C-19
PBK/002202International Enactments and Practices on Intellectual Property Rights C-19
PBK/003255International Finanace And Trade C-11
PBK/002433International Marketing Rakesh Mohan Joshi C-21
PBK/000088International Marketing Text And Cases Justin Paul & Ramneek Kapoor C-06   »
PBK/000201International Trade & Financial Environment M.K.Bhat C-11   »
PBK/000207International Trade Law Dr.S.R.Myneni C-17
PBK/003441International training network for water and waste management: Workshop on low cost on site sanitation in urban areas The department of sanitary Engineering, All India Institute of hygiene and public health C-21
PBK/000118International treaties and Convention on IPR Moushami Joshi C-19
PBK/001840Internet Law Michael Rustad C-20   »
PBK/002647Internet of Things Sam Greengard C-10   »
PBK/001511Intervene to Indsutrialise V.Padmanand, J.Vinanchiarachi C-02   »
PBK/000037Interviewing Skills Tim Hindle C-01   »
PBK/000169Introducing .NET James Conard,Patrick Dengler,Brain Francis,Jay Gly W-M-01   »
PBK/002580Introduction to Accountancy T.S.Grewal, S.C.Gupta C-21   »
PBK/002313Introduction to Algorithms Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest W-M-01   »
PBK/001709Introduction to Behavioral Science for Business Blair Kolasa C-09
PBK/002955Introduction to Finanacial planning C-11
PBK/002714Introduction to Graph Theory Douglas West E-U-03   »
PBK/002715Introduction to Graph Theory Douglas West E-U-03   »
PBK/002716Introduction to Graph Theory Douglas West E-U-03   »
PBK/000114Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights and Patents G.S.Srividhya C-19
PBK/002813Introduction to Management Science with Spreadsheets William Stevenson, Ceyhun Ozgur C-21
PBK/002422Introduction to Materials Management Tony Arnold, Chapman, Clive C-21
PBK/001965Introduction to Probability - theory and its applications William Feller E-U-04   »
PBK/001964Introduction to Probability - theory and its applications-Vol 1 William Feller E-U-04   »
PBK/002473Introduction to the Patent System S-03
PBK/003366Intuitive Wellness Laura Alden Kamm C-04   »
PBK/000127Inventing Entrepreneurs Gerard George and Adam J. Bock C-02   »
PBK/000128Inventing Entrepreneurs Gerard George and Adam J. Bock C-02   »
PBK/000574Inventing for the Environment Arthur Molella, Joyce Bedi, Editor C-15   »
PBK/002829Inventing Medical Devices: A Perspective from India Jagdish Chaturvedi C-15   »
PBK/002083Inventing the Industrial Revolutio: the English patent system 1660-1800 Christine MacLeod C-20   »
PBK/000739Invention - the care and feeding of ideas Norbert Wiener C-15   »
PBK/003536Invention and Innovation: A Brief History of Hype and Failure Smil, Vaclav C-02   »
PBK/001362Invention by Design - how engineers get from thought to thing Henry Petroski C-13   »
PBK/001902Invention of Air - an experiment, a journey, a new country and the amzing force of scientific discovery Steven Johnson C-10   »
PBK/001281Invention of Enterprise - entrepreneurship from ancient mesopotamia to modern times Landes, Mokyr, Baumol - Editors C-02   »
PBK/001126Inventions II   »
PBK/001125Inventions 1 (a question and answer book)   »
PBK/002526Inventions and Inventors - DVD N-01
PBK/002068Inventions that changed the World Mir Najabat Ali N-01
PBK/000734Inventions, Inventors and Discoveries   »
PBK/000733Inventors and Inventions   »
PBK/000817Inventors Bible - how to market & license your brilliant ideas Ronald Louis Docie, Sr. C-06   »
PBK/000414Inventors of India - IIMA Wrokshop null C-09   »
PBK/000622Inventorship - The Art of Innovation Leonard Greene C-15   »
PBK/002440Inventory Management L C Jhamb C-21
PBK/001872Inventuring - why big companies must think small William Buckland, Andrew Hatcher C-07   »
PBK/003352Investing Demystified Paul J Lim C-11   »
PBK/000939Investing In Innovation - creating a research and innovation policy that works Lewis Branscomb, James Keller - Editors C-15   »
PBK/002381Investing Smart - how to pick winning stocks with Investors Business Daily Dhun Sethna C-11   »
PBK/002382Investing Under Fire - winning strategies from the masters for bulls, bears, and the bewildered Alan Ackerman C-11   »
PBK/001354Investing, the Last Liberal Art Robert Hagstrom C-11   »
PBK/003257Investment Analysis Portfolio Management Frank K Reilly/Keith C.Brown C-11   »
PBK/003353Investment Fables Aswath Damodaran C-11   »
PBK/002599Investment Fables: Exposing the Myths of Cant Miss Investment Strategies Aswath Damodaran C-11   »
PBK/001311Investment Leadership and Portfolio Management - the path to successful stewarship for investment firms Brian Singer, Greg Fedorinchik C-11   »
PBK/001862Investment Science David Luenberger C-11   »
PBK/001812Investment Under Uncertainty Avinash Dixit, Robert Pindyck C-11   »
PBK/003256Investment Valuation 2nd Edition Aswath Damodaran C-11   »
PBK/001553Invisible Hands - Hedge Funds off the Record - Rethinking Real Money Steven Drobny C-11   »
PBK/002708IP for Development: The Emerging Paradigm Karuna Jain, R.Mukundan, Editors C-19
PBK/002463IP Panorama C-20
PBK/002464IP Panorama C-20
PBK/002281IP Panorama - DVD C-19
PBK/002854IP Smart Workbook: The Lab to Market Guide to Inventing Swapna Sundar C-19   »
PBK/001494IPR Training Textbooks 2010 C-19
PBK/001937iProperty - profiting from ideas in an age of global innovation William Barrett, Christopher Price C-15   »
PBK/001671Isaac Newton Michael White   »
PBK/003548ISO-11607-I- Pactaging of leminally sterlized medical devices C-08
PBK/001500It Happened In India Kishore Biyani C-04   »
PBK/002504IT, ITES, Electronics, Electrical S-02
PBK/003235Its Never too late to get Rich Jim Jorgensen & Rich Jorgensen C-11   »
PBK/003176Its not about the bike Lance Armstrong C-04   »
PBK/000534Its Not About The Bike - My Journey Bact To Life Lance Armstrong C-04   »
PBK/001568Its When You Sell That Counts Donald Cassidy C-11   »
PBK/003310Its your Life.What are you going to do with It? Anthony Grant PhD and Jane Greene C-01   »
PBK/001116J Curve Exposure - managing a portfolio of venture capital and private equity funds Pierre-Yves Mathonet, Thomas Meyer C-12   »
PBK/001063J R D Tata (Marathi) Madhuri Shanbag C-04   »
PBK/000757J R D Tata - the quiet conqueror   »
PBK/000756J.R.D. Tata - the quiet conqueror   »
PBK/001083Jabardast Vyaktimatakarta (Marathi) Vilas Munagekar C-04
PBK/000072Jack Straight from the Gut Jack Welch with John A. Byrne C-01   »
PBK/001065Jag jete (Marathi) Sanjay Oak C-04
PBK/000761Jagadis Chandra Bose   »
PBK/003551Jagadish Chandra Bose: The Reluctant Physicist Das, Sudipto C-04   »
PBK/001679Jagdish Chanda Bose - the first modern scientist Dilip Salwi   »
PBK/002224Jalebi Management: all stakeholders can enjoy a bite Shombit Sengupta C-09   »
PBK/000532Jamming - The Art & Discipline of Business Creativity John Kao C-15   »
PBK/000749Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata
PBK/000760Jamsetji Tata - the man who saw tomorrow   »
PBK/000850Jamsetji Tata - the man who saw tomorrow   »
PBK/001342Janus Principle - focusing your company on selling to small business Joann Mills Laing, Don Mazzella C-06   »
PBK/002103Japan That Can Say No - why Japan will be first among equals Shintaro Ishihara C-09   »
PBK/001492Japanese Laws Relating to Industrial Property C-19
PBK/002621Japanese Manufacturing Techniques Richard Schonberger C-09   »
PBK/000168JAVA 2 Unleashed Jamie Jaworski W-M-01   »
PBK/000575Jeff Bezos - the Founder of Ann Byers C-04   »
PBK/001798Jefferson vs the Patent Trolls - a populist vision of intellectual property rights Jeffrey Matsura C-20   »
PBK/000635Joe Wilson And The Creation Of Xerox Charles Ellis C-04   »
PBK/000793John Logie Baird Struan Reid   »
PBK/001643John Neff on Investing John Neff C-11   »
PBK/001630Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach C-04   »
PBK/000175Journey To Lean Making Operational Change Stick John Drew,Blair McCallum ,Stefan Roggenhofer C-09   »
PBK/002040Journey to the Ants - a story of scientific exploration Bert Holldobler, Edward Wilson C-10   »
PBK/001496Jpans steps forward in Intellectual Property - Wisdom is Key Element C-19
PBK/002254Judgment Calls: 12 Stories of Big Decisions and the teams that got them Right Thomas Davenport, Brook Manville C-07   »
PBK/001793Judgment In Managerial Decision Making Max Bazerman C-09   »
PBK/001852Judgment under uncertainty: Heuristics and biases Daniel Kahneman, Paul Slovic, Editors C-09   »
PBK/002326Jugaad Innovation - a frugal and flexible approach to innovation for the 21st Century Navi Radjou, j.Prabhu, S.Ahuja C-15   »
PBK/002654Jugaad Innovation: a frugal and flexible appraoch to innovation for the 21st Century Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu, Simone Ahuja C-15   »
PBK/001873Juice - the creative fuel that drives world-class inventors Evan Schwartz C-20   »
PBK/002255Just Start:: Take action, Embrace uncertainty, Create the future Leonard Schlesinger, Charles Kiefer C-02   »
PBK/002623Kaizen: The Key to Japans Competitive Successtitive Masaaki Imai C-09   »
PBK/000762Kalpana Chawla - the first indian woman in space   »
PBK/003268Kamasutra of Vatsyayana G.D Khosla C-21   »
PBK/000746Kar Ke Dekho (Marathi ) Sada Dumbre - Editor C-04
PBK/002750Karmayogi: a Biography of E.Sreedharan M.S. Ashokan C-04
PBK/001204Kautilyas Arthashastra - the way of financial management and economic governance Kautilya C-11   »
PBK/000724Keeping the Books - basic recordkeeping & accounting Linda Pinson C-11   »
PBK/000864Kellogg on Biotechnology - thriving through integration Alicia Loffler - Editor C-05   »
PBK/001152Kellogg on Technology and Innovation Ranjay Gulati, M.sawhney, a. Paoni - Editors C-15   »
PBK/000476Key Issues in Managing Tefchnology Transfer Agreements C-15
PBK/001074Khare Khure Idols (Marathi) C-04
PBK/000630Kick Start Your Success Romanus Wolter C-01   »
PBK/000876Kids Guide to Business - preparing and launching kids into business Jeff Brown   »
PBK/002966Kiss The Life Lessons for the Young Professional Subroto Bagchi C-02   »
PBK/000717Kitchen Table Entrepreneurs - how eleven women escaped poverty and became their own bosses Martha Shirk, Anna Wadia C-02   »
PBK/001205Knack - how street smart entrepreneurs learn to handle whatever comes up Norm Brodsky, Bo Burlingham C-02   »
PBK/001158Knockoff - the deadly trade in counterfeit goods -the true story of the worlds fastest growing crime wave Tim Phillips C-05   »
PBK/003107Know your Personality & Make your Psychograph Prashant Brahmane C-01
PBK/000193Know-How The 8 skills that seperate people who perform from those who dont Ram Chanran C-09   »
PBK/001043Knowing-Doing Gap - how smart companies turn knowledge into action Jefrey Pfeffer, Robert Sutton C-09   »
PBK/000787Knowledge Book - everything you need to get by in 21st century   »
PBK/002547Knowledge Encyclopedia Prof. Hein Stein   »
PBK/000872Knowledge Entrepreneur - how your business can create, manage, profit from intellectual capital Colin Coulson-Thomas C-02   »
PBK/000824Knowledge Management C-07   »
PBK/001092Knowledge Requuired for the Utilization of Patent Classification Hidehiko Takei C-19
PBK/002158Knowledge Translation Toolkit: bridging the know-do gap. A resource for researchers Gavin Bennett, Jessani, Editors C-15   »
PBK/000947Kyoto Protocol - socio-economic impact T R Rangarajan, Priya Raju C-05   »
PBK/002235Labour & Industrial Laws C-17   »
PBK/000588Labview for Everyone Jeffrey Travis, Jim Kring E-U-04   »
PBK/001250Labyrinths of Reason - paradox, puzzles and the frailty of knowledge William Puondstone C-10   »
PBK/002626Lady Youre Not a Man: the adventures of a woman at work Apoorva Purohit C-04   »
PBK/002069Lambert Review of Business-University Collaboration - Final Report C-15   »
PBK/000572Landmark Judgments on Company Law & Relevant DCA Circulars & Notifications S-03
PBK/001885Laser - the inventor, the nobel laureate and the 30-yr patent war Nick Taylor C-04   »
PBK/002799Last Days of Night Graham Moore C-10   »
PBK/000880Lasting Legacies - the house of tatas C-04
PBK/000810Late Medieval & Renaissance Science 1000 - 1624   »
PBK/003094Lateral Thinking-Edward De Bond Edward De Bond C-01   »
PBK/001635Latticework - the new investing Robert Hagstrom C-11   »
PBK/000318Launching a Leadership Revolution Chris Brady, Orrin Woodward C-07   »
PBK/001946Law Frederick Bastiat C-20   »
PBK/000254Law & Practice Relating to Special Economic Jones Hitender Mehta C-17   »
PBK/000244Law and Procedure on Charitable Trusts and Relegiuos Institutions S. Rajaratnam, M. Natarajan and C. P. Thangaraj C-03   »
PBK/000031Law and procedures for Mergers/ Joint ventures/ Amalgamations Take overs and Corporate restructure K.R.Sampath C-17   »
PBK/002266Law of Arbitration S.D. Singh C-17   »
PBK/000026Law of Contract and Specific Relief Avtar Singh C-17   »
PBK/002267Law of Contracts - a complete exposition and comparative study of the English and Indian Law T.S. Venkatesa Iyer C-17
PBK/002268Law of Contracts - a complete exposition and comparative study of the English and Indian Law T.S. Venkatesa Iyer C-17
PBK/000248Law of Copyright and Industrial Designs P. Narayanan C-19   »
PBK/001667Law of Intellectual Property Craig Allen Nard C-20   »
PBK/000250Law of Trade Marks and Passing off P.Narayanan C-19   »
PBK/000247Law Relating to Intellectual Property B. L. Wadehra C-19   »
PBK/002000Laws at a Glance - reference guide for incubatees C-20
PBK/001210Laws of Simplicity John Maeda C-13   »
PBK/002181Laws Relating to Drugs & Cosmetics Vijay Malik C-17   »
PBK/001070Laxmi Nivas Mittal (Marathi) Renuka Das Deshpande C-04   »
PBK/002477LBT MArgadarshika G.Y. Patwardhan, M.P. Bhagwat C-17
PBK/003392Le Stndard of Management De Praogramme Quatrieme Edition C-09   »
PBK/000576Lead The Field Earl Nightingale C-01   »
PBK/002298Lead to Regenerate Your Workbook of Regenerative Leadership Hemant Karandikar C-01
PBK/001322Lead, Sell or Get Out Of The Way - 7 traits of great sellers Ron Karr C-06   »
PBK/003000Leaders Eat Last Simon Sinek C-04   »
PBK/003000Leaders Eat Last Simon Sinek C-04   »
PBK/003000Leaders Eat Last Simon Sinek C-04   »
PBK/003000Leaders Eat Last Simon Sinek C-04   »
PBK/002195Leadership Rudolph Giuliani C-04   »
PBK/002409Leadership and Strategy for the 21st Century C-21
PBK/002840Leadership and Team Building Uday Kumar Haldar C-21   »
PBK/000866Leadership for Innovation - how to organize team creativity and harvest ideas John Adair C-15   »
PBK/002839Leadership Pipeline: How To Build The Leadership Powered Company Ram Charan, Steve Drotter C-21   »
PBK/001223Leading At The Speed Of Growth - over 500 entrepreneurs reveal the secrets of successful leadership and sustained growth Katherine Catlin, Jana Matthews C-02   »
PBK/000315Leading By Example C-07   »
PBK/000879Leading for Innovation - and organizing for results Hesselbein, Goldsmith, Somerville C-07   »
PBK/002985Leading from purpose Nick Craig C-04   »
PBK/000044Leading People C-01   »
PBK/000419Leading Pharmaceutical Innovation O.Gassmann, G.Reepmeyer, M.Von Zedtwitz C-15   »
PBK/002807Lean In Shryl Sandberg C-01   »
PBK/002453Lean In - Women. Work, and the Will to Lead Sheryl Sandberg C-01   »
PBK/003020Leap :How To Thrive In A World Where Everything Can Be Copied- Howard Yu C-03   »
PBK/000498Learn To Earn Peter Lynch C-09   »
PBK/001825Learners Guide to Good Practices in Clinical Research Jaya Pandey C-13   »
PBK/002472Learners Library on DVD Aravind Gupta S-03
PBK/003422Lectures in multi-core computing Basu, Subhojit C-15
PBK/003450Lectures in multi-core computing Basu, Subhojit C-15
PBK/000239Legal and Commercial Petitions and Deeds with Effective Writing Skills A. L. Saini C-17   »
PBK/003423Legel aspects of public cleansing Millard, R. F. C-17
PBK/000436Lehninger - Principles of Biochemistry Michael M Cox, David L Nelson E-U-01   »
PBK/000731Leonardo Da Vinci   »
PBK/001875Leonardo da Vinci - the first scientist Michael White C-04   »
PBK/002903Leonardo Da Vinci - the Renaissance Man Dan Danko Junior-sect   »
PBK/000653Leonardos Notebooks Anna Suh - Editor C-04   »
PBK/001321Less Is More - how great companies use porductivity as a competitive tool in business Jason Jennings C-09   »
PBK/000283Lessons from private equity any company can use Orit Gadiesh, Hugh MacArthur C-12   »
PBK/001032Let My People Go Surfing Yvon Chouinard C-04   »
PBK/000157Let Us C++ Yashavant P.Kanettkar W-M-01   »
PBK/002888Letters To A Young Scientist Edward Wilson C-01   »
PBK/001457Lever of Riches - technologicl creativity and economic progress Joel Mokyr C-11   »
PBK/000322Licensing Best Practices Robert Goldscheider, Alan h. Gordon C-15   »
PBK/002514Licensing Technology and Patents Vernon Parker C-20   »
PBK/000931Lies startups Tell Themselves To Avoid Marketing - guide for phds, lab rats, suits, entrepreneurs Sandra Holtzman, Jean Kondek C-14   »
PBK/001903Life Ascending- ten great inventions of evolution Nick Lane C-10   »
PBK/002605Life Changing Habit of Tidying Up Marie Kondo C-01
PBK/001332Life Entrepreneurs - stories and strategies for integrating life, work and purpose Christopher Gergen, Gregg Vanourek C-02   »
PBK/001001Life from Cell to Cell Bal Phondke   »
PBK/001678Life from Cell to Cell Bal Phondke   »
PBK/001000Life In The Universe M.S.Chadha, Bal Phondke   »
PBK/003164Life Makeovers Cheryl Richardson C-04   »
PBK/003147Light on lifes Difficulties James Allen C-04
PBK/001698Lightness - the inevitable renaissance of minimum energy structures Adrian Beukers, Ed Van Hinte C-05   »
PBK/000489Lightning In A Bottle David Minter, Michael Reid C-15   »
PBK/001858Lights in the Tunnel - automation, accelerating technology and the economy of the future Martin Ford C-10   »
PBK/001278Lights Out - the electricity crisis, global economy and what it means to you Jason Makansi C-05   »
PBK/002356Lilavati Bhaskaracharya C-10
PBK/001386Lilavatis Daughters - the women scientists of India Rohini Godbole, Ram Ramaswamy C-04   »
PBK/003549Lilliput Land: How Small is Driving Indias Mega Consumption Story Bijapurkar, Rama C-06   »
PBK/001532Limits to Growth Donella Meadows, Jorgen Randers C-05   »
PBK/002885Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health Ivan Illich C-10
PBK/003196Lincoln the Unknown Dale Carnegie C-04
PBK/001905Linked - how everything is connected to everything else and what it means for business, science and everyday life Albert Laszlo Barabasi C-09   »
PBK/002329Linking Budding Entrepreneurs with Govt. Schemes & Markets C-02
PBK/000159LINUX in easy steps David Nash W-M-01
PBK/001370Listen first, Sell Later - a sales & marketing guide for everyone Bob Poole C-06   »
PBK/002230Little Black Book of Innovation: how it works, how to do it Scott Anthony C-15   »
PBK/001477Little Book of Behavioral Investing - how not to be your own worst enemy James Montier C-11   »
PBK/003416Little book of letting go: Cleanse your mind, lift your spirit, and replenish your soul Prather, Hugh C-01   »
PBK/001272Little Book of Value Investing Christopher Browne C-11   »
PBK/003185Live the Life you love Barbara Sher C-04   »
PBK/001385Lives of a Cell - notes of a biology watcher Lewis Thomas C-10   »
PBK/003272living and working in New Zealand Joy Muirhead C-21   »
PBK/000456Living Brands raymond A. Nadeau C-06   »
PBK/002063Living Company - growth, learning and logevity in Business Arie de Geus C-09   »
PBK/002540Living To Be A Hundred Meera Shashidhara C-04   »
PBK/001420Living Within Limits - ecology, economics, and populatiion taboos Garrett Hardin C-11   »
PBK/001228Logic of Scientific Discovery Karl Popper C-10   »
PBK/002874Longevity Economy: Unlocking the worlds fastest growing and most misunderstood market Joseph Coughlin C-06   »
PBK/003269Love & Marriage C-21
PBK/000134M.K. Gandhi An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments with Truth A.P.J. Abdul Kalam C-04   »
PBK/003285Macbook Tony tyler & Richard Burton C-21   »
PBK/003293Macintosh Bible Arthur Naiman C-21
PBK/002853Macroeconomic Policy Environment: An Analytical Guide for Managers Shyamal Roy C-07   »
PBK/002415Macroeconomics - Theory and Policy Based Mainly on UGC Model Curriculum H L Ahuja C-21
PBK/003431Macromedia dreamweaver 3: Using dreamweaver Macromedia Inc. C-15
PBK/003442Macromedia fireworks3 using fireworks Macromedia Inc. C-15
PBK/000167macromedia flash 4 using Flash W-M-01
PBK/001256Made To Stick - why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck Chip, Dan Heath C-10   »
PBK/002277Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks C-19   »
PBK/001003Maharajas New Clothes - a patent chronicle Pritiman Sarkar   »
PBK/001078Majee Corporate Yatra (Marathi) Ramesh Joshi C-04   »
PBK/000217Make More Worry Less Wes Moss C-01   »
PBK/001981Makers of Modern India Ramachandra Guha, Editor C-04   »
PBK/003212Making A Difference 12 Qualities that Make you a leader Sheila Murray Bethel C-07   »
PBK/000450Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen Porus Munshi C-04   »
PBK/003101Making friends and doing business in Europe Nancy L Braganti and Elizabeth Devine C-01   »
PBK/000888Making India Work William Nanda Bissell C-09   »
PBK/001509Making India Work William Nanda Bissell C-09   »
PBK/000496Making Innovation Work Davila, Epstein, Shelton C-15   »
PBK/000587Making Innovation Work Tony Devila, Marc Epstein, Robert Shelton C-15   »
PBK/001914Making It - manufacturing technologies for product design Chris Lefteri C-13   »
PBK/000878Making It On My Own - 10 isnpiring stories of your entrepreneur next door Prashant Karhade C-04   »
PBK/003144Making life right when feels All Wrong Herbert Fensterheim Ph.D And Jean Baer C-04
PBK/002656Making of IMTECH: Personal Reminiscences V.C. Vora C-04
PBK/000625Making Sense of Intellectual Capital - Dessigning a Method for the Valuation of Intangibles Daniel Andriessen C-19   »
PBK/000738Making Silicon Valley - innovation and the growth of high tech Christopher Lecuyer C-15   »
PBK/000317Making Strategy Work C-07
PBK/000342Making The Sale C-06   »
PBK/001006Man in Space P.Radhakrishnan   »
PBK/001258Man Who Knew Infinity - a life of the genius Ramanujan Robert Kanigel C-04   »
PBK/002390Management : a global perspective Heinz Weihrich, Harold Koontz C-09   »
PBK/001718Management and Control in Public Enterprise S S Khera C-09   »
PBK/001616Management Assessment Methods in Venture Capital GeoffreySmart C-12
PBK/000061Management Challenges for the 21st Century Peter F. Drucker C-09   »
PBK/003340Management Consulting Fourth Edition Milan Kubr C-09   »
PBK/000062Management Control Systems Robert N. Anthony & Vijay Govindarajan C-09   »
PBK/002751Management Information System for Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Govt. Of India C-05
PBK/000558Management Information Systems Kenneth Laudon, Jane Laudon W-M-01   »
PBK/002576Management Information Systems : Managing Information Technology in the Business Enterprise James OBrien C-15   »
PBK/003027Management Lessons Form The Masters Rajiv Agarwal C-04   »
PBK/000103Management of Co-Operatives Ramkishen Y. C-02   »
PBK/001697Management of Intellectual Property Satyawrat Ponkshe C-19
PBK/001716Management of Scientific Talent Jerome Blood, Editor C-15
PBK/002687Management of Solid Wastes in Developing Countries Frank Flintoff C-05   »
PBK/000714Management Of Technology - managing effectively in technology intensive organisation Hans Thamhain C-15   »
PBK/002439Management of Technology - the Key to Competitiveness and Wealth Creation Tarek Khalil C-21
PBK/001219Management of Technology And Innovation Margaret White, Garry Bruton C-15   »
PBK/002563Management of Technology Management: Indian Publicly Funded R&D Institutions to Industry H.Purushotham, Shyam Sunder C-15   »
PBK/002741Management: Principles and Guidelines Thomas Duening, John Ivancevich C-21   »
PBK/002733Managerial Accounting Pankaj Gupta, Sandhya Gupta C-21   »
PBK/002314Managerial Accounting James Jiambalvo C-11
PBK/002736Managerial Economics Bharti Singh C-21   »
PBK/002435Managerial Economics - Analysis of Mangerial Decision Making H L Ahuja C-21
PBK/002581Managerial Economics: Principles and Worldwide Applications Dominick Salvatore C-21   »
PBK/002815Managerial Issues of Enterprise, Resource, Planning, Systems David Olson C-21
PBK/002803Managing a Nonprofit Organization Thomas Wolf C-03   »
PBK/002855Managing and Measuring Social Enterprises Rob Paton C-03   »
PBK/002880Managing BioTechnology: From Science To Market In The Digital Age Francoise Simon, Glen Giovannetti C-15   »
PBK/000332Managing Change C-09   »
PBK/001151Managing Channels of Distribution - the marketing executives complete guide Kenneth Rolnicki C-06   »
PBK/000335Managing Conflict C-09
PBK/000849Managing Creativity & Innovation - practical strategies to encourage creativity C-15   »
PBK/000589Managing Difficult Projects Andre A Costin C-09   »
PBK/002727Managing Executive Success: coping with the Real Corporate World Walter Vieira C-01   »
PBK/000830Managing High Tech Industries C-07   »
PBK/000600Managing Innovation - New Technology, New Products, and New Services In A Global Economy John E. Ettlie C-15   »
PBK/002190Managing Innovations in Emerging Markets Nirmalya Bagchi, Editor C-15
PBK/002260Managing Innovations in Emerging Markets Nirmalya Bagchi, Editor C-09
PBK/000945Managing Intellectual Capital in Practice Goran Roos, Stephen Pike, Lisa Fernstrom C-19   »
PBK/000893Managing Knowledge To Fuel Growth C-15   »
PBK/002730Managing People V S P Rao C-09   »
PBK/000043Managing People Robert Heller C-01   »
PBK/000828Managing Projects C-09   »
PBK/000840Managing Projects Large & Small - fundamentals wskills for delivering on budget & on time C-09   »
PBK/000308Managing Projects Well Stephen A. Bneder C-09   »
PBK/002239Managing Research, Development and Innovation: Managing the Unmanageable Ravi Jain C-09   »
PBK/001022Managing the Nonprofit Organization - principles and practices Peter Drucker C-03   »
PBK/002804Managing the Nonprofit Organization: Principles and Practices Peter Drucker C-03   »
PBK/000258Managing the Professional Service Firm David Maister C-09   »
PBK/003299Managing the Software Process Watts S Humphery C-21   »
PBK/000686Managing Workplace Negativity Gary Topchik C-09   »
PBK/000041Managing Your Career Rebecca Tee C-01   »
PBK/000326Managing Your Career C-01   »
PBK/001569Manhattan Project to the Santa Fe Institute - the memoirs of George A. Cowan George A. Cowan C-10   »
PBK/003360Manifest your Destiny Dr.Wayne W Dyer C-04   »
PBK/002778Manorama Yearbook 2017 S-01
PBK/002691Mantra for Success: Indias Greatest CEOs Tell You How to Win Suhel Seth C-04   »
PBK/003473Manual for food safety officers: Ready reckoner C-21
PBK/002850Manual for Indian Startups Vijaykumar Ivaturi, Meena Ganesh C-02   »
PBK/002836Manual for Procurement of Consultancy and Other Services 2017 Ministry of Finance C-11
PBK/002838Manual for Procurement of Goods 2017 Ministry of Finance C-11
PBK/001734Manual of Intellectual Property for CSIR Personnel C-19
PBK/002511Manual of Patent Practice and Procedure Patent Office, India C-19
PBK/002513Manual of Patent Practice and Procedure C-19
PBK/003435Manual on policies & procedure for purchase of goods Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure C-18
PBK/003436Manual on policies and procedure for procurement of works Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure C-18
PBK/002747Manual on Sewarage and Sewage Treatment 2e Ministry of Urban Development C-05
PBK/002665Manual on the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Low-Cost Pour-Flush Waterseal Latrines in India A.K.Roy, Chatterjee, Gupta C-05
PBK/002748Manual on Water Supply and Treatment 3e Ministry of Urban Development C-05
PBK/001928Manufacturing Processes for Design Preofessionals Rob Thompson C-13   »
PBK/002823Many Sparks but Little Light: The Rhetoric and Practice of Electricity Sector Reforms in India Prayas Energy Group C-07
PBK/002003Marathi Shabdh Kosh Rajani Paranjape, Manisha Premnath, Editors
PBK/000563Marathi-English Dictionary S-01
PBK/001617Margin of Safety - risk averse value investing strategies for the thoughtful investor Seth Klarman C-11
PBK/002053Marie and Pierre Curie - they shared a passion for science C-21   »
PBK/000723Market Planning Guide David Bangs, Jr. C-06   »
PBK/000846Marketers Toolkit - 10 strategies you need to succeed C-06   »
PBK/000627Marketing and Branding - The Indian Scenario S. Ramesh Kumar C-06   »
PBK/000285Marketing as Strategy Nirmalya Kumar C-06   »
PBK/000359Marketing Channels Coughlan, Anderson, stern, El-Ansary C-06   »
PBK/002412Marketing Channels Bert Rosenbloom C-21
PBK/000578Marketing Due Diligence, reconnecting strategy to Share Price Malcolm Macdonald, Brian smith, Keith Ward C-06   »
PBK/000913Marketing High Technology - an insiders view William H Davidow C-06   »
PBK/001950Marketing Imagination Theodore Levitt C-06   »
PBK/000146Marketing In A Nutshell key concepts for non-speci Mike Meldrum & Malcolm McDonald C-06   »
PBK/000087Marketing Management Rajan Saxena C-06   »
PBK/002586Marketing Management Philip Kotler C-06
PBK/002740Marketing Management Philip Kotler C-21   »
PBK/002814Marketing Management: ASouth Asian Perspective 12th Ed Philip Kotler, Kevi Lane Keller
PBK/002156Marketing of High Technology Products and Innovations Jakki Mohr, Sengupta, Slater C-06   »
PBK/000579Marketing Plans Malcolm Macdonald C-06   »
PBK/002402Marketing Research - An applied Orientation Malhotra, Dash C-21
PBK/000089Marketing That Works Leonard M. Lodish, Howard L. Morgan & Shellye Archambeau C-06   »
PBK/000611Marketing the Unknown Paul Millier C-06   »
PBK/000823Marketing Through Minefields - case studies C-06   »
PBK/000949Marketing To Children - concepts and experiences V Partha Sarathy - editor C-06   »
PBK/001849Martians of Science - five physicists who changed the 20th Century Istvan Hargittai C-10   »
PBK/001397Maruti Story R.C.Bhargava, Seetha C-09   »
PBK/000210Master Guide to Income Tax Act Pradeep S.Shah ,Rajesh S.Kadakia,George Koshi C-17   »
PBK/002945Master Opportunity and Make it Big Richard M Rothman C-02   »
PBK/001829Master Switch - the rise and fall of information empires Tim Wu C-09   »
PBK/001611Masterful Spirit Homi J Bhabha Indira Chowdhury, Ananya Dasgupta C-04   »
PBK/002056Mastering Business Negotiation - a working guide to making deals and resolving conflict Roy Lewicki, Alexander Hiam C-18   »
PBK/000163Mastering Oracle 8 CMS Computer Institute W-M-01
PBK/000047Mastering the Art of Effective Business Communication C-01   »
PBK/001537Mastering the VC Game - a venture capital insider reveals how to get from Start-up to IPO on your terms Jeffrey Bussgang C-12   »
PBK/001375Masters of Private Equity & Venture Capital - management lessons from the pioneers of private investing Robert Finkel C-12   »
PBK/003116Masterstroke Harry Alder and Karl Morris C-01   »
PBK/001005Materially Yours D.N.Bose   »
PBK/002013Materials for Inspirational Design Chris Lefteri C-13   »
PBK/002711Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience) Dmitri Fomin, Genkin, Itenberg E-U-03   »
PBK/002712Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience) Dmitri Fomin, Genkin, Itenberg E-U-03   »
PBK/002713Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience) Dmitri Fomin, Genkin, Itenberg E-U-03   »
PBK/002076Matter of Degrees: what remperature reveals about the past and future of our species, planet and universe Gino Segre C-10   »
PBK/003217Maverick Ricardo Semler C-09   »
PBK/002456Maverick - the success story behind the worlds most unusual workplace Ricardo Semler C-04   »
PBK/002352Mazha Ankitacha Shodh Sunita Nagarkar C-04
PBK/002279MBA at 16 - a teenagers guide to the world of business Subroto Bagchi C-04   »
PBK/002340McKinsey Company W-M-03
PBK/001244Mean Genes - from sex to money to food, taming our primal instincts Terry Burnham, Jay Phelan C-10   »
PBK/003486Measure what matters: OKRs-The simple idea that drives 10x growth Doerr, John C-09   »
PBK/000444Measurement Systems Ernest Doebelin, Dhanesh Manik E-U-04   »
PBK/002844Measuring and Improving Social Impacts: A Guide for Non-profits Marc Epstein, Kristi Yuthas C-03   »
PBK/000154Mechanism and Structure in Organic Chemistry E.S.Gould E-U-01   »
PBK/002569Media - The Legal Framework C-17
PBK/000115Media the Legal Framework - Module II Dr.M.Sridhar Acharyulu C-17
PBK/003469Medical device industry in India: The evolving landscape, opportunities & challenges C-15
PBK/001789Medical Device R&D Handbook Theodore Kucklick C-13   »
PBK/001909Medical Device Regulations - global overview and guiding principles C-13   »
PBK/002197Medical Devices and Services - ASTM Standards W-M-03
PBK/002613Medical Devices: Use and Safety Bertil Jacobson, Alan Murray S-02   »
PBK/000952Medical Firsts - from Hippocrates to the human genome Robert E Adler C-05   »
PBK/001783Medical Plastics - the complete book NIIR Board E-U-04   »
PBK/001472Medici Effect - what elephants and epidemics can teach us about innovation Frans Johansson C-10   »
PBK/000769Medicine Daniel Gilpin   »
PBK/002877Megachange The World in 2050 Daniel Franklin with John Andrews C-10   »
PBK/002188Meghnad Saha ( in Marathi ) Shantimay Cahtterji, Enakshi Chatterjee C-04   »
PBK/001680Meghnad Saha - scientist with a social mission Dilip Salwi   »
PBK/000478Mellors Modern Inorganic Chemistry G.D.Parkes - Ed. E-U-01
PBK/002762Memoirs Of My Working Life Sir M.Visvesvaraya C-04
PBK/003179Memoirs of my working life Sir M Visvesvaraya C-04
PBK/002560Memoirs of Ruchi Ram Saran: Pioneer of Science Popularization in Punjab Sehgal, Mahanti, Editors C-04   »
PBK/002509Memoirs of Rucihi Ram Sahni: Pioneer of Science Popularisation in Punjab Narendra Sehgal, Mahanti, Editors C-04
PBK/002196Men of Steel: indias business leaders in candid conversation Vir Sanghvi C-04   »
PBK/001217Mentors Guide - facilitating effective learning relationships Lois Zachary C-09   »
PBK/002462Merck Index 15e E-U-01   »
PBK/001143Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy 18th Edition Editorial Board E-U-02   »
PBK/000829Mergers & Acquisitions C-11   »
PBK/000670Mergers And Acquisitions - From A to Z Andrew Sherman, Milledge Hart C-11   »
PBK/001932Metaphors We Live By George Lakoff, Mark Johnson C-10   »
PBK/001196Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises - in the Indian economy - business development strategies Pooja C-06   »
PBK/000688Microbe - Are We Ready For The Next Plague Alan Zelicoff, Michael Bellomo C-05   »
PBK/001618Microeconomic Analysis Hal R.Varian C-11   »
PBK/003254Microeconomics C-11
PBK/000890Microfinance For Bankers and Investors - understanding opportunities, challenges of the market Elisabeth Rhyne C-09   »
PBK/000161Microsoft COBOL Includes all versions upto 2.2 Microsoft corporation W-M-01
PBK/003419Microsoft office Excel 2003 programming with VBA: Bible Walkenbach, John C-15   »
PBK/003418Microsoft project 2007: The missing manual Biafore, Bonnie C-15   »
PBK/000763Milestones of Science Curt Suplee   »
PBK/002573Millionaire Map Jim Stovall C-04   »
PBK/002952Millionaire Mentality-Financial freedom can be yours Dexter Yager C-07   »
PBK/001010Mind Master Medha Rajadhyaksha   »
PBK/001676Mind Master Medha Rajadhyaksha   »
PBK/002700Mind of an Engineer Purnendu Ghosh, Baldev Raj, Editors C-04   »
PBK/001880Mind of the Market - how biology and psychology shape our economic lives Michael Shermer C-10   »
PBK/002787Mind Of The Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business Kenichi Ohmae C-07   »
PBK/003329Mindstore The Ultimate Mental fitness Programme Jack Black C-04   »
PBK/001011Mining the Ocean T.K.S.Murthy   »
PBK/001536Miracle - the epic story of asias quest for wealth Michael Schuman C-11   »
PBK/002604Misbehaviour of Markets: a Fractal View of risk, Ruin and Reward Benoit Mandelbrot C-10   »
PBK/001215Mission, Inc - the practitioners guide to social enterprise Kevin Lynch, Julius Walls, Jr C-03   »
PBK/001561MIT Institute of Design Brochure C-13
PBK/001142Mixed-use Incubator Handbook - a start-up guide for incubator developers C-16
PBK/000330Mobilizing Minds Lowell L. Bryan, Claudia I. Joyce C-09   »
PBK/000591model business letter, emails and other Business Documents Shirley Taylor C-01   »
PBK/001454Models of a Man - essays in memory of Herbert A. Simon Mie Augier, James March - Editors C-04   »
PBK/000440Modern Control Engineering Katsuhiko Ogata E-U-04   »
PBK/001705Modern Correspondence - how to increase efficinecy and reduce costs N H Athreya C-01
PBK/001714Modern Management Issues and Ideas David Hampton C-09
PBK/000816Modern World 1980 - Present   »
PBK/000295Molecular Biology of the Cell Bruce Alberts, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis E-U-02   »
PBK/000790Molecules That Changed The World K..C. Nicolaou, T. Montagnon   »
PBK/002394Molecules, Memories and Moments - 1984-2009 C-04
PBK/001282Mom Inventors Handbook - how to turn your great idea into the next best thing Tamara Monosoff C-02   »
PBK/001283Mom Inventors Handbook - how to turn your great idea into the next best thing Tamara Monosoff C-02   »
PBK/002305Momentum Effect - how to ignite exceptional growth J C Larreche C-02   »
PBK/002333Money and Capital Markets - Financial Institutions and Instruments in a Global Marketplace Peter Rose C-11   »
PBK/001750Money Game Adam Smith C-11   »
PBK/000753Money Kumar - and the monetary policy
PBK/000751Money Kumar and caring for your currency
PBK/001153Money Makers - the secret world of banknote printing Klaus W. Bender C-05   »
PBK/000910Money of Invention - how venture capital creates new wealth Paula Gompers, Josh Lerner C-12   »
PBK/001402Moneyball Michael Lewis C-10   »
PBK/001036Monk And The Riddle - the art of creating a life while making a living Randy Komisar C-04   »
PBK/002636MOOCS (massive open online courses) Jonathan Haber C-01   »
PBK/002796More Human: Designing a World Where People Come first Steve Hislton C-07   »
PBK/002601More Than You Know: Finding Financial Wisdom in Unconventional Places Michael Mauboussin C-11   »
PBK/001642Most Powerful Idea in the World - a story of steam, invention and industry William Rosen C-10   »
PBK/001275Mother Leads Best - women who are changing the way organizations define leadership Moe Grzelakowski C-07   »
PBK/001759Motor Vehicles Manual E-U-04
PBK/001303Mouse Driver Chronicles - true life adventures of 2 first time entrepreneurs John Lusk, Kyle Harrison C-02   »
PBK/000851Mouse Merchant Jataka Tales   »
PBK/001571Multi-National Mision - balancing local demands and global vision C.K.Prahalad, Yves L. Doz C-09   »
PBK/003341Multiple Intelligence The theory in Practice Howard Gardner C-10   »
PBK/002812Multivariate Data Analysis 6th Ed Hair, Black, Babin C-21
PBK/001086Mumbaiche Annadata (Marathi) Shobha Bondre C-09
PBK/001505My 40 years with SBI P.g.Kakodkar C-04   »
PBK/002465My Construction Practices - Professional Edition. Now with Green Construction and Safety R B Chaphalkar S-01   »
PBK/003522My Life, My Way: How I did research & created technology through unconventional means Foreword by Dr. R.A. Mashelkar C-02
PBK/003456My lifes blessings Firodia, Arun C-04
PBK/002766Myth Breaker: Kiran Majumdar - Shaw and the story of Indian Biotech Seema Singh C-04   »
PBK/000936Myths Of Innovation Scott Berkun C-15   »
PBK/002295Nanotechnology Intellectual Property Rights - Research, Design, and Commercialization Prabuddha Ganguli, Siddharth Jabade C-19   »
PBK/000484Nanotechnology- Making The Leap Towards Commercialisation C-15
PBK/001823Nanovation - how a little car can teach the world to think big Kevin and Jackie Freiberg C-15   »
PBK/001062Napass Mulanchi Ghosht Arun Shevde - Editor C-04
PBK/001646Napoleons Buttons - 17 molecules that changed history Penny Le Couteur, Jay Burreson C-10   »
PBK/000742National Action Plan on Climate Change Prime Ministers Council C-05
PBK/000571National Chemical Laboratory S-03
PBK/002289National Innovation Foundation-India, Index of products, services S-03
PBK/003454National workshop on operation & maintenance of urban water supply and sanitation systems C-21
PBK/001464Natural Advantage of Nations - business opportunities, innovation and governance in the 21st century Karlson Hargroves, M.Smith C-11   »
PBK/001308Natural Capitalism - creating the next industrial revolution Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, Hunter Lovins C-11   »
PBK/002349Nature Cure Gandhiji S-01   »
PBK/001765Nature of Economies Jane Jacobs C-11   »
PBK/000908Nature of Technology - what it is and how it evolves W. Brian Arthur C-15   »
PBK/000499NCL The Golden Years S-03
PBK/002015Negotiating Rationally Max Bazerman, Margaret Neale C-18   »
PBK/000928Negotiating Tactics C-18   »
PBK/002346Negotiating With Giants - Get What You Want against the Odds Peter Johnston C-18   »
PBK/000502Negotiation Roy Lewicki, David Saunders, Bruce Barry C-18   »
PBK/000531Negotiation C-18   »
PBK/000825Negotiation & Conflict Resolution C-18   »
PBK/001841Negotiation - readings, exercises, cases Roy Lewicki, David Saunders C-18   »
PBK/001449Negotiation Analysis - the science and art of collaborative decision making Howard Raiffa C-18   »
PBK/001232Negotiation Genius - how to overcome obstacles and achieve brilliant results Deepak Malhotra, Max Bazerman C-18   »
PBK/002048Negotiation Pedagogy Part I Mark Wheeler S-03
PBK/002049Negotiation Pedagogy Part II Lawrence Susskind S-03
PBK/002050Negotiation Pedagogy Part III Sheila Heen S-03
PBK/001347Negotiations - crack the code, and use it with anyone at any time Leigh Thompson C-18   »
PBK/000507Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Sisr Kumar Bose C-04   »
PBK/003430Network security essentials: Applications and standards Stallings, William C-15   »
PBK/000522Networking for Career Success Diane Darling C-01   »
PBK/001199Never Bet The Farm - how entrepeneurs take risks. Make decisions - and how you can too Anthony Iaquinto, Stephen Spinelli, Jr. C-02   »
PBK/003511Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your life depends on it Voss, Chris & Raz, Tahl   »
PBK/002522New Age Entrepreneurs Mint Business Series C-02   »
PBK/002731New Age of Innovation: Driving Co-Created Value Through Global Networks C K Prahalad, M S Krishnan C-15   »
PBK/001388New Argonauts - regional advantage in a global economy Annalee Saxenian C-11   »
PBK/001404New Basel Capital Acord and SME Financing - SMEs and the new rating culture Ram Ayadi C-11   »
PBK/002271New Companion to Licensing Negotiations - Licensing Law Handbook Robert Goldscheider C-17   »
PBK/001028New Conceptual Selling - the most effective and proven method for face-to-face sales planning Robert Miller Stephen Heiman C-06   »
PBK/002919 New Drug Approval Process Richard Guarino C-08   »
PBK/001414New Fiduciary Standard - the 27 prudent investment practices for financial advisers, trustees, plan sponsors Tim Hatton C-11   »
PBK/001868New Financial Order - risk in the 21st century Robert Shiller C-11   »
PBK/001341New New Thing Michael Lewis C-10   »
PBK/000633New Product Development - Managing and Forecasting for Strategic Success Robert Thomas C-06   »
PBK/002936New Techniques in Agricultural Technology Venture Center C-05
PBK/000376New Venture Creation Jeffry timmons, stephen Spinelli Jr. C-02   »
PBK/001042New Wealth - commercialization of science & technology for business & economic growth George Kozmetsky, Frederic Williams, Victoria Williams C-15   »
PBK/001787Next 100 Years - a forecast for the 21st Century George Friedman C-09   »
PBK/000786Next Step in Exploring Deep Space Wes Huntress - editor   »
PBK/003075NLP The New technologies of Achievement Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner The NLP comprehensive Training Team C-01   »
PBK/001214No Asshole Rule - building a civilized wrokplace and surviving one that isnt Robert Sutton C-09   »
PBK/000530No Full Stops in India Mark Tully S-01   »
PBK/002304No Longer Moot: the premier new venture competition from idea to global impact Gary Cadenhead C-02   »
PBK/002162No One Would Listen: a true financial thriller Harry Markopolos C-11   »
PBK/002692No Ordinary Disruption: The Four Global Forces Breaking All The Trends Richard Dobbs, Manyika, Woetzel C-07   »
PBK/002878No Room For Small Dreams: Courage, Imagination and the Making of Modern Israel Shimon Peres C-04   »
PBK/002077No Tow Alike: human nature and human individuality Judith Rich Harris C-10   »
PBK/000647Noble Obsession Charles Slack C-04   »
PBK/002805Non-Profit Management 101: A Complete and Practical Guide for Leaders and Professionals Darian Rodrigues Heyman, Editor C-03   »
PBK/001052Nonprofit Board Answer Book - a practical guide for board members and chief executives BoardSource C-03   »
PBK/000826Nonprofits C-03   »
PBK/002980Nonviolent Communication Marshall B Rosenberg C-01   »
PBK/003371Norman Cousins Anatomy of an Illness C-10   »
PBK/002008Not By Chance Alone - my life as a social psychologist Elliot Aronson C-10   »
PBK/002639Not Impossible: the art and joy of doing what could not be done Mick Ebeling C-04   »
PBK/001274Not-for-Profit Accounting Made Easy Warren Ruppel C-11   »
PBK/003309Notes from A friend Anthony Robbins C-01   »
PBK/002109Notes from the Holocene: a brief history of the future Dorion Sagan C-10   »
PBK/001004Novel Biopesticides M.V.Deshpande   »
PBK/002926Novel Drug Delivery Systems and Regulatory Affairs Dr.Y.Sudhakar, Dr.K.N.Jayveera C-08   »
PBK/000964Nuclear Power David Newton C-05   »
PBK/001130Nudge - improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness Thaler & Sunstein C-01   »
PBK/001560NUJS Law Review C-19
PBK/001495Nurturing Intellectual Property Mindsets C-19
PBK/002341Nurturing Science Based Ventures - an international case perspective Ralf Seifert, Leleux, Tucci C-15   »
PBK/003519Nuts and bolts: Seven small inventions that changed the world (in a big way) Agrawal, Roma C-02   »
PBK/002622Nuts: Southwest Airlines Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success Kevin and Kackie Freiberg C-04   »
PBK/002864Odyssey of Courage: The Story of an Indian Multinational Habil Khorakiwala C-04   »
PBK/001907Off the Books - underground economy of the urban poor Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh C-11   »
PBK/003420Office 2003 in easy steps Copestake, Stephen C-15   »
PBK/002682Offshore Wind: Status, Prospects and Challenges C-05
PBK/000102Offshoring Secrets Utkarsh Rai C-12   »
PBK/001202Offshoring Secrets - building and running a successful Inida operation Utkarsh Rai C-09   »
PBK/001216Ogilvy On Advertising - I hate rules David Ogilvy C-06   »
PBK/001319Oil - beginners guide Vaclav Smil C-05   »
PBK/000821On Competition Michael Porter C-07   »
PBK/002699On Entrepreneurship and Impact Desh Deshpande C-02
PBK/002790On Innovation HBR Must Reads C-15   »
PBK/002164On the Origin of Tepees: the evolution of ideas and ourselves Jonnie Hughes C-10   »
PBK/001945On Writing Well - the classic guide to writing non-fiction William Zinsser C-01   »
PBK/001323Once You Are lucky, Twice you Are good - the rebirth of silicon valley and the rise of web 2.0 Sarah Lacy C-02   »
PBK/003426One minute apology: Powerful way to make things better Blanchard, Ken and Mcbride, Margret C-09   »
PBK/001733One Minute for Myself Spencer Johnson C-01   »
PBK/002725One Minute Sales Person: the quickest way to more sales with less stress Spencer Johnson C-06
PBK/001380One Page Business Plan Jim Horan C-14   »
PBK/001364One Straw Revolution Masanobu Fukuoka C-10   »
PBK/003346One up on Wall Street Peter Lynch C-11   »
PBK/002875One Up On Wall Street: How To Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market Peter Lynch C-11   »
PBK/002873One Wholesome World Dr.Omkar Nath Wakhlu Arun Wakhlu C-04   »
PBK/001980One, Two, Three, Infinity - facts and speculations of science George Gamow C-10   »
PBK/002786One-Page Project Manager: Communicate and Manage Any Project With a Single Sheet Of Paper Clark Campbell C-09   »
PBK/003218Only the Paranoid Survive Andrew S Grove C-09   »
PBK/000561Only This Much A N S Vijay C-17   »
PBK/002774Only Woman In The Room: Why Science IS Still A Boys Club Eileen Pollack C-04   »
PBK/000288Open Business Models Henry Chesbrough C-15   »
PBK/000581Open Innovation Henry Chesbrough C-15   »
PBK/002118Open Innovation Marketplace: creating value in the challenge driven enterprise Alpheus Bingham, Swayne Spradlin C-15   »
PBK/001956Open Services Innovation - rethinking your business to grow and compete in a new era Henry Chesbrough C-15   »
PBK/003276Operating System Concepts Sillberschatz Galvin C-21   »
PBK/000683Operation Excellence - Succeeding in Business and Life the US Military Way Mark Bender C-09   »
PBK/000990Operation Gene Sukanya Dutta   »
PBK/002419Operations & Supply Management Chase, Ravi Shankar, Robert Jacobs C-21
PBK/002424Operations Management - along the supply chain Russell, Taylor C-21
PBK/002401Operations Research - Problems and Solutions J K Sharma C-21
PBK/002976OPM-Other Peoples Money Michael A. Lechter C-04   »
PBK/002470Opportunities in Phama Biotech - India Bio S-03
PBK/002133Opportunities in Pharma Biotech: Special focus on Biosimilars as the next Biotechnology sector for India C-15
PBK/002364Opportunity: The Hidden Side of Wealth Peter Boer C-11   »
PBK/000819Opposable Mind - how successful leaders win through integrative thinking Roger Martin C-07   »
PBK/003240Options As A Strategic Investment 3rd Edition Lawrence G McMillan C-11   »
PBK/003240Options As A Strategic Investment 3rd Edition Lawrence G McMillan C-11   »
PBK/003282Oracle - 7 the complete Refrence C-21
PBK/003282Oracle - 7 the complete Refrence C-21
PBK/003291Oracle 8 Honour Dalberth Kaplan Mehta C-21   »
PBK/002857Orbit Shifting: The Dynamics Of Ideas That Create History Rajiv Naang, Devika Devaiah C-02   »
PBK/000479Organic Chemistry R.T.Morrison, R.N.Boyd E-U-01
PBK/002423Organisational Behaviour Margie Parikh, Rajen Gupta C-21
PBK/001715Organization and Administration of Research and Development N H Athreya, Editor C-15
PBK/002810Organizational Behaviour 12th ed Stephen Robbins, Timothy Judge C-21
PBK/001828Organizing Genius - the secrets of creative collaboration Warren Bennis C-09   »
PBK/000716Origin And Evolution Of New Businesses Amar Bhide C-02   »
PBK/001512Origin of Species by means - of natural selection Charles Darwin C-10   »
PBK/002061Origin of Wealth - the readical remaking of economics and what it means for business and society Eric Beinhocker C-09   »
PBK/001629Other side of Innovation - solving the execution challenge Vijay Govindarajan, Chris Trimble C-15   »
PBK/002384Our Frugal Future - lessons from Indias innovation system Nesta C-15
PBK/002776Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions John Kotter C-04   »
PBK/001249Out of Control - the new biology of machines, social systems, and the economic world Kevin Kelly C-10   »
PBK/001369Out of Poverty - what works when traditional approaches fail Paul Polak C-03   »
PBK/000294Out of the Crisis W.Edwards Deming C-09   »
PBK/000565Outliers Malcolm Gladwell C-07   »
PBK/002539Outliers Malcolm Gladwell C-04   »
PBK/001091Outline of Japanese Patent Law Kenrichi Kumagai C-19
PBK/001112Outline of the Trademark Law C-19
PBK/001109Outline of Utility Model system C-19
PBK/000340Outside Innovation Patricia Seybold C-15   »
PBK/002616Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success William Thorndike Jr. C-09   »
PBK/002660Outsourcer: the story of Inidas IT Revolution Dinesh Sharma C-09   »
PBK/002978Own Your Own Corporation Garrett Sutton C-07   »
PBK/000120Ownership and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights T.Ramakrishna C-19
PBK/000897Owning Up - 14 questions every board member needs to ask C-16   »
PBK/000887Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking John Seely C-01   »
PBK/001013Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking John Seely C-01   »
PBK/003373Palmistry for all Pandit Ashutosh Ojha C-21   »
PBK/003390Pandemics,pills, and Politics Sytefen elbe C-05   »
PBK/001421Paradox of Choice - how the culture of abundance robs us of satisfaction Barry Schwartz C-10   »
PBK/002174Paryatan Margdarshak - Marathi S-01
PBK/002444Passion - the Untold Story of LG Electronics India Yasho Verma C-04   »
PBK/003319Passion Profit & Power Marshall Sylver C-01   »
PBK/000310Passion: The Untold Story of LG Electronics India Dr. Yasho V. Verma C-04
PBK/000938Pasteurs Quadrant - basic science & technological innovation Donald E Stokes C-15   »
PBK/001490Patent C-19
PBK/002871Patent Agent Examination Sheetal Chopra and Dr.Akash Taneja C-20   »
PBK/001605Patent Agent Examination Sheetal Chopra, Akash Taneja C-19   »
PBK/002275Patent Agent Examination Sheetal Chopra, Akash Taneja C-19   »
PBK/001493Patent Cooperation Treaty & Regulations C-19   »
PBK/002168Patent Estate: a business tool, its creation, management, infringement issues, business strategy C-20
PBK/001797Patent Failure - how judges, bureaucrats, and lawyers put innovators at risk James Bessen, Michael Meurer C-20   »
PBK/001102Patent Information Management in Enterprises Fuminori Yoshida C-19
PBK/000694Patent It Yourself David pressman C-19   »
PBK/000013Patent Law P.Narayanan C-19   »
PBK/001912Patent Law Janice Mueller C-20   »
PBK/001953Patent Law - in a nut shell Martin Adelman, Randall Rader C-20   »
PBK/001653Patent Law Essentials - a concise guide Alan Durham C-20   »
PBK/002272Patent Law for the Non Lawyer - a guide for the engineer, technologist and manager Burton A. Amernick C-17
PBK/000249Patent Law Practices & Procedures N. R. Subbaram , Foreword by: C. Subramaniam C-19
PBK/001094Patent Pools C-19
PBK/002066Patent Prosecution: Best Practices for Reducing Costs While Improving Patent Quality Quarles Brady C-20
PBK/000681Patent Savvy For Managers - Spot And Protect Valuable Innovations In Your Company Kirk Teska C-19   »
PBK/001398Patent Searcching Made Easy - how to do patent searches on the internet and in the library David Hitchcock C-19   »
PBK/001799Patent Searching - tools and techniques David Hunt, Long Nguyen, Editors C-20   »
PBK/001845Patent to Market Success - step by step guide to cashing in on your patent Matthew Yubas C-20   »
PBK/000116Patenting in India G.S.Srividhya C-19
PBK/002506Patents Act: Bare Act 2014 C-19
PBK/000631Patents and How to get One - A Practical Handbook C-19   »
PBK/001739Patents for Business - the managers guide to scope, strategy, and due diligence Henry Heines C-20   »
PBK/001610Patents for Chemical Inventions C-19
PBK/001662Patents for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotechnology - fundamentals of global law, practice, and strategy Philip Grubb, Peter Thomsen C-20   »
PBK/000415Patents Law C-19
PBK/000416Patents Law C-19
PBK/001843Patents, Citations, & Innovations - a window on the knowledge economy Adam Jaffe, Manuel Trajtenberg C-20   »
PBK/001625Patents, Profits & Power - how intellectual property rules the global economy Curtis Cook C-19   »
PBK/000314Pathbreakers 2 Sucheta Dalal, Debashis Basu C-04   »
PBK/002189Paths of Innovators in Science, Engineering & Technology Parthasarathy, R. C-04   »
PBK/001543Patterns of Middle Class Consumption in India and China C. Jaffrelot, Peter van der Veer C-06   »
PBK/0031111Peak Secrets from the new science of expertise Stephen J Dubner C-01   »
PBK/0031111Peak Secrets from the new science of expertise Stephen J Dubner C-01   »
PBK/000451peaks and Valleys Spencer Johnson C-04   »
PBK/000803Penicillin - breakthrough in medicine Richard Tames   »
PBK/001463Perfect Mess - the hiden benefits of disorder Eric Abrahamson, David Freedman C-10   »
PBK/002101Periodic Tales - the curious lives of the elements Hugh Aldersey-Williams C-10   »
PBK/002555Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements Hugh Aldersey-Williams C-10   »
PBK/000573Permanent Innovation Langdon Morris C-15   »
PBK/001027Permission Marketing - turning strangers into friends Seth Godin C-06   »
PBK/001513Personal History Katherine Graham C-04   »
PBK/002403Personnel Management - Text and Cases Mamoria, Rao C-21
PBK/001711Perspectives in Science and Technology Dept of Sci.&Tech, Govt of India C-07
PBK/003479Persuading with data: A guide to designing, delivering and defending your data Kazakoff, Miro C-09   »
PBK/000703Persuasive Business Proposals - Writing to win More customers, clients, Contracts Tom Sant C-14   »
PBK/001149Peter Bauer and the Economics of Prosperity James Dorn, Barun Mitra - Editors C-11   »
PBK/002701Petroleum, Industry and Government Bernard Taverne C-07   »
PBK/000287Phantoms in the Brain V. S. Ramachandran, Sandra Blakeslee C-01   »
PBK/002944Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence for the Regulatory Affairs Professional Raymond. A .Huml C-08   »
PBK/003452pharmaceutical plant administration Potdar, Manohar A.
PBK/003475Pharmaceutical plant administration Potdar, Manohar A. C-15   »
PBK/002079Philosophical Breakfast Club: four remarkable friends who transformed science and changed the world Laura Snyder C-10   »
PBK/002107Physics of the Future: how science will shape human destiny and our daily lives by the year 2100 Michio Kaku C-10   »
PBK/002551Picture Animal Encyclopedia
PBK/002548Picture Atlas
PBK/002549Picture Dictionary
PBK/002550Picture Nature Encyclopedia
PBK/002552Picture Space Encyclopedia
PBK/003182Picture Yourself A winner Dr.R Eugene Nicholas C-04   »
PBK/003182Picture Yourself A winner Dr.R Eugene Nicholas C-04   »
PBK/001315Picturing the Uncertain World - how to understand, communicate and control uncertainty through graphical display Howard Wainer C-10   »
PBK/001458Pioneering Portfolio Management - an unconventional approach to institutional investment David Swensen C-11   »
PBK/001058Pioneers - people who revolutionised medical science Dr.Jayant Khandare, Aravindan Vasudevan C-04   »
PBK/002567Pioneers: People who revolutionized Medical Science Jayant Khandare, Vasudevan C-04   »
PBK/001737Piracy - the intellectual property wars from Gutenberg to Gates Adrian Johns C-20   »
PBK/003013Pitch Anything - Oren Klaff. C-09   »
PBK/002495Pitch It: Inspirational Stories From the Cricket Dressing Room to the Corporate Boradroom Dev Prasad C-04
PBK/001428Pitching Hacks - how to pitch startups to investors Venture Hacks C-12
PBK/000380Plan and Conduct Effective Meetings Barbara Streibel C-01   »
PBK/000523Plan and Conduct effective Meetings Barbara Streibel C-01   »
PBK/001138Planet Water - investing in the states most valuable resource Steve Hoffman C-05   »
PBK/001508Plant Breeders Rights - a training handbook C-19
PBK/001008Plastic Feast Subodh Jawadekar   »
PBK/001674Plastic Feast Subodh Jawadekar   »
PBK/001572Plastics and Polymers Science Fair Projects - using hair gel, soda bottles and slimy stuff Madeline Goodstein C-21   »
PBK/001790Plastics in Medical Devices - properties, requirements, applications Viny R. Sastri E-U-01   »
PBK/001606PMs Task Force on MSME C-07
PBK/002529Poilitical Economy of Energy and Growth Najeeb Jung Editor C-05   »
PBK/001033Polymer Handbook - Vol 1 (of 2) J.Brandrup, E.H.Immergut, E.A.Grulke - Editors E-U-01   »
PBK/001034Polymer Handbook - Vol 2 (of 2) J.Brandrup, E.H.Immergut, E.A.Grulke - Editors E-U-01   »
PBK/001738Polymers, Patents, Profits - a classic case study for patent infighting Heinz Martin C-20   »
PBK/002012Poor Charlies Almanack - the Wit and Wisdom of Charles T.Munger Charles Munger C-04   »
PBK/002123Poor Economics:rethinking poverty & the ways to end it Abhijit Banerjee, esther Duflo C-03   »
PBK/002358Poor Little Rich Slum - what we saw in Dharav and why it matters Rashmi Bansal, Deepak Gandhi C-02   »
PBK/001833Poor Peoples Knowledge - promoting intellectual property in developing countries Michael Finger, Philip Schuler, Editors C-20   »
PBK/001443Poor Richards Almanack Benjamin Franklin C-04   »
PBK/001154Portfolios Of The Poor -how the worlds poor live on $2 a day Collins, Morduch, Rutherford C-03   »
PBK/003018Positioning The Battle For Your Mind MCGraw Hill ISBN Al Ries and Jack Trout C-04   »
PBK/000064Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind Al Ries & Jack Trout C-09   »
PBK/002783Positioning: The battle For Your Mind d Al ries, Jack Trout C-06   »
PBK/003331Positive Words,Powerful Results Hal Urban C-04   »
PBK/002618Post-Capitalist Society Peter Drucker C-09   »
PBK/001396Poverty of Historicism Karl Popper C-10   »
PBK/000446Power Electronics Ned Mohan, Tore Undeland, William Robbins E-U-03   »
PBK/001373Power Law of Information - life in a connected world Srinath Srinivasa C-10   »
PBK/001395Power Laws of Business Richard Koch C-07   »
PBK/001225Power Mentoring - how successful mentors and proteges get the most out of their relationships Ellen Ensher, Susan Murphy C-07   »
PBK/001440Power of a Positive No - how to say no and still get to yes William Ury C-18   »
PBK/001921Power of Co-Creation - build it with them to boost growth, productivity and profits Venkat Ramaswamy, Francis Gouillart C-09   »
PBK/001547Power of Collective Wisdom and the trap of collective folly A.Briskin, S,Erickson, J.Ott C-10   »
PBK/002780Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession Peter Bernstein C-11
PBK/001538Power of Intuition - how to use your gut feelings to make better decisions at work Gary Klein C-09   »
PBK/002307Power of Now - a guide to spiritual enlightenment Eckhart Tolle C-04   »
PBK/002922Power Of Your Subconscious Mind Joseph Murphy C-01   »
PBK/000676Power Presentation - Formal Speech In an Informal Wrold Patsy Rodenburg C-01   »
PBK/003367Power Shift Alvin Toffler C-05   »
PBK/000838Power, Influence, and Persuasion - sell your ideas & make things happen C-06   »
PBK/000668Powerful Proposals - How to Give Your Business the Winning Edge David Pugh, Terry Bacon C-14   »
PBK/003279Powerpoint 2000 in Easy steps Stephen Copestake C-21
PBK/000381Practical Financial Management Colin Barrow C-11   »
PBK/003429Practical Handbook on public health engineering Er. Bajwa, G. S. C-15
PBK/003238Practical Speculation Victor Niederhoffer/Laurel Kenner C-11   »
PBK/003091Practical ways to a powerful Personality Weinberg C-01   »
PBK/003091Practical ways to a powerful Personality Weinberg C-01   »
PBK/001848Practical Wisdom - the right way to do the right thing Barry Schwartz C-10   »
PBK/003221Practical Wisdom 1 in Real life and Management Kochouseph chittilappilly C-09   »
PBK/001485Pragmatism William James C-01   »
PBK/003108Pratical Intelligence Karl Albrecht C-01   »
PBK/003108Pratical Intelligence Karl Albrecht C-01   »
PBK/001071Pravas...Eka Pravasacha (Marathi) Kesari Patil C-04
PBK/000807Pre-History - 850 B.C.   »
PBK/003123Pre-suasion A revolutionary way to Influence and persuade Robert Cialdini C-01   »
PBK/001970Predictable Surprises - the disasters you should have seen coming, and how to prevent them Max Bazerman, Michael Watkins C-10   »
PBK/001309Predictably Irrational - the hidden forces that shape our decisions Dan Ariely C-10   »
PBK/002374Predicting Technology - identifying future market opportunities and disruptive technologies Thomas Vass C-02   »
PBK/001853Predictioneers Game - using the brazen self-interest to see and shape the future Bruce Bueno de Mesquita C-09   »
PBK/001591Presentation - Innovation Flow Venture Center C-08
PBK/002290Presentation on Childrens Creativity National Innovation Foundation, India S-03
PBK/001180Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs - how to be insanely great in front of any audience Carmine Gallo C-01   »
PBK/002834Preserving The Promise: Improving The Culture Of Biotech Investment Scott Desain, Scott Fishman C-11   »
PBK/001712Prespectives in Science & Technology Dept of Sci.& Tech, Govt of India C-07
PBK/002355Price of Onions - a bedside reader in economics Ashok Desai C-11   »
PBK/001176Priceless - the myth of fair value and how to take advantage of it William Poundstone C-11   »
PBK/000899Pricing C-07   »
PBK/001221Pricing With Confidence - 10 ways to stop leaving money on the table Reed Holden, Mark Bruton C-06   »
PBK/002595Primer in Entrepreneurship - Part I Ulrich Kaiser C-02
PBK/002596Primer in Entrepreneurship - Part II Ulrich Kaiser C-02
PBK/002348Prince Machiavelli C-10   »
PBK/000069Principle Centred Leadership Stephen R. Covey C-01   »
PBK/002726Principle-Centred Leadership Stephen Covey C-07   »
PBK/002441Principles and Practices of Life Insurance in India Ashraf Imam C-21
PBK/000067Principles od Marketing Philip kotler & Gary Armstrong C-06   »
PBK/000275Principles of Biochemistry Michael M.Cox and David l.Nelson E-U-01   »
PBK/002269Principles of Business Management - with case problems Sherlekar & Sherlekar C-09   »
PBK/000035Principles of Corporate Finance Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers, Franklin Allen, Pitabas Mohanty C-11   »
PBK/002809Principles of Economics Robert Frank, Ben Bernanke C-21
PBK/001407Principles of Economics Gregory Mankiw C-11   »
PBK/003041Principles of Good Laboratory Practice Pradeep Deshmukh C-05   »
PBK/003041Principles of Good Laboratory Practice Pradeep Deshmukh C-05   »
PBK/001297Principles of Leather Manufacture H R Procter E-U-01
PBK/002431Principles of Management - Contents illustrated with examples and cases from india and around the world Koontz, Weihrich, Aryasri C-21
PBK/002739Principles of Marketing Koitler, Armstrong C-21   »
PBK/002817Principles of Microeconomics 4th Ed Mankiw C-21
PBK/000921Principles of Product Development Flow - second generation lean product development Donald G. Reinertsen C-09   »
PBK/002043Prisoners Dilemma - game theory and the puzzle of the bomb William Puondstone C-10   »
PBK/001883Privatizing Water - governance, failure and the worlds urban water crisis Karen Bakker C-05   »
PBK/000341ProActive Sales Management William Skip Miller C-06   »
PBK/002334Probabilitry - The Science of Uncertainty, with applications to Investments, Insurance and Engineering Michael Bean E-U-04
PBK/003253Probability and Statistics Second Edition C-11   »
PBK/001100Procedures required for Filing a Patent Applcation Hisashi Watanabe C-19
PBK/000437Process Software and Digital Networks Bela G Liptak - Editor E-U-04
PBK/001528Product Design and Development Karl Ulrich, Steven Eppinger, Anita Goyal C-13   »
PBK/000628Product Marketing - for technology companies Mark Butje C-06   »
PBK/000930Product Strategy - accelerating your busienss to web speed Michael E McGrath C-14   »
PBK/000491Profile and Analysis of Pune Mfg. Inc S-01
PBK/001748Profit From Your Idea - how to make smart licensing deals Richard Stim C-15   »
PBK/000178Profit or Growth why you dont have to choose Bala Chakravarthy ,Peter Lorange C-07   »
PBK/000132Profit-Focused Supplier Management How to Identify Risk and Recognize Opportunities Pirkko Ostring C-09   »
PBK/000384Profitable Buying Strategies Mike Buchanan C-18   »
PBK/000835Profiting From Green Business C-05   »
PBK/001846Profiting from Intellectual Capital - extracting value from innovation Patrick Sullivan C-20   »
PBK/003290Programming in ANSI C E Balagurusamy C-21   »
PBK/003290Programming in ANSI C E Balagurusamy C-21   »
PBK/000165Programming in C++ -Part II NIIT W-M-01
PBK/003297Programming with C Second Edition Byron Gottfried Ph.D C-21   »
PBK/003284Programming with C++ D Ravichandran C-21   »
PBK/000302Project Finance in Theory and Practice Stefano Gatti C-11   »
PBK/000039Project Management Andy Bruce & Ken Langdon C-01   »
PBK/000927Project Management Mike Field, Laurie Keller C-09   »
PBK/002375Project Management - HBR Guide - motivate your team, avoid scope creep, deliver results C-01   »
PBK/002584Project Management for Business, Engineering, and Technology John Nicholas, Herman Steyn C-21
PBK/000226Project Management in New Product Development Bruce T. Barkley C-09   »
PBK/003294Project Management Professional Kim Heldman, PMP C-21   »
PBK/002407Project Report Writing C-21
PBK/002408Project Report Writing C-21
PBK/000252Project Reports & Appraisals H. P. S. Pahwa, Assisted by: Mahesh Puliani C-11   »
PBK/001814Project ValuationUsing Real Options - a practitioners guide Prasad Kodukula, Chandra Papudesu C-11   »
PBK/002397Projects - Planning, Analysis, Selection, Financing, Implementation and Review Prasanna Chandra C-09   »
PBK/000256Projects Planning, Analysis, Selection, Financing, and Review Prasanna Chandra C-09   »
PBK/000184Projects Planning,Analysis,Selection,Financing,Implementatio, and Review Prasanna Chandra C-09   »
PBK/003389Projects Planning,Analysis,Selection,Financing,Implementation, And Review Prasanna Chandra C-11   »
PBK/000514Promoting Your Organization C-09
PBK/001097Promotion of Patent Licensing inJapan C-19
PBK/001977Proofiness - the dark arts of mathematical deception Charles Seife C-10   »
PBK/003231Property Matters Made Easy C-11
PBK/001432Prophet of Innovation - Joseph Schumpeter and Creative Destruction Thomas McCraw C-15   »
PBK/000873Proposal Guide - for business development & sales preofessionals C-14   »
PBK/002841Proposal Guide for Business and Technical Professionals Larry Newman C-14
PBK/002283Protect Your Ideas Rajeev Surana C-19   »
PBK/002870Protecting the Patent Law Fundamentals Dr.Alpesh Pathak C-20
PBK/003081Pshyco-Cybernertics Maxwell Maltz C-01   »
PBK/003079Psycho-Cybernetics and Self-Fulfillment Maxwell Maltz C-01   »
PBK/001918Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making Scott Plous C-07   »
PBK/002664Public Cleansing Frank Flintoff, Ronald Millard C-05
PBK/002025Public Interest Litigation P.D. Mathew C-17
PBK/002755Public Speaking for Success: the complete programme Dale Carnegie C-01   »
PBK/001448Pull - the power of the semantic Web to transform your business David Siegel C-06   »
PBK/003153Pulling your own Strings Dr.Wayne/W.Dyer C-04   »
PBK/003547Punctuations: A photographic journey through the IIT Bombay campus IIT Bombay C-21   »
PBK/003501Pune: A City of Many Shades and Colours Dr. Taknet, D. K. C-21   »
PBK/003502Pune: Queen of the Deccan Diddee, Jaymala & Gupta, Smita C-21   »
PBK/000601Purple Cow - transform Your Business By Being Remarkable Seth Godin C-06   »
PBK/001447Purpose - the starting point of great companies Nikos Mourkogiannis C-02   »
PBK/002570Pursuit and Promotion of Science: the Indian Experience C-10
PBK/000515Put it in Writing - Crafting Policies, agreements, and Conteracts for Your Incubator Carol James C-14   »
PBK/000705Put It In Writing - Crafting Policies, Agreements, Contracts for Your Incubator Carol James C-16   »
PBK/002663Put Your Science To Work: the take charge Career Guide for Scientists Peter Fiske C-01   »
PBK/001984QED, The Strange Theory of Light and Matter Richard Feynman C-10   »
PBK/000659Qualcomm Equation Dave Mock C-04   »
PBK/002421Quality and Performance Excellence - Management, Organization, and Strategy James Evans C-21
PBK/000497Quality Is Free Philip B. Crosby C-09   »
PBK/002057Quality of Earnings - the investors guide to how much money a company is really making Thornton OGlove C-11   »
PBK/003275Quantative Techniques L.C Jhamb C-21
PBK/002734Quantitative Techniques in Management N.D.Vohra C-21
PBK/003342Quantum Doctor Amit Goswami C-10   »
PBK/003165Quantum Success Sandara Anne Taylor C-04   »
PBK/002060Quark and the Jaguar - adventures in the simple and the complex Murray Gell-Mann C-10   »
PBK/000246Question Paper of Patent Agent Examination: 2001-2008 C-19
PBK/000860Questionnaire Design - how to plan, structure, write survey material for effective market research Ian Brace C-06   »
PBK/002362Quiet - the power of introverts in a world that cant stop talking Susan Cain C-01   »
PBK/002916Quiz Book Quiz With Derek Derek Obrien Junior-sect   »
PBK/002743R&D Impact on Indian Chemical Industry KV Raghavan, DP Misra C-15
PBK/002742R&D Management Conference: R&D As Business CSIR C-15
PBK/001773Rachel Carson -Preserving a Sense of Wonder   »
PBK/003007Radical Candor Kim Scott C-04   »
PBK/003489Radical Focus: Achieving Your Goals with Objectives and Key Results Wodtke, Christina C-09   »
PBK/003489Radical Focus: Achieving Your Goals with Objectives and Key Results Wodtke, Christina C-09   »
PBK/002106Radical Innovation: how mature companies can outsmart upstarts Richard Leifer, McDermott C-15   »
PBK/002867Radioecology after Chernobyl: Biogeochemical Pathways of Artificial Radionuclides Sir Frederic Warner, Roy Harrison, Eds E-U-01   »
PBK/000978Rain Rain Come Aagain Sukanya Dutta   »
PBK/000666Raising Capital - Get The Money You Need To Grow Your Business Andrew Sherman C-12   »
PBK/000034Raising Entrepreneurial Capital John B. Vinturella & Suzanne M. Erickson C-12   »
PBK/000485Raising Finance W J Herriot C-14
PBK/002965Raising your Child to Financial IQ Robert T Kiyosaki C-02   »
PBK/000916Raissing Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur Dermot Berkery C-12   »
PBK/000754Raju and the Magical Goat
PBK/000750RAju and the Money Tree
PBK/000755Raju and the Skyladder
PBK/002105Ralegan Siddhi: a model for village development Dr.Ramesh Awasthi, Dashrath Panmand C-03
PBK/002044Randomness Deborah Bennett C-10   »
PBK/002177Ranthambore Deepak Dalal N-02
PBK/001879Rapid Prototyping - principles and applications C.K.Chua, K.F. Leong C-13   »
PBK/001694Rapid Reading Exercise Manual N H Athreya C-01
PBK/002166RDT info: Current Information on rapid diagnostic tests C-05
PBK/000434Re-engineering the Corporation Michael Hammer, James Champy C-09   »
PBK/000155Reaction Rearrangements and Reagents S N Sanyal E-U-01   »
PBK/000123Reading Material Indo US Initiative on Technopreneurship in Academia C-02
PBK/001710Readings in Cost Accounting, Budgeting and Control William Thomas C-11
PBK/003113Readymade Business Letters B.S Agarwal C-01   »
PBK/000605Real Options Analysis - Tools & Techniques for Valuing strategic Investments & Decisions Johnathan Mun C-11   »
PBK/001774Real Options and Intellectual Property Philipp Baecker C-20   »
PBK/001775Real R&D Options Dean Paxson, Editor C-15   »
PBK/001842Real World Drug Discovery - a chemists guide to biotech and pharmaceutical research Robert Rydzewski C-13   »
PBK/002161Reality Check Guy Kawasaki C-06   »
PBK/001257reckoning With Risk - learning to live with uncertainty Gerd Gigerenzer C-10   »
PBK/003288Red hat linux 6 fast & easy Coletta & Craig Witherspoon C-21   »
PBK/003410Refrence manual for medical devices Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission C-08   »
PBK/003482Refresh your mind Acharya Vijay Ajitshekhar Suri C-04   »
PBK/001329Regional Advantage - culture and competition in silicon valley and route 128 Annalee Saxenian C-11   »
PBK/002990Regulatory framework for medical devices TUV C-08
PBK/002486Reimagining India Unlicoking The Ptential of Asias Next Superpower C-09   »
PBK/002703Reimagining India: Unlocking the Potential of Asias Next Superpower McKinsey & Co., Editor C-09   »
PBK/002244Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era Amory Lovins C-05   »
PBK/002293Reinventing India R. Mashelkar S-02
PBK/003024Reinventing Organisations Frederic Laloux C-14   »
PBK/000822Reinventing Project Management Aaron Shenhar, Dov Dvir C-09   »
PBK/001384Reinventing the Bazaar - a natural hostory of markets John McMillan C-06   »
PBK/000365Reinvention Brian Tracy C-01   »
PBK/001026Relationship Marketing - successful strategies for the age of the customer Regis McKenna C-06   »
PBK/002286Relativity: the Special and General Theory Albert Einstein C-10   »
PBK/001819Reliable Design of Medical Devices Richard Fries C-13   »
PBK/001302Remaking the World - adventures in advertising Henry Petroski C-10   »
PBK/001288Remarkable Discoveries Frank Ashall C-10   »
PBK/003251Reminisciences of a stock Operator Edwin Lefevre C-11   »
PBK/000961Renewable Energy - a global review of technologies, policies, markets Dirk Asmann, Ulrich Laumanns, Dieter Uh - Editors C-05   »
PBK/000912Renewable Energy - power for a sustainable future Godfrey Boyle - Editor C-05   »
PBK/001729Renewable Energy For Rural Development- proceedings of the solar energy convention, Hyderabad, 1988 Kishore, Bansal, Editor C-05
PBK/002339Renewables 2011 - Global Status Report W-M-03
PBK/003444Report on training in solid waste disposal (1974-1975) V. Venugopalan C-21
PBK/003432Report on training in solid water (1974-1975) V. Venugopalan C-21
PBK/002301Repositioning - marketing in an era of empetition, change and crisis Jack Trout C-06
PBK/002710Requirements for the Manufacture, Import and Sale of Medical Devices C-17
PBK/001730Research by Design - Innovation and TCS Shivanand Kanavi, Editor C-15
PBK/002372Research by design innovation and TCS Shivanand Kanavi, Editor C-15   »
PBK/002417Research Methods for Business - A Skill Building Approach Uma Sekaran C-21
PBK/002145Research Studies Executive Summary Karnatak Knowledge Commission C-07
PBK/002848Research to Revenue: A Practical Guide to University Start-ups Don Rose, Cam Patterson C-15   »
PBK/002617Researchers Companion Robert Beynon C-01   »
PBK/002598Resource Revolution: How To Capture The Biggest Business Opportunity In A Century Stefan Heck, Matt Rogers C-05   »
PBK/000197Resumes For Proffessionals High-Powered tactics for high- Earning Executives Marshall A.Brown,Annabelle Reitman C-01   »
PBK/002427Retailing Management Levy, Weitz, Ajay Pandit C-21
PBK/000889Retaining Your Best People C-09   »
PBK/001854Return of the Master - why 60 yrs after his death, Keynes is still the most important economic thinker in the world Robert Skidelsky C-11   »
PBK/003524Revenge Of The Middle Aged Woman Buchan, Elizabeth C-21
PBK/002253Reverse Innovation: Create far from home, win everywhere Vijay Govindarajan, Chris Trimble C-15
PBK/001462Rework Jason Fried, David Hansson C-09   »
PBK/003335Rich Brother Rich Sister EMI Kiyosaki C-04   »
PBK/002972Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens Robert T Kiyosaki C-04   »
PBK/002728Rich Dad, Poor Dad: what the rich teach their kids about money - that the poor and middle class do not Robert Kiyosaki C-04   »
PBK/002970Rich Kid Smart Kid Robert T Kiyosaki C-04   »
PBK/001669Riddles in your teacup 100 science puzzles from everyday life Partha Ghose, Dipankare Home   »
PBK/000506Ride The Change M G Parameswaran C-06   »
PBK/000402Riding The Indian Tiger William Nobrega, Ashish Sinha C-06   »
PBK/002798Riding The Tiger: How to Execute Business Strategy in India Wilfried Aulbur, Amit Kapoor C-07   »
PBK/002186Right to Inforamtion Act, 2005 C-17   »
PBK/002767Rise and Fall of Nations: Rules of Change in the Post-Crisis World Ruchir Sharma C-09   »
PBK/002120Rising Tide: Lessons from 165 years of Brand Building at Procter and Gamble Davis Dyer, Dalzell, Olegario C-06   »
PBK/002165Risk Capital and MSMEs in India C-12
PBK/001301Risk, Uncertainty and Profit Frank Knight C-10   »
PBK/002591Risk-Driven Business Model: Four Questions That Will Define Your Company Karan Girotra, Serguei Netessine C-14
PBK/000771Road & Rail Transportation Harriet Williams   »
PBK/002525Road Bumps and Side Walks: the path less travelled Kalyan C-19
PBK/001101Role of Patent Attorney C-19
PBK/001113Roles of Bodies Supporting the Development of Industrial Property System C-19
PBK/001095Roles of Patent Attorneys in New Era Japan Patent Attorneys Association C-19
PBK/003457Romance of innovation : Human interest story of R &D in rural setting Rajvanshi, Anil K. C-15   »
PBK/001292Romance of Rayon Arnold Henry Hard E-U-01
PBK/002759Romancing the Balance Sheet: for anyone who owns, runs, or manages a business Anil Lamba C-11   »
PBK/001411Rules of Thumb - 52 truths for winning at business without losing yourself Alan Webber C-01   »
PBK/003412Runaway wife Way, Margaret C-21   »
PBK/002531Running Lean: Iterate From Plan A to a Plan That Works Ash Maurya C-02   »
PBK/001632Running Out Of Water - the looming crisis and solutions to conserve our most precious resource Peter Rogers, Susan Leal C-05   »
PBK/002791Rupee Tales: Set of 5 books Karthik Rangappa
PBK/002666Rural Water Supply and Sanitation: Draft Report V.Rehoej, E.Glennie, Abeyratne C-05
PBK/002924Sachin Tendulkar Meri Atmakatha - Hindi Sachin Tendulkar C-04   »
PBK/003484Sahruday Dr. Parale, Gurunath C-04
PBK/002176Sahyadri Adventures Anirudhs Dream Deepak Dalal N-02   »
PBK/002175Sahyadri Adventures Koleshwars Secret Deepak Dalal N-02   »
PBK/002969Sales Dogs Blair Singer C-06   »
PBK/002582Sales Management: Decision, Strategy and Cases Richard Still, Cundiff, Govoni C-21   »
PBK/003358Same Soul,Many Bodies Dr Brian Weiss C-01   »
PBK/003387Sapiens A brief history of human kind Yuval Noah Harari C-21   »
PBK/001431Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists Raghuram Rajan, Luigi Zingales C-11   »
PBK/001045Say It Like Obama Shel Leanne C-04   »
PBK/002991Scale-up Manual, The Handbook For Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Teams and   Firms-Shailendra Vyakarnam - Uday Phadke Shailendra Vyakarnam C-12   »
PBK/002802Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It..and Why the Rest Dont Verne Harnish, Team at Gazelles C-07   »
PBK/002185Sceintific Edge Jayant V. Narlikar C-10   »
PBK/001156Science & Technology in Indias Transformation J.N. Nanda C-07
PBK/000796Science - Great Inventions Brian Williams   »
PBK/001174Science A Four Thousand Year History Patricia Fara C-10   »
PBK/001175Science And Corporate Strategy David Hounshell, John Kenly Smith C-07   »
PBK/001681Science as a way of life - a biograpgy of C N R Rao Mohan Sundara Rajan   »
PBK/002095Science Book N-01   »
PBK/001874Science Business - the promise, the reality, and the future of biotech Gary Pisano C-15   »
PBK/002350Science Express - films on Energy Conservation C-05
PBK/000598Science For Sale Daniel S Greenberg C-14   »
PBK/002845Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist Richard Dawkins C-10   »
PBK/002029Science Information Notes C-10
PBK/000353Science Lessons Gordon Binder, Philip Bashe C-15   »
PBK/002130Science Mein Twist N-01
PBK/002131Science Mein Twist N-01
PBK/002132Science Mein Twist N-01
PBK/002134Science Mein Twist N-01
PBK/002135Science Mein Twist N-01
PBK/002136Science Mein Twist N-01
PBK/001434Science of Influence - how to egt anyone to say yes in 8 minutes or less Kevin Hogan C-18   »
PBK/001422Science of Success - how market based management built the worlds largest private company Charles Koch C-09   »
PBK/002368Science Tales - lies, hoaxes and scams Darryl Cunningham C-10   »
PBK/001726Science, Population and Development - an exploration of intercinnectivities and action possibilities in india Vasant Gowariker, Editor C-05   »
PBK/003471Science, Technology and innovation policy 2013 C-17
PBK/002054Science, Technology and Medicine in Colonial India David Arnold C-10   »
PBK/002917Science: Over 100 Questions and Answers To Things You Want To Know John Farndon Junior-sect   »
PBK/001304Scientific Advertising Claude Hopkins C-06   »
PBK/000553Scientific English - guide for scientists, other professionals Robert Day C-01   »
PBK/000809Scientific Revolution 1625 - 1774   »
PBK/000924Scientist as Rebel Freeman Dyson C-10   »
PBK/001670Scientists - cultural leaders of india
PBK/000923Scientists - history of science told through the lives of its greatest inventors John Gribbin C-10   »
PBK/000737Scientists of International Repute Shanti Gopalan   »
PBK/000190Screw it ,lets do it lessons in life Richard Branson C-04   »
PBK/002198SEBI Regulations, 2011 (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) C-17
PBK/002777Secret Rhonda Byrne C-04   »
PBK/001535Secret Formula - how brilliant marketing & relentless salesmanship made coca cola the best known product in the world Frederick allen C-06   »
PBK/002467Secret of Leadership - Stories to Awaken, Inspire, and Unleash the Leader Within Prakash Iyer C-04   »
PBK/003370Secrets of A Ceo Coach D.A Benton C-07   »
PBK/001922Secrets of Economic Indicators - hidden clues to future economic trends and investment opportunities Bernard Baumohl   »
PBK/001326Secrets of Power Negotiating Roger Dawson C-18   »
PBK/001023Secrets of Question Based Selling - how the powerful tool in business can double your sales results Thomas Freese C-06   »
PBK/003044Secrets of Sand Hill Road Scott Kupor C-12   »
PBK/003089Secrets of Success Charles Newton C-01   »
PBK/003161Secrets of Success Sandra Anne Taylor & Sharon A Klingler C-04   »
PBK/003201Secrets of Success Gifford,Shestack and the editors of gallery press C-04   »
PBK/001517Security analysis Benjamin Graham, David Dodd C-11   »
PBK/003136Seeds of Greatness Denis waitley C-04   »
PBK/000958Seeing Whats Next - using the theories of innovation to predict industry change Clayton Christensen, Scott Anthony, Erik Roth C-15   »
PBK/002007Seeking Wisdom - from Darwin to Munger Peter Bevelin C-10   »
PBK/003428Select Editions: The Broker (Four books in one volume) Grishm, John ( C-21
PBK/003105Self Esteem Robert H Schuler C-01   »
PBK/002772Self Tracking Gina Neff, Dawn Nafus C-01   »
PBK/000706Self-Evalluation Workbook - for Business Incubators Kathleen Cammarata C-16   »
PBK/001265Selfish Gene Richard Dawkins C-10   »
PBK/002860Sell: The Art, the Science, the Witchcraft Subroto Bagchi C-06   »
PBK/001433Selling the Whee - choosing the best way to sell for you, your company, your customers Jeff Cox C-06   »
PBK/000648Serendipity - Accidental Discoveries In Science Royston Roberts C-15   »
PBK/002359Serial Innovators - firms that changed the world Claudio Feser C-09   »
PBK/002620Serious Creativity: Using the Power of Lateral Thinking to Create New Ideas Edward de Bono C-01   »
PBK/000347Serious Fun Mark Barnes C-01   »
PBK/000029Service tax ready reckoner V.S.Datey C-17   »
PBK/002294Service Tax: How to meet your obligations. Incorporating notifications issued upto 20-6-12 S.S. Gupta C-17   »
PBK/002502Services S-02
PBK/000086Services Marketing Text and Cases Rajendra Nargundkar C-06   »
PBK/003262Setting up a Small/Medium Enterprise in Pune C-14
PBK/001399Seven Faces of Philanthropy - a new approach to cultivating major donors Russ Prince, Karen file C-03   »
PBK/002568Sharing Innovative Experience: Examples of Successful Uses of Renewable Energy Sources in the South C-05
PBK/003399Shifting Orbits Decoding the Trajectory of the Indian Start-up Ecosystem Thillai Rajan A (Eds) C-02   »
PBK/000767Ships & Submarines Chris Woodford   »
PBK/002896Shivaji The Great Maratha Ranjit Desai C-04   »
PBK/001870Shock Doctrine - the rise of disaster capitalism Naomi Klein C-09   »
PBK/001805Shock of the Old - technology and global history since 1900 David Edgerton C-10   »
PBK/002764Shoe Dog: A Memoir By The Creator Of Nike Phil Knight C-04   »
PBK/002793Shoe Dog: A Memoir By The Creator Of NIKE Phil Knight C-04   »
PBK/002282Short film on Intellectual Property Rights - DVD
PBK/001544Short History of Finanical Euphoria John K Galbraith C-11   »
PBK/003184Shortcuts to God Gerald G Jampolsky M.D C-04   »
PBK/003184Shortcuts to God Gerald G Jampolsky M.D C-04   »
PBK/000982Shot in the Arm Bal Phondke   »
PBK/002895Shriman Yogi Ranjit Desai C-04   »
PBK/000442Signals and Systems Alan oppenheim, Alan Willsky E-U-04   »
PBK/001781Silent Spring - the classic that launched the environmental movement Rachel Carson C-05   »
PBK/001291Silk Production and Weaving in India C.C. Ghosh E-U-01
PBK/001021Silver Lining - an innovation playbook for uncertain times Scott Anthony C-15   »
PBK/001218Simply fly - a Deccan Odyssey Captain Gopinath C-04   »
PBK/000143Six Frames For thinking Information Edward De Bono C-01   »
PBK/003339Six Pixels of Separation Mitch Joel C-09   »
PBK/001892Skunk Works Tom Clancy C-09   »
PBK/002696Slicing Pie: Funding Your Company Without Funds Version 2.3 Mike Moyer C-12   »
PBK/001164Slide:ology - the art and science of creating great presentations Nancy Duarte C-01   »
PBK/003132Small Business Management-2 C-02
PBK/001018Small Business Marketing Guide - 1500 great marketing tricks that will drive your business through the roof James Stephenson C-06   »
PBK/001049Small Business Valuation Book- easy to use rechniques that will help you Lawrence Tuller C-11   »
PBK/001203Small Giants - companies that choose to be great instead of big Bo Burlingham C-02   »
PBK/001619small is beautifull - a study of economics as if people mattered E.F.Schumacher C-11   »
PBK/000950Small scale Industries - performance & challenges Keka Lahiri C-02   »
PBK/002047Small Things Considered - why htere is no perfect design Henry Petroski C-13   »
PBK/000634Small Time Business Operator - How to start your own business, keep your books, pay your taxes, and stay out of trouble Bernard B. Kamoroff C-14   »
PBK/003508Small wins everyday: 100 powerful ways to transform your life and health Coutinnho, Luke C-04   »
PBK/001139Smash Innovation - smashing the hand-mind-market barrier Gopichand Katragadda C-15   »
PBK/001361SME Entrepreneurs - challenges and opportunities S.Bhaskaran, I B Saravanan - Editors C-02   »
PBK/001438SME Financing Gap - Vol I C-11   »
PBK/001360SMEs Key Drivers for Growth Amit Singh Sisiodiya, N. Janardhan Rao - Editors C-02   »
PBK/001262Smooth Ride to Venture Capital - how to get vc funding for your business Pankaj Sahai C-12   »
PBK/002178Snow Leopard Deepak Dalal N-02
PBK/001518Snowball - Warren Bufffett and the Busines of Life Alice Schroeder C-04   »
PBK/002627So What Are You Going To Do About It? Finding careers outside Academia Susan Basalla, Maggie Debelius C-01   »
PBK/000722So What? Who Cares? Why you? - inventors commercialization toolkit Wendy Kennedy C-15   »
PBK/001179So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur - how to decide if starting a business really is for you Jon Gillespie-Brown C-02   »
PBK/002104Social Animal: the hidden sources of lover, character and achievement David Brooks C-01   »
PBK/000707Social Enterprise Marthe Nyssens - Editor C-03   »
PBK/001807Social Shaping of Technology Donald MacKenzie, Judy Wajcman C-10   »
PBK/000329Socialising C-01   »
PBK/000140Soft skills Development Training and Evaluation G. Jegadeesan & R. Santana Krishnan C-01   »
PBK/001668Software Patents - economic impacts and policy implictions Blind, Edler, Friedwald C-20   »
PBK/002084Software Patents Worldwide C-20   »
PBK/002683Solar Photovoltaics: Status, Prospects and Challenges C-05
PBK/000933solar Revolution - economic transformation of the global energy industry Travis Bradford C-05   »
PBK/000960Solution Selling Michael Bosworth C-06   »
PBK/000655Something Really New - 3 Simple Steps To Creating Truly Innovative Products Denis Hauptly C-15   »
PBK/001758Sometimes W e Walk Alone Ankur Shah C-04   »
PBK/001952Soul of a New Machine Tracy Kidder C-10   »
PBK/003334Soul Wisdom Dr.Zhi Gang Sha C-04   »
PBK/003174Sound Mind,Sound Body Dr.Kenneth R.Pelletier C-04   »
PBK/001226Sources of Power - how people make decisions Gary Klein C-09   »
PBK/000815Space Age 1950 - 1979   »
PBK/003477Space environment (Near earth) Patki, A.V. C-10
PBK/003495Space environment (Near earth) Patki, A.V. C-10
PBK/003483Space life matter: The coming of age of Indian science Pulakkat, Hari C-10   »
PBK/001172Speaking About Science - a manual for creating clear presentations Scottt Morgan, Barrett Whitener C-01   »
PBK/001029Spin Seliing Neil Rackham C-06   »
PBK/000475Spin-out Transactions C-15
PBK/001114Spin-Outs - creating businesses from University Intellectual Property Graham Richards C-15   »
PBK/000480Spirit of Entrepreneurship C-02
PBK/001991Spirit of Invention - the story of the thinkers, creators, and dreamers who formed our nation Julie Fenster C-20   »
PBK/001582Spirit of Sandvik - 50 years in Indi9a Saaz Aggarwal C-04   »
PBK/001772Splendidly Unreasonable Inventors - the lives, loves and deaths of 30 pioneers who changed the world Jeremy Coller C-04   »
PBK/003466Spotlight on Spinouts: UK academic spinout trends C-21
PBK/002019Stalking the Black Swan - research and decision making in a world of extreme volatility Kenneth Posner C-09   »
PBK/002009Stand Alone Inventor! And Make Money With Your New Product Ideas! Robert Merrick C-20   »
PBK/000345Stand And Deliver Mark Barnes , May-Jane Barnes C-01   »
PBK/000649Stand Out From The Crowd - secrets to Crafting a Winning Company Identity Jay Lipe C-06   »
PBK/001353Star - leadership behaviours for stellar SME growth Will McKee, John McKee C-07   »
PBK/002300Starbucks Experience - 5 principles for turning ordinary into extraordinary Joseph Michelli C-04   »
PBK/001837Start Small, Stay Small: a developers guide to launching a startup Rob Walling C-02   »
PBK/002959Start up Nation- The story of Israels Economic Miracle Dan Senor and Saul Singer C-02   »
PBK/002999Start With Why Simon Sinek C-02   »
PBK/001177Start-up Nation - the story of Israels Economic Miracle Dan Senor, Saul singer C-02   »
PBK/000518Starting & Running a Successful Consultancy Susan Nash C-14   »
PBK/000336Starting a Business C-14   »
PBK/000918Startup - a silicon valley adventure Jerry Kaplan C-14   »
PBK/001938Startup Game - inside the partnership between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs William Draper C-12   »
PBK/001371Startup Garden Tom Ehrenfeld C-02   »
PBK/002930Startups India - Overview Grant Thornton, Assocham C-02
PBK/002538Startups! Funding Funding Mehul Darooka, Vikas Kumar C-12   »
PBK/002510State of Indias environment 2014 C-05
PBK/002414Statistics for Business and Economics Anderson, Sweeny, Williams C-21
PBK/000504Statistics for Management TN Srivastava, Shailaja Rego C-09   »
PBK/000241Statutory Guide for Non Banking Financial Companies Reserve bank Of India C-11   »
PBK/003135Statutory Requirements C-02
PBK/003135Statutory Requirements C-02
PBK/003140Stay Alive All Your Life Norman Vincent Peale C-04   »
PBK/000205Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Rashmi Bansal C-04
PBK/001721Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Rashmi Bansal C-04   »
PBK/001064Stay Hungry Stay Foolish (Marathi) Rashmi Bansal C-04   »
PBK/000396staying Focused On Goals And Priorities Duke Corporate Education C-01   »
PBK/000801Steam Engine - a breakthrough in energy Richard Tames   »
PBK/000680Stem Cell divide Micahel Bellomo C-05   »
PBK/000965Stem Cell Research David Newton C-05   »
PBK/000641Stephen Hawking - A Biography Kristine Larsen C-04   »
PBK/000547Stephen Hawking - a Life In Science Michael White, John Gribbin C-04   »
PBK/002385Steps to Innovation: going from Jugaad to Excelence Vinay Dabholkar, R.T.Krishnan C-15   »
PBK/000691Steps to Small Business Start-up - Everything You Need to Know to Turn Your Idea Into a Successful Business Linda Pinson, Jerry Jinnett C-14   »
PBK/002231Steve Jobs Walter Issacson C-04   »
PBK/001344Story of Alchemy and the Beginnings of Chemistry M.M.Pattison Muir C-10   »
PBK/001188Story Of Chemistry N C Datta C-10   »
PBK/001599Story of Chemistry Anirban Hazra C-21   »
PBK/002139Story of Chemistry Anirban Hazra N-01   »
PBK/002140Story of Chemistry Anirban Hazra N-01   »
PBK/002141Story of Chemistry Anirban Hazra N-01   »
PBK/001760Story of Physics T.Padmanabhan C-21   »
PBK/001527Story of Stuff - how our obsession with stuff is trashing the planet, our communities and our health - and a vision for change Annie Leonard C-05   »
PBK/002446Story of Taxol - Nature and Politics in the Pursuit of an Anti-Cancer Drug Jordan Goodman, Vivien Walsh C-15   »
PBK/002602Straight From The Gut John Byrne C-04   »
PBK/000981Strange Plants Parul Sheth   »
PBK/000352Strategic Alliances Steve Steinhilber C-15   »
PBK/002405Strategic Brand Management - Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity Keller, Parameswaran, Jacob C-21
PBK/001740Strategic Investment - real options and games Han Smit, Lenos Trigeorgis C-11   »
PBK/002438Strategic Management David Aaker C-21
PBK/000220Strategic Management Abbas F. Alkhafaji C-07   »
PBK/002404Strategic Management - A South Asian Perspective Hitt, Ireland, Manikutty C-21
PBK/001254Strategic Management - of technology and innovation Burgelman, Christensen, Wheelwright C-09   »
PBK/002416Strategic Management and Business Policy Azhar Kazmi C-21
PBK/001115Strategic Mrketing for Nonprofit Organizations Alan Andreasen, Philip Kotler C-03   »
PBK/000685Strategic Outsourcing Maurice Greaver II C-09   »
PBK/000719Strategic Partnerships - guide to joint ventures and alliances Robert Wallace C-07   »
PBK/000696Strategic Planning Workbook - for Nonprofit Organizations Brian BArry C-03   »
PBK/001355strategic Tools for Social Entrepreneurs - enhancing the performance of your enterprising nonprofit Gregory Dees, Emerson, Peter Economy C-03   »
PBK/002430Strategies in Pricing, Sales & Distribution and Communication C-21
PBK/002821Strategy and Business Landscape 2nd Ed Pankaj Ghemawat C-21
PBK/001024Streetsmart financial Basics for Nonprofit Managers Thomas McLaughlin C-03   »
PBK/002866Structure and Dynamics of Materials in the Mesoscopic Domain M. Lal, R.A. Mashelkar E-U-01   »
PBK/000791Structure of Matter   »
PBK/000937Structure of Scientific Revolutions Thomas S. Kuhn C-15   »
PBK/003128Study Material on Current Business Aspects C-02
PBK/000943Study on Tax Havens C-11   »
PBK/002686Study on Vaccines and Molecular Diagnostics C-05
PBK/001559Stuff - the Secret Lives of Everyday Things John Ryan, Alan Durning N-01   »
PBK/001592Success Analysis of Start-ups in the filed of Microsystems and Nanotechnology in the UK Devang Shah C-14
PBK/003363Success in Not an Accident Tommy Newberry C-04   »
PBK/000533Success Is Never Ending, Failure Is Never Final Robert Schuller C-01   »
PBK/003159Success Secrets Merrill Douglass C-04   »
PBK/002974Success Stories Robert T Kiyosaki C-04   »
PBK/000692Successful Business Plan - secrets & Strategies Rhonda Abrams C-14
PBK/000296Successful Interviewing and Recruitment Rob Yeung C-01   »
PBK/000233Successful Negotiating: Letting the person have Your way Ginny Pearson Barnes C-09   »
PBK/003532Sultan Raziya Mevaram, translated by Kimaya Kishor Deshpande C-21
PBK/002332Super Crunchers: How Anything Can Be Predicted Ian Ayres C-10   »
PBK/001015Super Freakonomics - global cooling, patriotic prostitues & why suicide bombers should buy life insurance Steven Levitt, Stephen Dubner C-11   »
PBK/003189Super Success Philip Holden C-04   »
PBK/000048Supervisory Skills Kevin N. Kelleghan C-01   »
PBK/001241Supply Chain Management C-06   »
PBK/002420Supply Chain Management - Concepts, Practices, and Implementation Sunil Sharma C-21
PBK/002406Supply Chain Management - Strategy, Planning, and Operation Sunil Chopra, Peter Meindl, Kalra C-21
PBK/003507Supply chain management for dummies Stanton, Daniel C-09   »
PBK/001762Surely Youre Joking Mr.Feynman - adventures of a curious character Richard Feynman C-10   »
PBK/002558Surviving the Storm: India and the Global Financial Crisis Dhiraj Nayyar, C-11   »
PBK/001639Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air David JC Mackay C-05   »
PBK/003439Sustainable Madras project: Report of the consultative group on water supply and sanitation Madras metropolitan development authority C-21
PBK/002644Swapna Vedi Manas - Marathi Madhukar Ambarkar - Ed C-04
PBK/001363Sway - the irresistible pull of irrational behaviour Ori Brafman, Rom Brafman C-10   »
PBK/003459Sweden India Business Guide C-19
PBK/001951Swimming Across - Andrew Grove, a memoir C-04   »
PBK/001007Switch on the Sun Tapan Bhattacharya   »
PBK/003423Symantec enterprise security: virus protection for desktop and file servers Published by Symantec corporation C-15
PBK/000859Symbiosis - eka sankalpanachi charitra gatha S B Mujumdar C-04   »
PBK/003362Synchronicity F.David Peat C-04   »
PBK/002205Sytem Thinking and System Dynamics Mridula Sahay, Editor C-09   »
PBK/001998Tackling The Economic Challenges - Union Budget 2011 C-11
PBK/002524Take me Home: inspiring stories of 20 entrepreneurs Rashmi Bansal C-04   »
PBK/000695Taking Advice - How Leaders Get Good Counsel and Use It Wisely Dan Ciampa C-09   »
PBK/000870Taking Minutes of Meetings Joanna Gutmann C-01   »
PBK/002851Taking Wings and Winning K.V. Subramaniam C-04   »
PBK/000645Talent Is Never Enough - Discover The Choices that Will Take You Beyond Your Talent John C. Maxwell C-01   »
PBK/002249Tales from the Bench and the Bar Vicaji Tarapoerwala C-04   »
PBK/003400Talking to Humans: Success Starts with Understanding Your Customers Giff Constable with Frank Rimalovski C-02   »
PBK/003418Tally 9 Singh, Vishnu Priya C-15   »
PBK/003437Tamilnadu water supply & drainage board act 1970 C-17
PBK/000403Tangible Strategies for Intangible Assets John Berry C-19   »
PBK/002892Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything Carol Loomis C-11   »
PBK/002229Target 3 Billion: PURA - innovative solutions towards sustainable development APJ Abdul Kalam, Sriranjan Pal Singh C-03   »
PBK/001484Targeting in Social Programs - avoiding bad bets, removing bad apples Peter Schuck, Richard Zeckhauser C-03   »
PBK/000428Tata Nano - The Peoples Car Pradeep Thakur C-04   »
PBK/003222TATA The Evolution of a Corporate Brand Morgen Witzel C-09
PBK/002147Tata: The Evolution of a Corporate Brand Morgen Witzel C-04   »
PBK/000942Taxation of Charitable Trusts and Institutions - A Study C-11   »
PBK/002080TDB Seed Support Scheme Workshop 2011, NOIDA S-03
PBK/000022TDS ready reckoner H.C.Gupta, T.H.Gupta and Kuku Sone C-17   »
PBK/000389Teach Yourself To Think Edward de Bono C-01   »
PBK/000643Tech Venture - New Rules on Value & Profit from Silicon Valley Mohan Sawhney C-02   »
PBK/001593Technical Guide on Accounting & Auditing in Not-for-Profit Organisations C-03   »
PBK/000410Technical Guide on Accounting and Auditing in Not-for-profit Organisations Institute of Chartered Accountants of India C-11
PBK/000941Technical Guide on Acounting and Auditing in Not-for-Profit Organisations (NPOs) Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) C-11   »
PBK/002678Technical Guidelines on Twin Pit Pour Flush Latrines C-05
PBK/003183Techniques of Mind Magic Captain Edgar D Mitchell C-04
PBK/001120Technological Options for Sanitation Ishwarbhai Patel C-05
PBK/001626Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital Carlota Perez C-11   »
PBK/000487Technology Assessment & Valuation Peter Hiscocks C-15
PBK/001140Technology At The Core - science and technology with Indira Gandhi Ashok Parthasarathi C-13   »
PBK/002856Technology Commercialisation: Guidebook for Researchers, Innovators Indian Innovators Assciation C-19   »
PBK/002179Technology Commercialisation: STEM Annual Summit 2011 S-03
PBK/000697Technology Commercilization Through New Company Formation Nanette Kalis C-16   »
PBK/002001Technology Entrepreneurship Education - theory to practice Jerome engel, David Charron C-02
PBK/000773Technology in World History - Vol 1.Prehistoric & Ancient World W. Bernard Carlson - editor   »
PBK/000775Technology in World History - Vol 3. Medieval World W. Bernard Carlson - editor   »
PBK/000776Technology in World History - Vol 4 Traditional Cultures W. Bernard Carlson - editor   »
PBK/000777Technology in World History - Vol 5 Industrial Age W. Bernard Carlson - editor   »
PBK/000778Technology in World History - Vol 6 Modern World W. Bernard Carlson - editor   »
PBK/000779Technology in World History - Vol 7 reference Volume & Set Index W. Bernard Carlson - editor   »
PBK/000774Technology in Wrold History - Vol.2 - Early Empire W. Bernard Carlson - editor   »
PBK/002248Technology Led Entrepreneurship Prgramme - 2 DVDs S-03
PBK/002709Technology Licensing, Valuation and Acquisition C-15
PBK/001426Technology Mission - War for Water Ministry of Sci.& Tech C-05
PBK/000963Technology Spin-off & Commercialization - the case of dual use technologies in India Manik Kher C-15   »
PBK/001041Technology Strategy for Managers and Entrepreneurs Scott Shane C-09   »
PBK/000466Technology Transfer & the Creation of companies: the CSIRO experience Garrett Upstill, David Symington C-15
PBK/001986Technology transfer and Joint Ventures Abroad R.R.Azad C-15   »
PBK/001108Technology Transfer and Licensing C-19
PBK/001038Technology Transfer Principle & Strategy C-15
PBK/002203Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property and Effective University-Industry Partnerships C-19
PBK/002237Technology Transfer: strategic management in developing countries Goel Cohen C-15   »
PBK/000319Technology Valuation Solutions F.Peter Boer C-15   »
PBK/002541Technology Ventures: from Idea to Enterprise Richard Dorf, Thomas Byers C-02   »
PBK/002749TED TALKS: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking Chris Anderson, Head of TED C-01   »
PBK/000327Telephoning C-01   »
PBK/002912Tell Me Why 100+ Curious Facts on India Manorama Junior-sect
PBK/002911Tell Me Why 100+ Events That Changed The World Manorama Junior-sect
PBK/002909Tell Me Why Explorations That Changed the World Manorama Publ. Junior-sect
PBK/002910Tell Me Why Great Thinkers Who Shaped Our Civilization Manorama Junior-sect
PBK/002905Tell Me Why India in Space Manorama Junior-sect
PBK/002915Tell Me Why Nanotechnology - Technology That Will Shape The Future Manorama Junior-sect
PBK/002906Tell Me Why Our Freedom Fighters Manorama Junior-sect
PBK/002908Tell Me Why Our Prime Ministers Manorama Junior-sect
PBK/002913Tell Me Why The Curious World of Science Manorama Junior-sect
PBK/002907Tell Me Why Wonder World of Genetics Manorama Junior-sect
PBK/002904Tell Me Why Wonders of Nuclear Energy Manorama Publ Junior-sect
PBK/002914Tell Me Why World Days Special Days For International Awareness Manorama Junior-sect
PBK/002116Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story Peter Guber C-04   »
PBK/001539Templeton Plan John Marks Templeton C-01   »
PBK/001623Ten Much - ten ordinary processes for extraordinary success A.G. Krishnamurthy C-04   »
PBK/000051Ten Rules For Strategic Innovators Vijay Govindarajan & Chris Trimble C-15   »
PBK/000281Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators Vijay Govindaranjan,Chris Trimble C-07   »
PBK/002458Ten Types of Innovation - the discipline of building breakthroughs Larry Keeley C-15   »
PBK/000914Term Sheets and Valuations - a line by line look at the intricacies of term sheets & valuations Alex Wilmerding C-12   »
PBK/003405Testing Business Ideas Wiley C-14   »
PBK/002392Textbook of Basic and Clinical Immunology Sudha Gangal, Shubhangi Sontakke E-U-01   »
PBK/002242Textbook of Othopaedics & Fractures Hughes and Porter W-M-03   »
PBK/002754Textbook of Qantitative Inorganic Analysis Vogel E-U-01
PBK/002775Thank You For Being Late: An Optimists Guide to Thriving In The Age Of Accelerations Thomas Friedman C-15   »
PBK/003330Thank you Power Deborah Norville C-04   »
PBK/003246The $100,00 Club D.A Benton C-11   »
PBK/000549The 10-Day MBA Steven Silbiger C-09   »
PBK/000431The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Al Ries, Jack Trout C-06   »
PBK/000073The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen R. Covey C-01   »
PBK/003193The 7 Habits of highly Effective People Stephen R Covey C-04   »
PBK/003384The 7 Habits of highly Effective Teenagers Sean Covey C-01   »
PBK/003333The 7 Steps of Spiritual Intelligence Richard A Bowell C-04   »
PBK/000187The 80 / 20 Principle secret of achiveving more with Less Richard Koch C-14   »
PBK/000074The 8th Habit From Effectiveness to Greatness Stephen R. Covey C-01   »
PBK/003345The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom Suze Orman C-11   »
PBK/003274The ABCs of AutoLISP George Omura C-21
PBK/002975The ABCs of building Business Team that wins Blair Singer C-07   »
PBK/002971The ABCs of Getting Out of Debt Garrett Sutton C-11   »
PBK/002977The ABCs of winning Business Plans Garrett Sutton C-07   »
PBK/000337The Accidental Theorist Paul Krugman C-11   »
PBK/003076The Age of Unreason Charles Handy C-01   »
PBK/003514The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness Jorgenson, Eric C-01   »
PBK/000117The American and European Patent System Srividhya Ragavan C-18
PBK/003343The Ancestral Mind Gregg D Jacobs Ph.D C-10   »
PBK/003530The Apple II Age: How the Computer Became Personal Nooney, Laine C-15   »
PBK/003230The Armchair Millionaire Lewis Schiff & Douglas Gerlach C-11   »
PBK/000371The Art and Science of Technology Transfer Phyllis L. Speser C-15   »
PBK/000610The Art of Constructive Confrontation - How to Achieve More Accountability with less Conflict John Hoover, Roger DiSilvestro C-01   »
PBK/003158The Art of dying Osho C-04   »
PBK/000449The Art of Electronics Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill E-U-03   »
PBK/003539The Art of Explanation: How to Communicate with Clarity and Confidence Atkins, Ros C-01   »
PBK/000501The Art of Innovation Tom Kelley, Jonathan Littman C-15   »
PBK/000743The Art Of Looking Sideways Alan Fletcher C-13   »
PBK/003395The Art of Startup Fundraising Alenjandro Cremades C-12   »
PBK/003523The Art of Story Telling: Easy steps to presenting an unforgettable story Walsh, John C-09   »
PBK/000084The Art of Talking to Anyone Rosalie Maggio C-01   »
PBK/003407The Art of Thinking Clearly Rolf Dobelli C-01   »
PBK/000669The Ascent Of Money - A Financail History Of The World Niall Ferguson C-11   »
PBK/001312The Ask - hwo to ask for support for your nonprofit cause, creative project or business venture Laura Fredricks C-03   »
PBK/000567The Basics of Climate Prediction Begbroke Science Park S-03
PBK/000568The Basics of Climate Prediction Begbroke Science Park S-03
PBK/000569The Basics of Nanotechnology Begbroke Science Park S-03
PBK/000570The Basics of Nanotechnology Begbroke Science Park S-03
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PBK/003264The Circles of Innovation Tom Peters C-15   »
PBK/003173The classic work on how to achieve happiness Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi C-04   »
PBK/003173The classic work on how to achieve happiness Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi C-04   »
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PBK/003550The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing and the future of the human race Isaacson, Walter C-04   »
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PBK/000473The Elements of Style William Strunk, E.B.White C-01   »
PBK/000474The Elements of Style William Strunk, E.B. White C-01   »
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PBK/000418The Entrepreneurs Book of Checklists Robert Ashton C-02   »
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PBK/000192The Entrepreneurs Guide to writing Business plans and Proposals K.Dennis Chambers C-14   »
PBK/000391The Entrepreneurs Guide To Writing Business Plans and Proposals K.Dennis Chambers C-14   »
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PBK/003494The Game Changer: How you can drive revenue and profit growth with innovation Lafley, A. G. & Charan, Ram C-04   »
PBK/000678The Geeks Of War - The Sectretive Labs & Brilliant Minds Behind Tomorrows Welfare Technologies John Edwards C-05   »
PBK/003175The gift of Change Marrianne Williamson C-04   »
PBK/003175The gift of Change Marrianne Williamson C-04   »
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PBK/000313The Google Story David A. Vise C-04   »
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PBK/003248The Great Boom Ahead Ken Blanchard C-11   »
PBK/003168The Greatest Miracle in the world OG Mandino C-04   »
PBK/003168The Greatest Miracle in the world OG Mandino C-04   »
PBK/003258The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History C-11
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PBK/003402The Hard Thing About Hard Things Ben Horowitz C-09   »
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PBK/000528The High Performance entrepreneur Subroto Bagchi C-02   »
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PBK/000836The Innovative Enterprise C-15   »
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PBK/002997The Innovators Dilemma Clayton M. Christensen C-05   »
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PBK/002469The Last Lecture Randy Pausch - CD S-03
PBK/003152The Last Lecture Randy Pausch C-04   »
PBK/003197The Law of Forgiveness Connie Domino,MPH,RN C-04   »
PBK/003202The Laws of Nature An Infallible Justice A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada C-04
PBK/003202The Laws of Nature An Infallible Justice A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada C-04
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PBK/002490The Lean startup - how constant Innovation creates radically sucessful businesses Eric Ries C-02   »
PBK/003401The Lean Startup: Eric Ries C-02   »
PBK/003401The Lean Startup: Eric Ries C-02   »
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PBK/000362The Logic Of Life Tim Harford C-11   »
PBK/003488The Long Shot: The Inside Story of the Race to Vaccinate Britain Bingham, Kate & Hames, Tim C-10   »
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PBK/003203The Luck Factor Richard Wiseman C-04   »
PBK/003203The Luck Factor Richard Wiseman C-04   »
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PBK/003542The Making of Hero: Four Brothers, Two Wheels and a Revolution that Shaped India (Marathi)- Hero chi Yashogatha Munjal, Sunil Kant C-04   »
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PBK/000424The Marketing White Book 2009-2010 C-06
PBK/000136The Marketing Whitebook 2007-2008 Jehangir S. Pocha C-06
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PBK/003039The Model thinker Scott E. Page C-07   »
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PBK/000493The Monk Who sold His Ferari Robin Sharma C-04   »
PBK/003046The Monshot Game Adventures of an Indian Venture Capitalist Rahul Chandra C-12   »
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PBK/003398The New Age Organisation Aravind Chinchurne C-02   »
PBK/000361The New Asian Hemisphere Kishore Mahbubani C-11   »
PBK/000124The New Business Road Test John W.Mullins C-14   »
PBK/000125The New Business Road Test John W.Mullins C-14   »
PBK/000126The New Business Road Test John W.Mullins C-14   »
PBK/003527The New Entrepreneurz: Changing the Way You Play Life Ronen Gafni & Simcha Gluck C-02   »
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PBK/000765The Noblest Invention - an illustrated history of the bicycle   »
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PBK/000752The Old Man Monetary - an adventure story for youngsters
PBK/003133the One Minute Entrepreneu Ken Blanchard/Don Hutson C-02   »
PBK/000131The One Minute Entrepreneur The Secret to Creating and Sustaining a Successful Business Ken Blanchard ,Don Hutson & Ethan Willis C-02   »
PBK/000188The one minute Entrepreneur The secret to creating and Sustaining a Successful Business Ken Blanchard ,Don Hutson ,Ethan Willis C-02   »
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PBK/003084The one minute Manager Kenneth Blanchard/Spencer johnson C-01   »
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PBK/002951The Patents Act,1970 C-19
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PBK/003190The Polyster Prince Hamish Mc Donald C-04   »
PBK/003190The Polyster Prince Hamish Mc Donald C-04   »
PBK/003190The Polyster Prince Hamish Mc Donald C-04   »
PBK/003190The Polyster Prince Hamish Mc Donald C-04   »
PBK/003190The Polyster Prince Hamish Mc Donald C-04   »
PBK/0031110The power of Creative Intelligence Tony Buzan C-01   »
PBK/0031110The power of Creative Intelligence Tony Buzan C-01   »
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PBK/003145The power of positive thinking Norman Vincent Peale C-04   »
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PBK/000907The Professional Subroto Bagchi C-04   »
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PBK/002967The Road Ahead Bill Gates C-02   »
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PBK/002962The Rules of Wealth Richard Templar C-01   »
PBK/003049The Scale-Up Manual Handbook for Innovators Entrepreneurs,Teams and Firms Uday Phadke/Shailendra Vyakarnam C-02   »
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PBK/003317The Secret of Success James Allen C-01   »
PBK/000621The Seeds of Innovation Elaine Dundon C-15   »
PBK/003215The Set-up-to-fail Syndrome Jean-Francois Manzoni & Jean-louis Barsoux C-07   »
PBK/003215The Set-up-to-fail Syndrome Jean-Francois Manzoni & Jean-louis Barsoux C-07   »
PBK/003028The Seven Faces Of Philanthropy Russ Alan Prince Karen File C-01   »
PBK/003359The Seven Habits of highly Effective People Stephen R Covey C-01   »
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PBK/003008The Silk Roads: A New History of the World Peter Frankopan C-09   »
PBK/003086The Silva Mind Control Method for Business Managers Jose Silva C-01   »
PBK/003301The Silva Mind Control Method for Business Managers Jose Silva C-01
PBK/003195The Skys the Limit Dr.Wayne Dyer C-04   »
PBK/000425The SME White Book C-06
PBK/003492The Song Of The Cell: An Exploration Of: An Exploration of Medicine and the New Human Mukherjee, Siddhartha C-10   »
PBK/000413The Sources of Innovation Eric von Hippel C-09   »
PBK/000465The Sources of Innovation Eric von Hippel C-15   »
PBK/003026The Start Up Diaries Neeti Jain , Gagan Jain C-02   »
PBK/003298The Stockmen Racheal treasure C-21
PBK/003298The Stockmen Racheal treasure C-21
PBK/000405The Story Of My Experiments With Truth C-04   »
PBK/001122The Story of Swarajya Part II Sumangal Prakash   »
PBK/000221The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing Thomas T. Nagle and John E. Hogan C-07   »
PBK/003321The Stress Answer Dr.Frank Lawlis C-01   »
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PBK/002968The TCS Story & Beyond S. Ramadorai C-02   »
PBK/002868The Technology Transfer System Albert E Muir C-20   »
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PBK/000152The Truth About Making Smart Decisions Get it right every time Robert E. Gunther C-01   »
PBK/000195The Ultimate CV Book Right the perfect CV and get that job Martin Yate C-01   »
PBK/000304The Undercover Economist Tim Harford C-11   »
PBK/003037The Universe Speaks In Numbers Graham Farmelo C-05   »
PBK/000282The Upside Adrian J.Slywotzky,Karl Weber C-07   »
PBK/003509The Ventilator Project: How the IIT Kanpur Consortium Built a World-class Product during India’s Covid-19 Lockdown Sastri, Srikant & Bandyopadhyay, Amitabha C-05   »
PBK/003535The Visual Elements―Photography: A Handbook for Communicating Science and Engineering Frankel, Felice C. C-15   »
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PBK/000227The Warren Buffett Way Robert G. Hagstrom C-11   »
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PBK/003216The Welch Way Jeffrey K Krames C-07   »
PBK/003357The Winners Way Dr.Pam Brill C-01   »
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PBK/000639The Wizard of Menlo Park - How Thomas Edison Invented The Modern World Randall Stross C-04   »
PBK/000393The Womans Advantage Mary Cantando C-02   »
PBK/003273The World is Flat Thomas Friedman C-21   »
PBK/000382the Worlds Business Cultures and how to unlock them barry Tomlin, Mike Nicks C-09   »
PBK/003148The Worlds Greatest Comebacks Robert A Schuler C-04   »
PBK/000652The Wright Brothers - And The Invention Of The Aerial Age Tom Crouch, Peter Jakab C-04   »
PBK/000036The Write Way To Success Raghu Palat C-01   »
PBK/003137The Yoga of Time travel Fred Alan Wolf Ph D. C-04   »
PBK/003137The Yoga of Time travel Fred Alan Wolf Ph D. C-04   »
PBK/002870The Young Managers Handbook Vinay Kamath C-09   »
PBK/003045The Young Managers Handbook-Future-Proof Your MBA Vinay Kamath,Parimala S.Rao,Mythili Rajkumar,Purnima S.Das C-09   »
PBK/000764Theories for Everything John Langone, Bruce Stutz   »
PBK/001110Theory and Practice of Employees Invention C-19
PBK/002480Theory of Investment John Burr Williams C-11   »
PBK/001367Theory of Speculation - the origins of modern finance Luois Bachelier C-11   »
PBK/001827Theory of the Growth of the Firm Edith Penrose C-07   »
PBK/002241Theory of the Growth of the Firm Edith Penrose C-07   »
PBK/002062Theory of the Leisure Class - an economic study of Institutions Thorstein Veblen C-10   »
PBK/002122Theres Always Something to Do: the Peter Cundill Investment Approach Christopher Risso-Gill C-11   »
PBK/000583Theres No Elevator To The Top Umesh Ramakrishnan C-09   »
PBK/001934They Made America - from the steam engine to the search engine, two centuries of innovators Harold Evans C-15   »
PBK/000624Think Michael R. LeGault C-09   »
PBK/003095Think & Grow Rich Napolean Hill C-01   »
PBK/002536Think and Grow Rich Napolean Hill C-01   »
PBK/000264think and grow rich Napoleon Hill C-01   »
PBK/001192Think Better - your companys future depends on it and so does yours Tim Hurson C-15   »
PBK/002729Think Big and Kick Ass: In Business and Life Donald Trump C-04   »
PBK/002961Think like a billionaire Donald Trump C-01   »
PBK/000886Think Like a Marketer - what it really takes to stand out from the crowd, cluster, competition Lauron Sonnier C-06   »
PBK/002779Think Mental Models: Develop an Exceptional 30-second Mindd Herbert Simon C-09
PBK/001135Think Twice - harnessing the power of counterintuition Michael Mauboussin C-07   »
PBK/001707Thinkers Pocketbook - a pocketful of tips, techniques and tools to expand your thinking skills and improve your mental agility Angelena Boden C-01   »
PBK/000602Thinkertoys - a handbook of creative thinking techniques Michael Michalko C-15   »
PBK/002600Thinking Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman C-11   »
PBK/002291Thinking Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman C-10   »
PBK/003512Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Dont Have All the Facts Duke, Annie C-09   »
PBK/003512Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Dont Have All the Facts Duke, Annie C-09   »
PBK/002575Thinking in New Boxes: A New Paradigm for Business Creativity Luc de Brabandere, Alan Iny C-15   »
PBK/001555Thinking in Systems Donella H Meadows C-10   »
PBK/001389Third Chimpanzee - the evolution and future of the human animal Jared Diamond C-10   »
PBK/002594Third Curve: The End of Growth As We Know It Mansoor Khan C-05   »
PBK/003517This Book is not for Edison: Building Business Models for Technology Pioneers Nagarajan, Sundara C-14   »
PBK/003521This Book is not for Edison: Building Business Models for Technology Pioneers Nagarajan, Sundara C-14   »
PBK/001287This Time Is Different - eight centuries of financial folly Carmen Reinhart, Kenneth Rogoff C-11   »
PBK/000794Thomas Alva Edison Brian Williams   »
PBK/001068Thought Leaders (Marathi) Shrinivas Pandit C-04   »
PBK/000972Threads of Life Ashok Pandey   »
PBK/002861Three Thousand Stitches: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives Sudha Murty C-04   »
PBK/002146Three Years in Transforming Karnataka Into A Vibrant Knowledge Society Karnatak Jnana Arogya C-07
PBK/002530Threre Is No Such Thing As A Self Made Man Pralhad Chhabria C-04   »
PBK/002078Time Compass S-03
PBK/001685Time Management Prof J Philip C-01
PBK/000837Time Management - increase your personal productivity & effectiveness C-01   »
PBK/000673Time Power Brian Tracy C-01   »
PBK/000346Time To Think Mark Barnes C-01   »
PBK/001604Timeless Inspirator- reliving gandhi Editor-R.Mashelkar C-04   »
PBK/000606Timeless Ventures Haruo Funabashi C-07   »
PBK/003232Timing the Market Curtis M Arnold C-11   »
PBK/002537Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell C-02   »
PBK/001550Titan - the life of John D. Rockefeller Ron Chernow C-04   »
PBK/002993Titan:Indias Most Successful Consumer Brand Vinay Kamath C-05   »
PBK/002680Titanium - Non-Ferrous Metals Strategy cum Source Book E-U-01
bookidtitle author vclshelfref   »
bookidtitle author vclshelfref   »
PBK/001238To Engineer is Human - the role of failure in successful design Henry Petroski C-13   »
PBK/003071To Establish The quality Management system for medical devices(requirements for regulatory purposes) as per ISO 13485:2016 Chetna Dharmavat C-08
PBK/000508To The Youth Of India Swami Vivekananda C-04   »
PBK/001557To Uphold the World - a call for a new global ethic from Ancient India Bruce Rcih C-09   »
PBK/001624Tomorrows Gold - Asias age of discovery Marc Faber C-11   »
PBK/000513Toolkit on Overview of Planning C-09
PBK/001159Toothpick - technology and culture Henry Petroski C-13   »
PBK/001724Total Quality Management in Education Marmar Mukhopadhyay C-09   »
PBK/000133Totally Aligned Organisation Aligning the Human Spirit ro Organisational Endeavour Raghu Anathanarayanan C-09   »
PBK/002183Tourist Map of Maharashtra S-01
PBK/001722Towards People-friendly Cities - explorations in Indian Urban Governance Ramanath Jha, Nasrin Siddiqui C-05
PBK/003102Towards the Goal of Beautiful Life Sadguru Shri Wamanrao Pai C-01
PBK/001660Trade Marks at the Limit Jeremy Phillips, Editor C-20   »
PBK/001489Trademark C-19
PBK/000632Trademark - Legal Care for your Business & Product Name Stephen Elias, Richard Stim C-19   »
PBK/002154Trademarks Act, 1999, Trademark Rules, 2002 C-20
PBK/002155Trademarks Act, 1999, Trademark Rules, 2002 C-20
PBK/003035Train Your Mind Change Your Brain Sharon Begley C-01   »
PBK/002184Training Module on Bio Medical Wste Management C-05
PBK/002169Training Program on Patent Analysis & Drafting Dr. Sumedh Reddy C-20
PBK/002474Training Programme on Technology Commercialisation for Scientists Admin. Staff College of India, Hyderabad S-03
PBK/002744Transforming Agriculture Transforming India - Vol 1 Sharad Pawar C-04   »
PBK/002745Transforming Agriculture Transforming India - Vol 2 Sharad Pawar C-04
PBK/002366Transforming Capitalism - improving the world for everyone Arun Maira C-03   »
PBK/002410Transforming Leaders C-21
PBK/001161Transforming Your Go-To Market Strategy - the three disciplines of channel management V.Kasturi Rangan C-06   »
PBK/000772Transportation   »
PBK/001136Travels in the Genetically Modified Zone Mark Winston C-10   »
PBK/001777Treatise on Probability John Maynard Keynes E-U-04   »
PBK/001999Trellis - Design and Research C-13
PBK/003239Trend Following how great traders make millions in up or down markets Micheal W Covel C-11   »
PBK/002380Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis Louis Mendelsohn C-11   »
PBK/000454Tribes Seth Godin C-06   »
PBK/001467Triple Bottomline - how todays best companies are achieving economic, social, environmental success Andrew Savitz C-09   »
PBK/002021Triumph of the Optimists - 101 years of global investment returns Elroy dimson, Paul Marsh, C-11   »
PBK/000882TRIZ - A New Framework for Innovation - concepts and cases Surya Pala, A Srikant C-15   »
PBK/000265Trump The Art Of The Deal Donald J.Trump,Tony Schwartz C-09   »
PBK/000363Trust Me Nick Morgan C-01   »
PBK/000663Truth - The New Rules For Marketing In A Skeptical Wrold Lynn Upshaw C-06   »
PBK/000176Truth About Confident Presenting Focus on what can go Right and Win then over James O Rourke C-01   »
PBK/000174Truth About Managing Pepole Beware of the Quick fix Stephen P. Robbins C-09   »
PBK/001864Truth of Science - physical theories and reality Roger Newton C-10   »
PBK/001683Tsunami   »
PBK/002449Turn the Ship Around - a true story of turning followers into leaders David Marquet C-09   »
PBK/001077Udyojak Honarach Mee (Marathi) Vithal Kamat C-04
PBK/003541Unboxing Bengaluru: The City Of New Beginnings Malini Goyal & Prashanth Prakash C-21   »
PBK/001638Uncertain Science, Uncertain World Henry Pollack C-10   »
PBK/003394Uncle Pie Rajesh M Iyer C-04   »
PBK/001906Uncommon Genius - how great ideas are born Denise Shekerjian C-15   »
PBK/001803Under the Sea Wind Rachel Carson C-10   »
PBK/002684Underground Coal Gasification: Status, Prospects and Challenges C-05
PBK/000147Understanding Chemistry C. N. R. Rao E-U-01   »
PBK/001728UNESCO Meeting of Experts on Comparative Philosophical Studies on Changes in Relations between Science and Society C-07
PBK/001939Unexpected Returns Ed Easterling C-11   »
PBK/001267Universal Principles of Design William Lidwell, Holden, Butler C-13   »
PBK/003163University of Success OG Mandino C-04   »
PBK/002670University Spin-out Companies starting to Fill the Evidence Gap Tim Minshall, Bill Wicksteed C-15
PBK/001650University spin-out companies: starting to fill the evidence gap Tim Marshall, Bill Wicksteed C-15
PBK/003281Unix Volume 2 Sumitabha Das C-21
PBK/001183Unleashing India - water: elixir of life M. Veerappa Moily C-10   »
PBK/000412Unleashing Indias Innovation Mark A. Dutz - Editor C-09   »
PBK/000148Unleashing Innovation How Whirlpool Transformed An Industry Nancy Tennant Snyder & Deborah L. Duarte C-15   »
PBK/000005Unlock Behavior Unleash Profit Leslie Wilk Braksick C-01   »
PBK/000355Unlocking Opportunites Alexander B. Van Putten, Ian C. MacMillan C-15   »
PBK/002887Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship: Why Entrepreneurs Do What They Do S. Parthasarathy C-02   »
PBK/001924Unseen Wealth - report of the Brookings Task Force on Intangibles Margaret Blair, Steven Wallman C-20   »
PBK/001613Unwritten laws of finance and investment Robert cole C-11   »
PBK/002752Urban Water Supply and Sanitation: Draft Consultants Report Ministry of Urban Affairs and Employment C-05
PBK/001099Utilization of Patent Information Akira Kobayashi, Shinichiro Suzuki C-19
PBK/001251Valley Boy - the education of Tom Perkins Tom Perkins C-04   »
PBK/002984Valley of Genius Adam Fisher C-04   »
PBK/000903Valuation & Dealmaking of Technology-Based Intellectual Property - principles, methods, tools Dr. Richard Razgaitis C-15   »
PBK/001913Valuation - analyzing global investment opportunities Sheridan Titman, John Martin   »
PBK/001531Valuation - measuring and managing the value of companies Tim Koller, Marc Goedhart, David Wessels C-11   »
PBK/002646Valuation : Guide to Corporate Valuation Tim Koller, Marc Goedhart C-11   »
PBK/002640Valuation Workbook: step-by-step exercises and tests to help you master valuation Tim Koller, Marc Goedhart C-11   »
PBK/001850Valuations - 30 intrinsic value estimations in the style of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Bud Labitan C-11   »
PBK/001429Value Creation in Venture Capital Hellmann, Egan, Brander C-12
PBK/001844Value Driven Intellectual Capital - how to convert intangible corporate assets into market value Patrick Sullivan C-20   »
PBK/001763Value Investing and Behavioral Finance - insights into indian stock market realities Parag Parikh C-11   »
PBK/001811Valuing Intangible Assets - comprehensive guide Robert Reilly, Robert Schweihs C-11   »
PBK/003396Vaxxers Sarah Gilbert & Dr Catherine Green C-05   »
PBK/000915VC Way - investment secrets from the wizards of venture capital Jeffrey Zigmont C-12   »
PBK/001376Venture Capital -concepts and applications Satyanarayana Chary C-12   »
PBK/001016Venture Capital and Private Equity Contracting - an international perspective Dougla Cumming, Sofia Johan C-12   »
PBK/000902Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation Andrew Metrick C-12   »
PBK/001053Venture Capital Cycle Paul Gompers, Josh Lerner C-12   »
PBK/000926Venture Capital Due Diligence - guide to making smart investment choices Justin J. Camp C-12   »
PBK/000383Venture Capital Funding Stephen bloomfiel C-12   »
PBK/001261Venture Capital Funding - global and Indian experiences Vandana Panwar C-12   »
PBK/001019Venture Capital, Private Equity - a casebook Josh Lerner, Felda Hardymon, Ann Lamon C-12   »
PBK/001280Venture Capital- a cross cultural comparison Dilek Cetindamar - Editor C-12   »
PBK/002631Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist Brad Feld, JAson Mendleson C-12   »
PBK/001350Venture Imperative - a new model for corporate innovation Heidi MAson, Tim Rohner C-15   »
PBK/001264Venturesome Economy - how innovation sustains prosperity in a more connected world Amar Bhide C-15   »
PBK/000375Viable Vision Gerald Kendall C-06   »
PBK/001891Victorian Internet - remarkable story of the telegraph and the 19th century online pioneers Tom Standage C-10   »
PBK/002475Video on IP Rights S-03
PBK/000409Vigyan Ashram C-04
PBK/001089Vigyanachi Garudzep (Marathi) Jayant Narlikar
PBK/001345Viral Loop - from facebook to twitter, how todays smartest businesses grow themselves Adam Penenberg C-06   »
PBK/003166Vision The story of Boeing Harold Mansfield C-04
PBK/001335Visual and Statistical Thinking - displays of evidence for making decisions Edward Tufte C-13   »
PBK/000170Visual Basic 6 Database Developers guide Roger Jennings W-M-01   »
PBK/000162Visual Basic 6 Database How-To Eric Winemiller,Jason Roff, Bill Heyman,Ryan Groom W-M-01   »
PBK/000164Visual Basic Developer guide to COM and COM+ Wayne S. Freeze W-M-01   »
PBK/002545Visual Dictionary Dorling Kindersley   »
PBK/002321Visual Dictionary Jean-Claude Corbeil S-01   »
PBK/001208Visual Display of Quantitative Information Edward Tuffe C-01   »
PBK/003311Vital Lies Simple Truths Daniel Goleman C-01   »
PBK/000759Vivekananda - he kindled the spirit of modern India   »
PBK/001475Volatility Machine - emerging economies and the threat of financial collapse Michael Pettis C-11   »
PBK/001066Walt Disney - the ultimate fantasy (Marathi) Yeshwant Ranjankar C-04   »
PBK/001413Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements - the search for the company with a durable competitive advantage Mary Buffett, David Clark C-11   »
PBK/002633Warren Buffett: An Illustrated Biography of the Worlds Most Successful Investor C-04   »
PBK/001468Waste - Uncovering the Global Food scandal Tristram Stuart C-05   »
PBK/002981Waste of a Nation Assa doron C-05   »
PBK/001851Wastewater Engineering - treatment and reuse Metcalf & Eddy C-05
PBK/001430Water - the epic struggle for wealth, power and civilization Steven Solomon C-05   »
PBK/001338Water - the fate of our most precious resource Marq de Villiers C-05   »
PBK/001306Water for Sale - how business and the market can resolve the worlds water crisis Frederik Segerfeldt C-05   »
PBK/001641Water Wars - Privatization, Pollution and Profit Vandana Shiva C-05   »
PBK/002677Waterseal Latrine Technical Details C-05
PBK/003243Way of the turtle Curtis M Faith C-11   »
PBK/000877we are Like That Only - understanding the logic of consumer India rama Bijapurkar C-06   »
PBK/002847We Have NO Idea: A Guide To The Unknown Universe Jorge Cham, Daniel Whiteson C-10   »
PBK/001551Wealth and Poverty of Nations David S Landes C-11   »
PBK/003234Wealth in A Decade Brett Machtig with Ryan D Behrends C-11   »
PBK/003233Wealth on any Income Rennie Gabriel C-11
PBK/003312Wealth Strategies Todd Duncan C-01   »
PBK/003278Web 2.0 Architectures James Governor,Dion Hinchcliffe & Duane Nickull C-21   »
PBK/000713Weird Ideas That Work - 11 1/2 practices for promoting, managing, sustaining innovation Robert Sutton C-15   »
PBK/000679Welcome To Biotech Nation - My Unexpected Odyssey into the Land of Small Molecules, Lean Genes, Big Ideas Moira Gunn C-05   »
PBK/002085What a Great Idea! 2.0 Chic Thompson C-09   »
PBK/002071What A Great Idea! 2.0 - unlocking your creativity in business and in life Chic Thompson C-09   »
PBK/002630What a Wonderful World Marcus Chown C-10   »
PBK/003124What color is your parachute Richard N Bolles C-01   »
PBK/003124What color is your parachute Richard N Bolles C-01   »
PBK/001260What Customers Want - using outcome driven innovation to create breakthrough products and services Anthony Ulwick C-06   »
PBK/001865What Do You Care What Other People Think - further adventures of curious character Richard Feynman C-10   »
PBK/001227What Engineers Know and How They Know It - analytical studies from Aeronautical History Walter Vincenti C-13   »
PBK/001390What Evolution Is Ernst Mayr C-10   »
PBK/000222What I Learned from Sam Walton Michael Bergdahl C-07   »
PBK/001243What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 - a crash course on making your place in the world Tina Seelig C-01   »
PBK/001942What Investors Really Want - discover what drives investor behaviour and make smarter financial decisions Meir Statman C-11   »
PBK/002719What is Mathematics: an elementary approach to ideas and methods Richard Courant, Robbins, Stewart E-U-03   »
PBK/002720What is Mathematics: an elementary approach to ideas and methods Richard Courant, Robbins, Stewart E-U-03   »
PBK/001747What is mine is yours - the rise of collaborative consumption Rachel Botsman, Roo Rogers C-09   »
PBK/003313What Matters Most The Power of Living your Values Hyrum W Smith C-01   »
PBK/003146What Should I Do with my Life? PO Bronson C-04   »
PBK/003146What Should I Do with my Life? PO Bronson C-04   »
PBK/003146What Should I Do with my Life? PO Bronson C-04   »
PBK/001753What Technology Wants Kevin Kelly C-15   »
PBK/000855What the Customer Wants You to Know - how everybody needs to think differently about sales Ram Charan C-06   »
PBK/003021What The Economy Needs Now- Abhijith Banergee,Gita Gopinath,Raghuram Ranjan and Mihir s Sharma C-05   »
PBK/001330What The Numbers Say - a field guide to mastering our numerical world Derrick Niederman, David Boyum C-10   »
PBK/000083What They Dont Teach You At Harvard Business School Mark H. McCormack C-01   »
PBK/003109What to do with the rest of your life Robin Ryan C-01   »
PBK/002479What Would Google Do? Jeff Jarvis C-06   »
PBK/003531What you do is who you are: How to create your business culture Horowitz, Ben C-14   »
PBK/002256Whatever the Odds: the incredible story behind DLF K.P.Singh C-04
PBK/003088When I Say no I Feel guilty Manual J Smith C-01   »
PBK/001923When Old Technologies Were New - thinking about electric communication in the late 19th Century Carolyn Marvin C-10   »
PBK/001044When Technology Fails - a manual for self-reliance, sustainability, and surviving the long emergency Mathew Stein C-05   »
PBK/001337When the Rivers Run Dry - water the defining crisis of the 21st century Fred Pearce C-05   »
PBK/001476Where are the Customers Yachts - or a good hard look at Wall Street Fred Schwed C-11   »
PBK/002144Where Good Idea Come From - the natural history of innovation Steven Johnson C-15   »
PBK/001647Where Good Ideas Come From - the natural history of innovation Steven Johnson C-15   »
PBK/002897Where Good Ideas Come From - the natural history of innovation Steven Johnson C-15   »
PBK/000689Where We Stand - A Surprising Look At The Real state Of Our Planet Seymour Garte C-05   »
PBK/002831Whiplash: How To Survive Our Faster Future Joi Ito, Jeff Howe C-10   »
PBK/001466Who Geoff Smart, Randy Street C-09   »
PBK/002986WHO compendium of innovative health technologies for low-Resource Settings World Health Organization C-08   »
PBK/002988WHO Global Model Regulatory Framework for Medical Devices Including In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices World Health Organization C-08   »
PBK/001719Who is Kalam Ramanathan C-04   »
PBK/001069Who Moved My Cheese (Marathi) Dr. Spencer Johnson C-04   »
PBK/002335Who Moved My Cheese - an amazing way to deal with Change in your Wrokplace and in your Life Spencer Johnson C-04   »
PBK/000191Who moved my cheese? Dr Spencer Johnson C-04   »
PBK/003242Who Moved my Interest Rate? Duvvuri Subbarao C-11   »
PBK/000198Who Says Elephants cant dance? Louis V. Gerstner,Jr. C-04   »
PBK/002987WHO Technical Specifications For Neonatal Resuscitation Devices World Health Organization C-08   »
PBK/001481Who Wants to be a Scientist - choosing science as a career Nancy Rothwell C-10   »
PBK/000675Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins Annette Simmons C-01   »
PBK/001931Whole Earth Discipline - why dense cities, nuclear power, transgenic crops, restored widlands, and geoengineering are necessary Stewart Brand C-05   »
PBK/000970Why   »
PBK/003119Why Helping others Drives our success Give and Take Adam Grant C-01   »
PBK/002094Why Not? How to use everyday ingenuity to solve problems big and small Barry Nalebuff, Ian Ayres C-10   »
PBK/001566Why Size Matters - From Bacterias to Blue Whales John Tyler Bonner C-10   »
PBK/001453Why Stock Markets Crash - critical events in complex financial systems Didier Sornette C-11   »
PBK/001615Why things bite back- technology and the revenge of unintended consequences Edward Tenner C-10   »
PBK/002996Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business Charles Duhigg C-02   »
PBK/001207Why Zebras Dont Get Ulcers - the acclaimed guide to sterss, stress-related diseases, and coping Robert Sapolsky C-10   »
PBK/001995Wikinomics - how mass collaboration changes everything Don Tapscott, Anthony Williams C-09   »
PBK/001310Will It Fly - how to know if your business idea has wwings, before you take the leap Thomas McKnight C-14   »
PBK/001558Will Jellyfish Rule the World - a book about climate change Leo Hickman N-01   »
PBK/003292Windows NT WIN 32 API Richard J Simon C-21   »
PBK/000406Wings Of Fire C-04   »
PBK/003347Wink and grow rich Roger Hamilton C-11   »
PBK/001804Winners Curse - paradoxes and anomalies of economic life Richard Thaler C-10   »
PBK/003303Winners Never Cheat Jon M. Huntsman C-01   »
PBK/001131Winners Never Cheat - everyday values we learned as children (but may have forgotten) Jon M. Huntsman C-01   »
PBK/001057Winning Angels - the 7 fundamentals of early stage investing David Amis, Howard Stevenson C-12   »
PBK/001520Winning in Emerging Markets - a road map for strategy and executions Tarun Khanna, Krishna Palepu C-07   »
PBK/001835Winning in the Indian Market - understanding the transformation of consumer India Rama Bijapurkar C-06   »
PBK/000895Winning Negotiations - that preserve relationships C-18   »
PBK/001856Winning Strategies for the Indian Market Anuradha Dayal-Gulati, Dipak Jain, Editors C-06   »
PBK/002337Winning the $30 trillion Decathlon - going for gold in emerging markets C-06
PBK/001268Winning The Toughest Customer - the essential guide to selling to women Delia Passi C-06   »
PBK/003320Winning with People John Maxwell C-01   »
PBK/001235Wired For Thought - how the brain is shaping the future of the internet Jeffrey Stibel C-09   »
PBK/001197Wired to Care - how companies prosper when they create widespread empathy Dev Patnaik, Peter Mortensen C-09   »
PBK/002801Wired To Create: Discover The 10 things great artists, writers, and innovators do differently Scott Barry Kaufman, Carolyn Gregoire C-15   »
PBK/001534Wisdom - from philosophy to neuroscience Stephen Hall C-10   »
PBK/002330Wisdom of Crowds: why the many are smarter than the few James Surowiecki C-10   »
PBK/003316Wishcraft How to get what you really Want Barbara Sher C-01   »
PBK/000833Women In Business C-04   »
PBK/000511Words Of Inspiration Swami Vivekananda C-04   »
PBK/000509Work And Its Secret Swami Vivekananda C-04   »
PBK/002167Workshop on Advanced Drafting of Patents at VC 18-2-11 C-20
PBK/002344World 3.0 - Global Prosperity and How to Acheive It Pankaj Ghemawat C-11   »
PBK/000550World Class in India Sumantra Ghoshal, gita Priamal, Sudeep Budhiraja C-09   »
PBK/001989World Commodities & World Currency Benjamin Graham C-11   »
PBK/002092World Economic Forum Annual Meeting C-05
PBK/002482World Intellectual Property Indicators C-19
PBK/002246World Intellectual Property Organization: Resurgence and the Development Agenda Christopher May C-19   »
PBK/000856World Is Flat - globalized world in 21st century Thomas L Friedman C-09   »
PBK/000868Worlds Business Cultures - and how to unlock them Barry Tomalin, Mike Nicks C-01   »
PBK/001688Worlds Greatest Idea - 50 greatest ideas that have changed humanity John Farndon   »
PBK/000806Wright Brothers Margaret Hudson
PBK/000657Wright Way - 7 Problem Solving Principles From The Wright Bros. Mark Eppler C-15   »
PBK/002102Writing a Winning Business Plan Matthew Record C-14   »
PBK/000045Writing for Business C-01   »
PBK/003270Writing Word Macros Steven Roman C-21   »
PBK/002099Writings of H.T.Parekh - Vol 2 C-11
PBK/002098Writings of H.T.Parekh -Vol 1 C-11
PBK/000892Written Communications - that inform and influence C-01   »
PBK/002668www e   »
PBK/001075Yashachi Gupite (Marathi) Pankaj Ranade C-04   »
PBK/002030Year of Management Ideas 2006 (2006-2010) S-03
PBK/002031Year of Management Ideas 2007 (2006-2010) S-03   »
PBK/002032Year of Management Ideas 2008 (2006-2010) S-03
PBK/002033Year of Management Ideas 2009 (2006-2010) S-03   »
PBK/002034Year of Management Ideas 2010 (2006-2010 S-03   »
PBK/001189Yes ! - 50 scientifically proven ways to be persuasive Robert Cialdini, Goldstein, Martin C-18   »
PBK/002389Yes! 50 secrets from the science of persuasion Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin C-01   »
PBK/001725You and I in Business and Life - what makes people give their best N H Athreya C-01   »
PBK/001988You and Your Ideas - a resource guide for inventors, innovators & entrepreneurs Brian Fried C-20   »
PBK/000865You Can Do It Too - 20 essential things every budding entrepreneur should know Rachel Bridge C-02   »
PBK/002648You Can Make Your Dreams Work: inspirational stories of 15 Innovators Shalini Umachandran C-04   »
PBK/000268You Can Negotiate Anything Herb Cohen C-18   »
PBK/003117You can You will Its your Choice Arfeen Khan C-01   »
PBK/002055You Cant Enlarge the Pie - how to apply wise tradeoffs to political negotiation Max Bazerman, Jonathan Baron C-18   »
PBK/003083Youll See It When you believe it Dr.Wayne/W.Dyer C-01   »
PBK/001121Young Designers 2007 C-13
PBK/000702Young Entrepreneurs Guide To Starting & Running A Business Steve Mariotti C-14   »
PBK/001982Young World Rising- how youth, technology, and entreperneurship are changing the world from the bottom up Rob Salkowitz C-02   »
PBK/003171Your Best Life Now Joel Osteen C-04   »
PBK/002194your books and your life Paul Lewis C-01   »
PBK/001117Your Brain at Work - strategies for overcoming distraction, regaining focus, and working smarter all day long David Rock C-01   »
PBK/000512Youth! Arise, Awake and Know Your Strength Swami Srikantananda C-04
PBK/000368Youve Gotta Have Heart Cass Wheeler C-03   »
PBK/002795Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance Robert Pirsig C-04   »
PBK/001061Zep Ghe (Marathi) Ram Buxani C-04   »
PBK/003134Zero to one notes on startups,or how to build the future Peter Theil with blake masters C-02   »
PBK/002629Zero to One: notes on Startups or How to Build the Future Peter Thiel C-02   »
PBK/000612Ziglar on Selling Zig Ziglar C-06   »
PBK/001644Zurich Axioms Max Gunther C-11   »